Carol Moseley Braun’s Unlikely Second Act

The nation’s first black female Senator, who was defeated in her 1998 bid for re-election, announced in early 2003 that she was forming an exploratory committee to run for the Democratic nomination for president. Carol Moseley Braun, now a leading candidate for mayor of Chicago, seemed an unlikely presidential candidate because her time in Washington was so rocky.

NPR’s Ken Rudin explained: “If there was tremendous promise in Carol Moseley Braun’s career in 1992, it had very much dissipated by 1998. There was a sense that she had squandered a tremendous opportunity. For starters, she was accused of (though never formally charged with) campaign finance irregularities, her then-fiance (and campaign manager) was accused of sexual harassment by female campaign workers, and her “private” trip to Nigeria in 1996, where she visited with and defended dictator Sani Abacha, was widely panned, even by many Democrats.”

Many charged that Moseley Braun was a plant in the race, designed to limit the potential impact of Rev. Al Sharpton who had already thrown his (often controversial) hat into the ring. Party leaders feared that Sharpton would be able to pull together enough votes in states with significant black populations to secure himself enough delegates to have a real voice at the convention.

Whatever her reason for running, the former Senator and short-term ambassador to New Zealand, brought a unique perspective to the race. The only female and one of two African-Americans, Moseley Braun’s underfunded bid was often compared to that of pioneering Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, who sought the Democratic nomination in 1972. By concentrating her limited resources on more sympathetic states and rallying women, blacks and college students in those states, Chisholm was able to score a decent showing.

“Chisholm’s run for the nomination failed, as she knew it would, but she received 430,000 votes in the presidential primaries leading up to the 1972 Democratic National Convention,” wrote Duke University’s Paula McClain in a 2003 study on African-Americans in American presidential politics. “She ran an impressive campaign considering her fairly late start and shoestring budget. She entered the convention with twenty-eight delegates, but in the end, received votes from 151 delegates on the first roll call ballot. Chisholm became the first and only Black woman to have her name placed into nomination at a national party convention.”

Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2003, Moseley Braun set about building an organization. However, her campaign faced great struggles financially, she raised only about $72,000 during the first reporting period. The schedule of primaries and caucuses was also of little help to her, with Iowa and New Hampshire dominating the early landscape. Her home state of Illinois wouldn’t hold a primary until mid-March, weeks after early rounds of voting, including Super Tuesday, would have made it clear who the presumptive nominee would be.

In August, the former Senator landed the biggest coup of her campaign, winning the endorsement and backing of the National Organization of Women.

The question wasn’t if Moseley Braun could win the White House, but more if she would even be a serious factor in the nomination batte as Chisholm had been some 32 years earlier.

And the ultimate answer was no.

Moseley Braun had pinned all of her hopes on a largely ceremonial primary in the District of Columbia that had been scheduled a week before the Iowa caucuses on January 13, 2004. The only candidates on the ballot were former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, Al Sharpton, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich and political cult leader Lyndon LaRouche.

When the ballots were counted, Dean came out on top with 18,132 votes or 43%, and Sharpton was a competitive second-place finisher, scoring 14,639 votes or 34%. Finishing in a distant third place was the former Senator from Illinois. Moseley Braun captured only 4,924 votes or 12%, leading Dennis Kucinich (8%) and LaRouche (1%).

On January 15, 2004, four days before the Iowa caucuses and having failed to win serious traction in the crowded nine-candidate field, Mosely Braun dropped out of the race and endorsed Howard Dean. Her campaign was essentially broke and had failed to make it on the ballot in several key states. She had been on the losing end of a split among African-American and anti-war voters between herself, Sharpton, Kucinich and others.

Moseley Braun’s endorsement also came at a critical time. Dean’s campaign had started to show some serious cracks and he was seeking any boost he could get. Just days later he would finish a disasterous third-place in Iowa, followed by an unfortunate high-pitched scream after the polls had closed that would seal the fate of his campaign.

Despite having pulled out of the race, Moseley Braun’s name appeared on a number of state ballots and she ultimately accumulated more than 100,000 votes by the end of primary season. Her best showing was in Illinois, a contest held two months after she had ended her run and two weeks after it became clear Senator John Kerry would be the nominee. Moseley Braun captured 53,249 votes or 4.4% for third-place in the meaningless contest, with the majority of her votes that day, 42,469 to be exact, coming from her home base of Cook County.

Since 2004, Moseley Braun’s focus has been on her business and launching a line of organic foods. Now the controversial former Senator is embarking on yet another political comeback as one of the leading candidates for mayor of Chicago.


  1. Your post is sleazy and defamatory in tone.

  2. Salacious and scurrilous accusations are enough to assassinate the character of women-even with no proof of wrongdoing. Hers is an example of a double standard- Carol did not have child out of wedlock with one of her staffers and lie about it, nor did she have campaign or bribe money stashed in her refrigerator. After 5 years of searching her campaign records, they found nothing to charge her with- yet the stain of just the accusation has stuck and dims her political light.

