Never Say Die: Peter Schiff Plans Last-Minute ‘Money Bomb’

While acknowledging that he faces almost insurmountable odds, economist Peter Schiff isn’t about to unfurl the white flag of surrender in his bid for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut. 

Schiff, who has reportedly already committed $700,000 of his own money to the race, is relying on his small, but fervent national following to provide him with the means for a last-minute television blitz and direct-mail campaign in his uphill battle against GOP frontrunner Linda McMahon in the state’s August 10 primary.

The Schiff campaign plans an on-line “money bomb” on Thursday. They hope to raise a million dollars for television and radio ads during the final week of the campaign.

“I need the support of the people who believe in this movement, who believe in me as a candidate and hopefully they will reach into their pockets a little bit and supply the funds that I need to pay for the media buy,” he said. 

McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, has already spent $22 million of her personal fortune on the race. Including a $550,000 personal loan to his campaign, the former economic advisor to Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign has raised a little more than $3 million as of June 30.

Ignored by McMahon throughout the primary contest, Schiff — the first Republican in Connecticut history to successfully petition his way onto a statewide primary ballot — has been an underdog since officially entering the race during an early morning appearance on MSNBC last September. He continues to trail McMahon by nearly forty points in the most recent polls.

Believing that she’s already captured the party’s nomination and unwilling to draw any attention to her pesky rival, McMahon refused to appear with Schiff at last night’s debate at Trinity College in Hartford, a lively exchange sponsored by the Federation of Connecticut Taxpayer Organizations.

It’s unfortunate that McMahon “didn’t think enough of Connecticut taxpayers to show up,” needled Schiff.

Sadly, nearly two-thirds of Connecticut’s Republican voters claim they don’t know enough about Schiff to form an opinion — a factor he hopes to change through last-minute television and radio advertising.

“I do a much better job of appealing to Republicans than Linda does,” he told the Business Insider last week. His biggest problem, he said, is making them aware that he’s running, and he can’t do that without significant television advertising.

Even if Thursday’s “money bomb” fails to materialize, preventing an unexpected eleventh-hour surge that would shake the political establishment to its core, the 47-year-old president and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital vows to remain in the race until the last vote is counted.

If he can’t go to the Senate to prevent the complete collapse of the U.S. economy, he said wistfully, he can “at least prepare people for it.”




  2. Schiff’s only problem is that there are not enough people knowing what he stands for and his views on how to change the country for the better.

    Reading his senate race website (, for starters, is a good place to start.

    I’m afraid that with McMahon, nothing changes with the way things are done for the country in Washington DC.

  3. McMahon supports Bernanke, the head of the Federal Reserve, and the biggest money printer since Mugabe. The policies Bernanke follows, low interest rates, bailing out banks, printing trillions of dollars that represent nothing, is the same policy his predecessors followed for the last 100 years and is the root cause of America’s downfall. A vote for McMahon is a vote for Bernanke. Vote Schiff and when Bernanke tries to print again, Schiff will happen.

  4. Otherwise

  5. I really do not understand how Schiff is unable to gain popularity in the state. He has a big internet following he is often on network tv. I’m from Cali and I contributed to his campaign residents in Connecticut should be lining up to support him I’d take him for governor the Terminator’s on his way out. If you are a resident and are preparing to vote do you not look into the candidates at all? Seems like simple google searches would be wise. Do folks go to the poll as check the first box they see and call it a vote?

  6. Maybe they don’t have YouTube in CT. That is the only logical reason for Schiff not winning.

  7. Peter Schiff must win. Linda McMahon has the republican party fooled right now and is ridding high doing nothing hoping she doesn’t have to debate peter.

  8. CT voters do not care because this is for the Republican race, and we vote for Democrats (except for Lieberman). It does not matter who wins the Republican nomination because they will ultimately lose anyway.

    The Republican who wins the party nomination will be one they think can win against a Democratic opponent, not the best Republican candidate. This will be either Simmons because of his popularity and track record or McMahon because of her money. It will not be Peter Schiff, no matter how much you people from other states who know nothing about the race except what you see in YouTube videos want it to be.

  9. I support politicians like Schiff, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Chris Christie etc..The problem is that most people do not. They keep voting for traditional politicians that tickle their ears and tell them they can have everything and someone else will pay. You do not have to be responsible the government will take care of you and other such nonsense. People like Schiff who tell it like is have no chance because they tell people the truth and people want to believe untruths. Schiff will not even get the Republican nomination in CT. Linda Mcmahon, owner of the WWF will get the nomination. We get we what we deserve. -John Polomny

  10. Liberty Dawn says:

    The people of CT will have blood on their hands for the death of their state and this nation if they fail to vote in Peter Schiff. This election is an opportunity for liberty — freeing CT from debt and your children from slavery.

    I always viewed CT as intelligent, educated people, not people in bondage to a party — if so, CT you will vote for Peter Schiff. .

    Vote Peter Schiff.

  11. Liberty Dawn, you managed to be both hysterical AND manipulative in one short post! Nice work!

  12. oliver twist says:

    CT voter….you offer nothing of substance…..wake up Ct, you are being slow cooked, and doing nothing about it, when will you start to get serious about the punking that you are taking and get Washington’s attention….peter Schiff is the only candidate who will stand up for Ct and the nation, no one in Washington will be able to push peter Schiff around, he will not compromise his values and what he stands for…..he is uncorruptible…

  13. “Premature Deaths of Several FORMER wrestlers” a quote I have not seen documented, but the key word is FORMER, not active. Blake makes several comparisons, here are mine:
    Linda was not on the creative side of the business, Franken was.
    Linda was on the business side, Franken was not.
    Franken had on his side Democrat Dirty Tricks team which turned a 350 vote deficit to a 350 plus vote, a 700 vote change, during recount, with not one vote going to Coleman. Linda does not, she’s a Republican.
    Franken was an abject failure on Liberal talk radio; Linda is hugely successful handling questions off the cuff.

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