Alvin Greene Hopes to Extend His 15 Minutes of Fame

Buoyed by his 364,000-vote showing in South Carolina’s recent U.S. Senate race, Alvin Greene hasn’t ruled out a bid for the presidency in 2012. “Maybe,” he told Politico last week when asked about the possibility of running for president.  “I’ll have to see.” 

The unemployed military veteran who’s facing misdemeanor and felony pornography chares, confirmed that he had already inquired — albeit anonymously — about South Carolina’s filing fee to run in the state’s 2012 Democratic presidential primary. 

Greene, who unexpectedly defeated former Judge Vic Rawl in the June primary, did little active campaigning against Republican Senator Jim DeMint in the general election and didn’t even have a campaign web site, but managed to carry ten of South Carolina’s 46 counties. 

The Green Party’s Tom Clements, DeMint’s only credible challenger in the race, finished a distant third in the contest, garnering 121,472 votes.


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  2. Although I will say that I expected DeMint to perform far stronger than he did. If I had to put money on it, I’d have thought he topped 70% with Greene and the Green splitting the remainder.

    But talk about someone who is absolutely shameless…

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