    Her trip to Nigeria- Her male Republican colleague James Inhofe made the same trip but in his senatorial capacity, had a relationship with the President of Nigeria and Inhofe is still serving in the senate. As far as Democrats decrying her actions-Clinton made her an ambassador which means getting the highest CIA security classification possible and she was overwhelmingly confirmed by the Senate. So it must not be as big a deal as the author would have us presume. Afterall, the human rights violations of oil producing Nigeria and US sanctions against Nigeria paled in comparison to the genocide in Rwanda- which those who craft America’s African Policy people totally missed or ignored. Cannot blame Carol for being a critical thinker and wanting to check things out for herself. But then maybe we expect female politicians once elected to take a “yes, dear anything you say dear, and not rock the boat.” Yet her politicl record- should you dare research that, shows incredible legislative courage well ahead of its’ time. Carol should have the same respect for her political career as a Wellstone or Simon.

    Reasonable and fair minded people will sniff through the BS and see the manure for what it is; will make sure the stench of it doesn’t comtinue to cloud the air around Carol Moseley Braun and instead will re-evaluate the journalists who are throwing it.

  3. And those accusations of sexual harrasmment were found to be untrue, so said the women puportedly involved and the women independently investigating these accusations including her campaign manager. All of them later supported Carol, even financially, in her 1998 nearly successful Senatorial run.

  4. 11/24: Here: ” … sleezy and defamatory …” (above, that is)

    February 8:
    TODAY’S RAINBOW (“Reviewed” and accepted for publication by Kevin Kavanaugh, Illinois Council on Long Term Care/State of Illinois)

    A frozen lake;
    A marmalade canapé at sunset.
    A window to the unseen,
    Upon which robins rollerblade.

    The sky an object
    Of wonder
    For as long
    As wo/men have carried
    Their consciousnessess
    The sky so beautiful where
    Life is so short.

    A clear blue mud puddle, with
    Cancerous bacteria festering –
    The portent of death for Aristotle:

    “Formal nature (and form) is of much
    Greater importance than material

    As if he never lived.

    Perhaps then the sky is limitless moments,
    Sharply circumscribed futures:
    A Guatemalen child without shoes;

    The tedium of the “assembly line.”

    By Mark V. Basile
    Park Ridge, Illinois – Wittenberg AB Alum with cousin BA Alum ( top 20 for faculty and beauty of campus, Princeton Review), Chicago Music School out of Roosevelt by Buckingham Fountain (LANDMARK) – remarkable summer water and light shows with “Venetian/Night” and the splendor of the boat regalia. Grant Park. Mary and me, oftentimes. ND/73, #2. (Thanks to Patty Tennison, Trib vet, suburban Tribune multi-awarded specialist, Editor, la dame est tres formidable, for helping me to ‘rationalize’ that d_mnable gender approach. “95.8%, you received all A’s so your grade is A, OK?” No way, she gave me second drafts on everything but the last paper —

  5. Inasmuch as you are willing to post highly critical comments of your own writing, I will give you “significant” credit, Mr. Cassidy. (The quote, by the way, in the State of Illinois poem of mine above is from Plato. I find interesting ideal, form and commentaries on ‘the soul’ in the literature. This would be even more relevant as one considers what is regarded by many as our Euro-American Greco-Roman Heritage.) Otherwise, I watched the inauguration on TV yesterday from the distance of one suburb over from Chicago, that being of Rahm. It was a very sad day. No unity for me, or support of any kind. If I am around for the next go around, I’ll be with the runner-up, Gery Chico, perhaps with del Valle as a partner. They went separately this time.

  6. Mark V. Basile says:

    I’m glad you’ve cleaned up this Web site. Your management of the Web site had been rather erratic, but I do not see much problem with the articles themselves. I think some of the objections to your commentary on the criticisms made “about” Carol Braun when she was Senator have a reasonable basis in that there might have been more said as concerns her motivations concerning the items in controversy. For example, I never did personally get the facts on whether the Nigeria visit situation revolved around attending a wake. Moreover, inasmuch as we all know that in addition to National Security we also have National Economic Security today, and Nigeria is oil rich. As a black woman, she had an ability to break diplomatic impasse, and at least attempt to put into place any sort of relations whatsoever with the Nigerian regime.

    Briefly, then, she passed State Department clearance without a whisper and had 2 flawless years as double Ambassador. As Senator, with respect to the lasting validity of the charges against her variously, it has been observed that she was rather “swift-boated” out of office by the Republican contender, who was barely good for one term himself.

    Oh, on consideration of Gery Chico which I have commented on elsewhere, and upon my sending him a letter, he had hardly the time of day, that eruption from the status quo from its surprise location, endorsed by none other than the second prince of Council Wars’ darkness, Ed Burke — now apparently tighly in the Rahm fold — I will try to stay my distance from more or less on a permanent basis, like Mr. smooth as silk Daley to Rahm to Obama and back, Axelrod out of the Chicago Tribune. Not currently reliable on-line. 1/29/11.

    Thank you. (If you have any confusion concerning my personal politics, I am a split-ticket Independent; NOT — going Barack Hussein.)

  7. Mark V. Basile says:

    6/29/11 is the date, of course. Typing without a paste-on that has been proofed is difficult. Obviously, I have no staff.

