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Oddball of the Week: Sean Swain

Sean Swain is probably the most extreme left-wing candidate for public office you’ve never heard of. And no, he’s not a Democrat. In fact, he might have more in common with opponents of big government, insofar as he advocates the destruction of all government, that is. Swain is running for governor of Ohio from his prison cell in Toledo as an anarchist write-in candidate under the banner of the Zapatista Party…

Dark-horse Senate Candidate Surges in Nevada GOP Primary

Sharron Angle, a former state legislator who was lagging far behind in the polls only six weeks ago, has suddenly surged into the lead against her two major rivals in Tuesday’s crowded Republican U.S. Senate primary…

Ten Years Ago This Week: Nader Picks Winona LaDuke as Vice-Presidential Running Mate

Ralph Nader, running on the Green Party ticket, announced ten years ago this week that Native American activist Winona LaDuke would again be his vice-presidential running mate. During the 1996 campaign, LaDuke, who is best known for her activism on American Indians’ economic and environmental issues, proposed a constitutional amendment to provide protection for certain […]