McMahon Continues to Vastly Outspend Peter Schiff in Connecticut GOP Primary

Linda McMahon, the former chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment who said that she’s willing to spend $50 million of her own money to win Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race, continues to vastly outspend investment advisor Peter Schiff, her libertarian-leaning challenger in the state’s August 10 primary. 

According to her latest FEC filing, covering the period from April 1 through June 30, McMahon put another $5.5 million into her campaign, bringing her total personal investment to $21.5 million — or more than seven times the amount Schiff has raised during the entire campaign. 

Schiff, who successfully petitioned his way onto the primary ballot, raised close to $450,000 during the same reporting period, bringing his overall total to nearly $2.9 million.

Despite being vastly outspent, Peter Schiff is still hoping for a come-from-behind victory in the August 10 primary.

Hoping to pull off a major upset against the well-heeled ex-wrestling promoter, the financial guru and former economic advisor to Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign ended June with approximately $483,000 cash on hand compared to more than $3.2 million for McMahon. 

Former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons, who suspended his campaign in late May after failing to win his party’s endorsement, raised more than $110,000 during the last three months.

A Quinnipiac Poll of likely Republican voters released on Friday showed McMahon with a commanding 39-point lead over Schiff with a quarter of those surveyed stating a preference for Simmons, whose name will remain on the primary ballot and has recently flirted with the idea of jumping back into the race.


  1. “A Quinnipiac Poll of likely Republican voters released on Friday showed McMahon with a commanding 39-point lead over Schiff….”

    I have some difficulty rationalizing this and hope that the sample pool which was questioned in the poll was very small, and thus not indicitive of the voting majority.

    Otherwise I am left with the conclusion that most “likely Republican voters” are inclined to choose for their Senator a former wrestling promoter – albiet a very successful businessperson – over a financial expert who accurately predicted the economic crisis years in advance and who has been one of the few individuals to offer cogent solutions for our nation’s financial future.



  2. Today’s Rasmussen poll of likely CT voters shows Blumenthal ahead of McMahon by 13 points in a general election matchup. The same poll showed him18 points ahead of Schiff. The poll has a 4-5% margin of error.

    So what has the millions in advertising really bought for Linda??? She does only slightly better than Peter Schiff in the general election.

    The only candidate with real grassroots support, including the Tea Parties, is Peter Schiff.

  3. Connecticut PLEASE do not screw this up! For the good of the rest of us, vote Peter Schiff into office!

  4. Schiff Schiff Schiff Schiff

    go to click where is says let freedom ring join the phone bank.
    We don’t need another phony politician messing up this country.

  5. I concur with the previous posters. VOLUNTEERS have made over 100,000 phone banking calls
    to Connecticut republicans, soon to be over 200,000 phone calls in support of Peter Schiff. Volunteers have given more than $3 MILLION DOLLARS to Peter Schiff’s campaign. CAN ANY OF THE OTHER CANDIDATES SAY THAT. If a candidate outspends by huge numbers her competition in a political race tells me that there is no buzz about this candidate and that she is attempting to buy the vote. A good candidate with the right message and track record doesn’t have to buy votes. Please get involved go to schiff for and make a donation or PHONE BANK. Click on the liberty bell and follow instructions, it’s easy and will make the difference in getting Peter Schiff elected on August 10th.

  6. Just something to think about. Justin Amash just won his primary in the third district of Michigan.
    The local paper in Grand Rapids had him at 28% plus or minus..Well he won with 42%..Quite a discrepancy there..The moral is DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU READ IN A NEWSPAPER ABOUT ANY ELECTION. Most of these stories are being bought by the candidate blowing through cash like a drunken sailor to present the impression they are winning. What you ought to think about is the lack of A REAL MEANINGFUL POLL in this Connecticut republican senate race in a very long time. Bottom line is TO START THINKING FOR YOURSELF. If you like someone vote for them, stop following the herd.

  7. No kidding Linda has that big a lead? LMAO @ CT voters

  8. CT voters may very well be less intelligent than the Californian voter

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