  8. Mark V. Basile says:

    It’s kind of funny, Karl let’s say, watching my ubermansche Clark Kent in another life search despartely, for his own kind of ideosyncratic bread and butter. And it ain’t ‘the mystery of Aleister Crowley’ which would give him his idiotic full 1/2 to 1/4 for his notion of inclusion, which was always a firm 50% until bella wanted a job. Anyway, I had no question concerning the figure of 1200’s AD as stated, with the “simple facts” that none of the Italo’s did anything more that ‘touch and go,’ Caboto at Newfoundland, Verrazano Narrows, Columbia the gem of the Oceans and “our” special little project — which Adlai Stephenson,et left ‘just a lyin in the street.’ At: “finito.” I reserve no more than copyright. Above all, pehaps, our namesake enscribed for poet champion Laura, MA, is as the song of 1812, AT ALL BASEBALL GAMES. And “the brave,” unequivacobly included your bosses father, 50 some in the face of ferocious Niponese virtual equality; shot down, with severla freinds “dead.” I state Condi, Cara (also out of Palatine worship) and Hewlitt and the absolute “document” of Decision Points as the leaders, Marco Polo aside — but he was “the impulse,” correctement? This was stated first on the Thoughtcast/ALUM Georgics site, so you should be able to pick this up, or have knowing that you are ‘the guy’ that got “everything done.” There is also a cite at “Italian 0.781-25%” at I got a name with citations various from the 1200’s in Piedmont, Italy. Don’t have that one nailed done. Again, Columbia the gem of the ocean — tangential for the pickiest scholors? — major Everybody’s Everybody’s news, yearly. Floats and Regalia. (Jacksonville is in Florida, Columba was the Sunshine State First lady, the Tenth Amendment has not been eviscerated yet – and “so it goes.” Caveat, it’s not that simple on the Tenth, “The Constitution as an Institution” (living document, changes from weekend to weekend) is still in the air, and last I looked orthodox at Vrahard. “Good” MBA, otherwise, out of Prescott’s and Barbara’s Crawford. You got a ‘good eye,’ watch the sites, we’re comin. (Couple o’ bumps and bruises hereabouts Shy Town Central: “a toilet.”)

  9. Among the “Battleground Blogs,” the one which features Republican primary persons, with an alternating headliner on top, looked like Jacksonville was getting up to a national standard. I’m with Tim Pawlenty, so I wouldn’t be doing issues outside of shop, but I will take a look at it and try to give some feed back in that come what may, that’s where we’re going to be after the RNC — with a little news/campaigning give and take, some irritableness, where I can understand that (post-) academic “independent” endorsing can be somewhat difficult to follow. Matter of fact, I just got back from listening to an ultra-hot Latin band in Chicago’s 49th. Luis one of the chairpersons came right up to me, we talked, and he grilled me about where I had just been to eat because I told him the tacos were really excellent. Alderman Moore came up shortly after, I said: “Hi, Mark Basile,” he said I know good to see you. He had invited me by e-mail. Otherwise, my commitment is to Mitch McConnell, with the weekly eNewsletter and secondary issues on the side, the endorsement is Tim Pawlenty, where I have also communicated with his Chair, Sarah Huckabee organizing Iowa and his spokesperson. FYI, he’s got Jeb.

  10. Now you see, in the various Ciao, Adorables adaptations, I interpolated to express the horror at Hawaii-Indonesia (Sukarno or Suharto) coming through Agency to take the Chair for up to the entire Midwest, in effect at least. The was also information I had saved from public information in books in the late 1990’s on the NSA (“we” got David and Mueller — also with a stable MA to straighten out the jibbersih of a simple JD, just now also excelling career professionals as opposed to Politicos, like a couple truly incomprehensible out of — again — nowhere nohow Santa Clara). Just a note on David’s new position, as when I was teaching, that was the boogie man, perhaps regardless of it being at Cal, but it’s established for 11 years now with Domestic in addition to International jurisdiction, and there has been very little talk of domestic abuse. The military has a strict code on non-abuse of civilians, look at what happened almost immediately even when it was enemies at Abu Grave. I can’t speak for a person I know little about, except top graduate at West Point and subsequent Instructor there (do you know how — hard it is to get into West Point?) — but with the Petraes free elections of 2010 in Iraq, history will show, the groundswell of David Petraes for President, though brief, was not without strong basis. It will be a while before we can compare him to Dwight, however — he gotta finish the current term as a “spook.”

    I have handlings to approach similarities under this Cold War/War against Terror period through “actors. Condi can still be found at, and Decision Points is on a University Web site, coming here briefly. Chicago/Jacksonville.

  11. Lake-Side Settings. FOR: Katie Basile

    “Kate. I’ve talked to Steve many times.” 4/27/11.
    Kristen C. I knew Steve very well.(family:, Top 10 Public Library.)
    Evanston Review. Thursday, June 21, 2001. a pioneer press publication of the Chicago Sun-Times. Featuring Steve, Kayla Chase and Jeff Jenkins, who moved to Northwestern (out of IIT – said “fine” to article.)
    Julie Rooney, family therapist, books, great books, publications for Board of Trustees disseminating Agency in Skokie south of Main, producer of NLU writings sample for 3 year job in the summer of 2008, Barack – October, 2008, ‘appreciate review(s).’ US Senate. Included in Sun-Times publication of May 30/31 2011, mentioned Evanston Review plus a 2002 and a 2008 pioneer publications: “Choice is not an issue in the 17th,” request by Luis (49th, Regular-Progressive).

