The Back of the Pack: Santorum Enjoys Speculation


Former Senator Rick Santorum

Speculation that’s he’s considering a Presidential bid continues to surround former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who lost in his 2006 re-election bid to Democrat Bob Casey, Jr. by a wide margin.

Santorum has been on a speaking tour, campaigning for Republicans all over the country and paying special attention to key Republican primary states like New Hampshire and South Carolina.  On the speculation: “It does give me a chance to have an influence on the (national political) debate,” he told the Pennsylvania Press Club on Monday. “There needs to be a voice (for conservative issues), to say it in a way that the American public needs to hear.”

The Libertarian Party is having their off-year national convention in St. Louis this weekend.  At the convention, delegates from around the country will be amending the party’s platform and bylaws, and will elect officers and other members to the Libertarian National Committee.  One of the highlights will be the hotly contested election to replace outgoing Chairman William Redpath.  Five people have declared their candidacies in that race.

One of the leading candidates for Chairman is Wayne Allyn Root, the party’s 2008 vice-presidential nominee.  Root has publicly stated his interest in being the party’s standard-bearer in 2012.

Among the many speakers at the convention will be Root’s former running mate Bob Barr, the LP’s 2008 presidential nominee.

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  1. Peter Gemma says:

    I often wonder why so many seemingly accomplished politicians are so often political kamikaze pilots. Santorum is anxious join ideological asterisks in presidential politics including Gary Bauer, Sam Brownback (whose political plane is at least still flying as he goes from the US Senate to Governor), Pat Robertson, Bob Dornan, Bob Smith etc. Are there any political observers who say the nation’s public policies, especially on social issues, are significantly different because of them?

    There have been campaigns and candidates who have made a difference – even temporarily (Ellen McCormack, John Schmitz, Ralph Nader, etc.) – by publicizing issues and building election vehicles that help shape the political landscape.

    There are zealots then there are zealots.

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