    #1. 9/7/01.
    Low fern line. Trailed off to see. A
    Great lake called Michigan, in an
    Expansive, choppy display.

    Several birds called out. As the clock
    Read nine-zero-nine. Predominant here
    However was a panoramic sea-side setting.

    The imagination saw a cloudless morning,
    Though indeed some fluffs flew by low.
    Blue on blue set sea line normal,
    Deeper blue extending indefinitely below.

    Talk of greater economic doledrums,
    Seemed non-relevant to this setting for
    The “self.” As if undersea coral chambers
    Opened onto moon-drenched personal
    Patios. Morning had shown a pleasant
    Face. (TBC, MVB – never published)

  12. Here we go again.
    Chicago Sun-Times publication blog-line removed doubly from click to show.
    Nick Ayers, 2010 Chairman of the [50, that is as in 50] Governors taken twice off my personal gmail. Caught a couple of glimpses, but not enought to comment on the topic.
    But since:
    A) I went to Noam’s cites of me to get this, to look for coordination, where I have no problem in recallling that Mr. Cassidy is involved in Republican Politics in Florida, though he publishes variously across the political spectrum.
    B) And in that the item I have on minimize was prepared for the Chicago Sun-Times, but as you have a pioneer cluster just above as comes to my attention, and in addition I do owe you the Decision Points, which I am not hiding away at Springfield, Ohio. Who knows, “the man” might kill that site too. I have what I need. Talked to Sarah Huckabee (again) 2-3 nights ago.

    (Since we are originating out of Florida, at this point, Columba the former First Lady took an interest in consumer advocacy and I Searched that she took a major position out of New York City. She seemed like an absolutely lovely lady, fluently bi-lingual as a note, so maybe she would be interested in some cross-Federalism notes — as you can assist her, Austin, on your own Search and academic-style verifications of materials I have put out variously. I have two major shorts, with a focus on womens’ issues, battery and trauma (ie; tauma wards and treatments), with a bibliography indicated and appended which shold at very least be interesting — and it’s by me ((( — coming out of either side of Easter.)

    A request for a Staff/Consumer Writer co-“Facilitated” Agency Forum.
    Recovery as applied “new,” since around 2000, as opposed to 1960’s with consumers ‘telling their own stories,’ where accurate, but to what end?
    So Caralyn Graham ran the meeting, after 5 years dutifully running the “recovery group” and giving me my letter of recommendation for resumption of graduate studies, one day just kinda of disappeared (That’s how they do it at the University of Chicago).
    Between a rock and a hard place.
    Psychiatric structures, resistant to change, coveting their prerogatives, with many persons ‘in the field’ with workable applications for their client/consumers, that being of remission (of symptoms) to allow movement from ‘general’ outings (like the Heartland, where “nobody” was excluded) to and including volunteerism and part-time jobs, in-shop for example at Thresholds on Oakton by Monticello, Trilogy in the 49th and Thresholds on Lakeview by Lincoln Park. Alternating notions of “progress” and “maintenance” were used. (Aside, reversal in practice as just caught by Frank Anselmo where 74 some thousand were to be thrown out of financially assisted housing as some contraption called the Governor’s Task Force ran interference for apparent attempts to block a mere 4000 receiving ‘least restrictive environment’ as per US Sup Olmsted (with a State case called Williams), aka Independent Living as opposed to Warehousing, stripping it down to Bush Americans with Disabilities Act, or driving “through” that to relevant clauses in Johnson, 1964; that is Disabilites Rights among other things within the calculus of Civil Rights – not 100% iron clad as the First Amendment of the Constitution, “included” as probably due process and equal protection of the 14th). Opinion, I don’t believe George Bush liked this, in that court Opinions may temporarily go into lesser ‘application,’ though the mute Ruth Bader Ginsberg (Olmsted, opinion) might hold an ‘opinion’ to the contrary, fundamental legislations ?? Personally, I find it interesting that it was my opinion that the ‘counter-culture’ tore down Lyndon Johnson, the war was another matter – we just couldn’t win it so we see the symbol of Tricky Dick saying ‘I don’t want to see any more names on the Vietnam Wall’ and he pulled us out – but LBJ of a domestic bona fide Great Society determined that he just couldn’t win the election of 1968. So he handed the torch to the second best man in the country, Humphrey out of Minnesota. The result is in all the books, with some sites showing that the counter-culture indeed had put the country at the brink of systemic revolution around 1969.
    “Systems-Wrecking,” underlying theme. Diminuative CUNA on Belmont says enough is enough, and Web publishes 5-6/11. On reflection, LBJ revisited. ALUM got it, up as of yesterday afternoon. NO CHANGE, from 4/20-21/10. Noam, “good thesis.” Narrows systemic focus, examiner, 10/10 – with Michael Hughes. ‘enriching those that caused the meltdown’ of the late fall of 2008. Little scare last week, “my sweeties?” Standard and Poors bumped us back from AA to AA+. This ‘last-minute’ approach used to have a corollary in political affairs just prior to LBJ, but Johnson said this was no good and didn’t use it: brinksmanship.
    My friend out of MIT asked me once, ‘would you please explain this Nuclear Cowboy clause you proposed in analysis book reviews Chicago mayorals?’ (Carol torn off the wall almost immediately last week, so I sent my Jessie and Martin Luther King to DC.) I gave him a copy off of the first page of the simple Google Search, pasted it onto the G, and sent it to him, and another person he “knows” there are some issues regarding. Otherwise, I said, I got the narrative around 1979 out of Stephen E. Ambrose; Decatur, Illinois, bn.

    Newsletter Staff. Marcy A., Mark V. Basile, Deanna G., Laura (PhD, gone,) Robert L., Jon M., Ronit P., Julie R. Scott S./President, former.
    NLU packet. 2 Writing Samples included in submission.
    A) Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (on-site, talks, Laura G. gives extensive introduction, fluent, person who invited said: ‘I don’t want my name used for reasons of confidentiality,’ upon Jan’s direct query of her.)
    “ … number one priority was health care issues.” At 9/07. 2011 Publication: CUNA, Axelrod, “Bill of Goods:” 15-20 Million Left ‘Out in the Cold.’ (Publication standing, today.) Jan confirms figure of 47 million uninsured.
    B) Client Government. CRC News.
    Client Recovery Council is held on Tuesdays between 11am and 11:50am. The two remaining Ravinia concerts were discussed. CRC put aside $100 for sandwiches and other refreshments for the Buddy Guy concert, which turned out to be somewhat disappointing since Buddy Guy came on too late for the TP group to stay and hear him. Clients were satisfied with the warm-up band, however, so the evening was considered a success. TBC

  13. “Palling around for over a decade.” OK, gotta say something to that from ‘the Grand Old Man.’
    “Whatcha doing now?” — ‘Though it may have taken more than several sites, as Sun-Times (one of only 2 majors !! is still down, but you can read it, it just doesn’t have an available set of type in letters for submit),
    for example,
    though I am getting a little world-weary at 56 on August 4,
    I schedule myself for age 59 or 58 before serious considerations of going strictly to private life.

    So this Independent Progressive Centrist, with notations here also above, is all fine and good Austin and Dr. Chomsky, but on the Tax Man line leading up to the brinksman day before on default, IT WAS THE STRATEGY of the Dem top, with numbers running against them, to miss the deadline, blame it on the Republicans — with a whit of a care for Euro and Asian “markets” — and use that as the knife to jump start RE-ELECT 2012.

    I didn’t know this ahead of time, but I knew the pushing to deadline by veto after veto declaration, indicated an alert, and a need
    to immediately “track” until this one was bargained and signed.

    Sincerely, Mark (All I did was 2 classics yesterday, and he closes down the Chicago Sun-Times. Jeeze Louise.)

  14. It’s possible, Dr. C., that Austin — whom I happened to let you know may or may not be opening an extensive market in Florida, both through an apparently accomplished writer he has in his docket named Darcy Robinson, and that he allows for an absolute world of independent writing on topics from the marvelous La Follette of Wisconsin where there was someone who broke part and directly supported “you,” Russ Feingold as regards your examiner/Michael Hughes thesis to Thomas, who I used the Swanberg coming off the Dreiser I was working on, to establish as “intelligent” and and a clean-cut alternative which had significant support. The cold war actually began immediately upon the end of WWI, of course, as the monographs show, with Lenin defeating a coalition of the West determined to upend him, and sent them with their tails between their legs.

    That is, the Sun-Times is “still” down as regards submissions, and as of 25 minutes ago, you did not notice that I got you up-to-date. In These Times. The last one thereabouts was on Clarendon Hills, I suspect they killed that Ambassador/Senator Braun within half a day or so. But thank goodness, did we get lucky, we ran your championship on Google Search as opposed to Trib (at 20 straight #1’s, about half of them doubled up — ahem, with “your” friends the workers to MBA’s of Clarendon Hills, DuPage. I have a source, however, so we’re covered at this point. I know, I know, I know — it’s a matter of where I put the period as regards the flotilla, and the infringing ‘upon Palestinian water.’ An article review is not done for the purpose of copying. OK?)

  15. “nanny state.” very, very funny.
    plenty to do. 3/4/10 — Jeeze Louise.
    Who Rules America. “Of the ‘Pop Elite.'” haven’t changed.
    But this is disgusting. My information at 2 years ago was that up to most Walmart employees had to supplement their paychecks with food stamps. As, strickly no-hire if want unions. — recall, Umpires Metropolitan Professional Association, Chicago Musicians Union, Teamsters at level or Fed. Trustees, with direct wedding party for High School weekend poker friend, President of Busing Union Chicago northwest side — conferred with after he got out from under a bus on a Supreme Court case he was working. (I got the whole thing, Dr. C).

    Thanks to Austin. MVB.

  16. — “migraine(s)” ?? ‘jurisdiction’ on the issue/

  17. Alternatives, not suggested actualy per se, but
    The Straws don’t mean anything until you get to the primaries, I believe.
    On reflection, can a third party’s action cause an action to the detriment of a party which engaged in no misaction?
    In the alternative, said disabling has been described as “incapacitating,”, July 19, 2011.
    Fellow coming out of Texas, not on the screen yet, seemingly ironically got a clean bill of health, The Marlborough Man, right on the cover of Newsweek.
    And “indeed,” it is not in the Senate but John Boehner who has the “check.” And that was the all of all it was about, as far as I was concerned. The Legislative-Executive “Steamroller” was deleterious and had terrible implications, considering executive overweening, if this were to continue. So I threw in, upon quick consideration. Again, again, again: “Independents” always vote, sometimes endorse and join campaigns.
    Who knows ?!? Mitt fixes middie and major companies and gets them running again. Ran a whole mf Olympics without remark. “Jesus is my Savior.” That’s all he says in public, every friggin person in this stupid, stupid country knows he’s a Mormon. Ever hear the Mormon Tabernale Choir in Salt Lake City, I did personally, it is one of the most beautiful institutions America has to offer. His Dad retired an elder. Ran for President in 1968. First son of Heartlands Michigan, to my knowledge, unimpeachable Governor at Massachusetts. Not a word out of pagan Harvard and MIT, Boston College puts people in the work force year after year. Tim Russert was a Boston College nut, I have a direct save of Mitt with Russert on Meet the Press, also sponsored by the Catholic Flagship Georgetown. “Likes IKE.” The Great War/Earl Warren – Brown v. Board of Education, interalia. So I watched the aspesions based on religion get tossed his way last election cycle, “Slippery Slope,” it’s speech now waiting to hit the fan: Obama is a jagoff. (Chicago Reader, MVB)

    NLU. Continued.(Senator from Illinois, 10/10; Luis just left Joe Moore last week, that’s the only guy I knew, his wive’s organics put up a block.)
    Secondary issue. Responsibilities to our ‘field.’ Where impingements on ‘freedoms.’ Generally that’s the First Amendment, but maybe that’s only the most well-known or at least what we need for starters. Essaying, Blogging or informations ‘providers’ may find preferences. (I do have on “save” this entire publications up to my article at May 30, so isssues as regards instrumentalities stated otherplace internally do not create impediments to me. Also, I am more than overly happy for a “publication” every 2-3 months. I just don’t like sending materials which are; sloppy.)

    Legislative Breakfast
    By (Yours Truly).

    On September 15, 2006 the Skokie Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual fall Legislator’s Forum and membership breakfast. Turning Point purchased a table and four staff and four clients attended. Even though this was not one of Turning Point’s forums on mental health issues, Turning Point was recognized publicly and personally by the Skokie Trustees and our state legislators, and we were happy to attend.

    State Senator Ira Silverstein led off the presentations and talked about property tax relief and workman’s compensation. Cook County Commissioner Larry Sufferdin talked about Shackman improvements and about Skokie as a center for early voting. He also discussed the importance of registering to vote and coming out to vote. State Representative Elizabeth Coulson discussed a major shortage of nurses in Illinois and how scholarship money for nurse training is now available. She also talked about a children’s mental health project [you see, there’s nothing ‘yeechy’ about MI as an experienced phenomenon, addressed forthwith by professionals in the field, with ‘support’ various public/private – Liz was a 10 year State Representative] and how some money is in the budget for it now. State Senator Jeff Schoenberg praised Illinois for now being a national leader in universal pre-Kindergarten. [At a subsequent Town Hall Forum I continued a telephonic discussion afterwards with his presenter Ms. Koslowsky, in that she had offered herself for consultation. But that’s part of the nature of reportage, correct, ‘follow-up’ where indicated?] He also discussed the All-Kids Program and the importance of public investment in non-human and human infrastructure. The State Senator also talked about improving the Science and Technology Park in Skokie.

    On the national level, Mr. Ra Joy, representing U.S. Congressswoman Jan Schakowsky, discussed securing federal monies for the Skokie Swift extension. He also discussed of a clean environment and possible initiatives to free America from foreign oil. [Just hanging on, as it turns out, I fear; 8/8]. Mr. Ra Joy also discussed the Congresswoman’s Patriot Corporation Bill (which I happen to have read concerning in The Nation, and brought into the Political Action Committee to discuss; all files “sealed”). Representing US Senator Barack Obama, Mike Alvarez discussed health care costs and keeping jobs in America. Ms. Clarisol DuQue discussed US Senator Dick Durbin’s involvement with immigration, the Judiciary, the Patriot Act and the Transportation Sub-Committee. Ms. DuQue also discussed the rising cost of health care.

    “The Legislators were informative, a question and answer session was appreciated, and the food was excellent. We look forward to next year’s forum.”

    ** 100% by chance, Joe Moore of the 49th by Howard Station running west, who has had me on his events, projects and general e-mail list for almost 3-4 months, just this morning invited me to “family:” movie under the stars also with Larry Sufferdin. I had directly informed Alderman Moore that I had been in communication with Mitch McConnell of Kentucky since before the mid-terms, and that I was now an active member – that is through Senator McConnell’s eNewsletter which comes out frequently. “So be it,” you and the State of Kentucky (whatever you are doing involved in those parts !) want to contribute and work toward the improvement of my Ward. Just keep me informed as regards who you are dragging in, MB, you know that was the former Chairman of the DNC my wife was hosting at our house that I invited you to, but wasn’t quite aware that you generally can’t go more than $10-$15 for an event, like your own Senator didn’t understand from your “consumer productions” that the invitation to DC after the mid-terms financially was a non-starter.
    8/8. In Vermont, I have read that 50 f-% of the State is “Independent.” So what do you think is boldly at the top of Bernie Sanders’ HOME PAGE? Socialist. That’s what Vermont voted for, my friends. In addition to a Physician for Governor, no phony lawyer, Howard Dean. All things being equal, I simply don’t have a problem with Governor and Lead Presidential Candidate Dr. Dean. (I told Joe.) I told him O’Connor’s cool also, go build you lake Front improvements into Andersonville, I’ve known tons of Chicago Swedes, gays on home page just fine with me. Maybe not with Alum Stewardship and Special Events. Asked for “volunteers,” redirected offer. Also, that was today. We’ll see. 8/12. End of Week. No Response

    Austin, you know “split-ticket” is a form of endorsing, and at very, very least we don’t like “tyrannies of the majority” (#10), your candidate loses, you continue to enjoy full civil society, and basic safeties therein.

    Bad electronicized nightmare 45 minutes ago. very, very hard to pull out of it.
    Had taked to my Uncle last evening for the first time in 2-3 years, frequent hospital visits. Will see him next month happily. Henry (Enrico) stationed in Britain with wife, “5000 Miles from Home,” Bob Sirott, 2 WTTW TV (Chicago Blue Chip) and 2 Emmy. (The Great War.) Condi was Democrat until 1979 when Soviet invasion of Afghanistan got her disgusted with Carter in his response. ‘The Persons of the Columbian Legacy,’ like Franco Harris on your primary scrip from me in 1/11, don’t know if it flies, but informed souces “requested” the compliments to Cara out of Dante Society of Massachusetts — highest honors. BLOG.

    As in “Ciao, Adorables,” Marco Polo was an Antactican. Penguin, Scott-Foresman (available), Unite States Library of Congress, 1990. 1995/96, “B.Wave” included under my umbrella leagal name, “charter,” Library of Congress Associates.

  18. Broke 150 years of tradition and ran for a third term.
    Otherplace, “embolded” by the 1936 landslide electoral victories.

    MVB: As ‘crawled’ to: Systems wrecking. And “there’s” your ‘precendent’ in Constitutional structures. A+B=C. “A change in time,” plus landslide Legislative victories. Like I said in Libertyville on today’s ‘set,’ almost every single piece of Legislation between 1936 and early Truman was: “no good.” Go crazy !! The caution in Mudelein was on the irrational exhuberance of Appleman Williams, hence I would rather die a free man. Have the “confidence,” suceed and persevere, every wo/man’s time will come, don’t put that message out on throwing yourself under a train, or so. I had a friend who was on sleepers that he didn’t shake one morning, fell right into the train as it came to a stop. About a year ago. Simple Miwest middie finance, never even seen Wall Street. — Instantaneous.

    Norman Thomas. I used the Swanberg, because I got a good mid-middie off of Dreiser, which I could be sure of. (Check me out on Wittenberg, significantly more; for the Ladies, The Woman Within and the “giant,” Ida Tarbell.)

    Thanks, Austin.

  19. Here we go again, in my mailbox, day before the Straws. “Queen of Rage.” Article shows no more than Minnesota says ‘get angry’ and motivated. No information whatsoever of female achiever being in any way out of control. No human compassion., Michele has migraines which can be “incapacitating” for up to a day. July 19, 2011. She happens to be white, by the way, consistent with specification in prior article condemning “conservative white women.” It is my understanding that the majority of African-Americans are Baptist. So, as times change, we allow for “demographics.”

    Park Ridge Herald. Park Ridge, Illinois responds — same comment, no change. Park Ridge Herald, former, with Gary Aba. on the field, keeping the books for every baseball game, Stan Huber coach, Vice-President – IBM.
    From the community
    Chaos in Public Information, revisited — hopefully not cont’d.
    By Mark Basile Community Member Jan. 31 at 3:57 p.m.

    Print Email


    Newsweek, February 22,2010. Let us pray not. If so, Mr. Obama’s Newsweek, kind of like M. Huffington of Sunday morning’s ABC National News and the Huffington Post, has shot itself in the foot again. George Bush took it directly to Al Queda and its host nation Afghanistan, with its enormously backward ruling Taliban, OVERSEAS, for the express purpose of “preventing” or minimizing terror from countries or non-contiguous states “at war” with us from metasticizing and even reaching our home borders.

    This is why we have a government –

    And our volunteer professional heroes in the military (led by an immaculate academy-trained officer corps). Witness the scrupulous attention to past deficits in the enormously difficult task of policing the constantly evolving landscape of a civil war, after the rapid removal of a dictator, practitioner of genocide with a record of use of WMD against his Shiite majority, with the measured Bush-Petraeus overwhelming success in completing the preconditions to established constitutional, democratic and representative government in Iraq.

    Meacham/Klaidman are all but dead wrong in pointing consistently to “domestic spirit” as the front line of the war on terror. (p.33). It is the “government’s (job) to take care of (us)” in wartime with its complex of State, Security/Intelligence and Defense/Military – contrary to Newsweek’s sarcasm. And it’s a complicated endeavor, Afghanistan/Pakistan, Yemen with diplomatic contact availability now in question, with some questions on the nature of the rampant Somali pirates in the guts of our oil lanes outstanding.

    And a weekly major does not necessarily speak on an issue, make its point, and then go on to topical issues as they arise. The contents on 2/22 read ‘Republican scare tactics.’ Just three months earlier Meacham/Newsweek had been on stump against our “maverick” homemaker from Alaska equating her, without the slightest real connection being made to a polemic against Goldwater ‘extremism.’ 11/23/09. Nothing more to equate her was said than “now comes Sarah Palin, an heir to the Goldwater tradition.” P.4 More was said of course, but Meacham made a polemic against one sentence of Barry Goldwater’s, not even from his debatable but well thought out book, The Conscience of a Conservative, in which Goldwater, coming out of the same Cold War and Vietnam foreign affairs nexus as brought down the LBJ administration, argued for the primacy of “liberty” as a core American value to be defended. [Let us note, however, that Mr. Goldwater was no neophyte, he had none less than William F. Buckley at his side* when he penned Conscience. 1/31. AD.] Brushed aside was Meacham’s own admission that Goldwater received a 41-second ovation from his supporters. [This time, ON HIS OWN.] “Justice” too is articulated as a value worth defending to the point of no compromise. And what could Meacham be thinking in using Eisenhower as a central source of critique of Goldwater when he immediately turns around and talks about the alliance of General Eisenhower with the Rockefellers which would turn your stomach if you simply google our impeccable muckraker journalist supreme Ida Tarbell on the Rockefeller Conspiracy of 1871. My source is Stephen E. Ambrose, not Perlman, who is universally acclaimed in and outside the university empire with Eisenhower, a gift from Dr. Ambrose’s friend Professor George Cotsirilos, Esq of John Marhall, Chicago, and The Rise to Globalism,et, where indeed the nuclear cowboy may have been Mr. Kennedy with his missiles in Russia’s underbelly contributing enormously to a Caribbean superpower run-in, which is the topic for another time. (Nevertheless, Khruschev did let the ‘zeks’ from Stalin’s Gulags free and could have been our first Gorbachev.)

    And even if you do not take into account Meacham’s extremely selective interpretation of Gallup, where on the face of it he admits that 65% of Americans would consider voting for Sarah, I do not see in the 2/22/10 article any follow-up on his own source where Gallup determined in 12/09 that Sarah Palin was deemed one of the two most admired women in the world by the American public. Now how can that possibly be a reflection of reduction to “irrationality and civic incoherence.” (!!) (Also Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating in 2008). She threw an influence peddler off the Alaska Oil Commision Regulatory board, she spoke out equally against Rush and Rahm Emmanuel for rhetoric abusive of those with disabilities and M.I. — ret_rds — (US News and World Report, 2/10), and she boycotted the most recent general Republican CPAC forum thereby giving an enormous opening to the formidable Libertarian/ Republican-Independent Ron Paul on the basis of the CPAC being significantly sponsored by the Rightist John Birch Society – whom I am willing at this point to look into and consider if they have any redeeming qualities considering the powerful bias of mainstream press. Off the topic, Sarah married a small town fisherman she had known since high school or before.

    … John McCain’s “safety net” is of particular relevance to me — let alone Mitt’s Universal Healthcare in Massachusettes. I’m not enormously disappointed that

    dictatorial legislation

    is currently in abeyance with the Senate Supermajority trimmed down by that one vote out of Massachusettes.

    But let’s return to the domestic forum and this contention of scare tactics by a clear minority trying to marshall its resources for incremental gains at the midterms. George Bush II advised ‘alertness’ while continuing to function and live as normal as possible lives even when the government threat level was raised. Police and fire,et were marshaled however. In no way did he suggest civilian involvement in actual matters of security or national defense, or that a “line of defense” or the front line be a so-called ‘concerned and resilient citizenry,’ G_d forbid the true “extremism” where simple citizens were indeed left alone, surprised and totally unguarded by their government, untrained heroes having to act to foil terror (cf:33) as the 9/11 plane bombing stopped around the state of Pennsylvania suspected to be on its way to the White House and ended up with 100% of the passengers DEAD. Only after having successfully neutralized enemy combatants, or prisoners of “war,” can the homefront even be considered as a forum for the response to terrorism for “military tribunals,” Guantanemo being better for the safety of Americans in general, but perhaps an eyesore because of the state of US/Cuba relations.

    But even this is being bungled by administration policy focusing on dummied-up or lawyered-up “convictions” (FOX, roundtable, 2/21/10), as opposed to full interrogations (Liz, 2/21) perhaps with reduced sentences in return for cooperation. A lawyered-up “conviction” of an enemy combatant can obviate innumerable informations and planned events becoming known to our authorities. “Dangerousness” remains an outstanding issue.

    It’s one thing to have lively debate in the press and media, but even partisans need some degree of objectivity and openness to reasonable discourse.

    The Democrats are weaker on National Defense.

    (no comment, legally-imposed “gap” at Border Security abutting economic security Texas, by false step in National Prosecutions, 10th Amendment loosely, undermining or as basis of overturn of law rather than articulated and trumpeted core doctrine of racial/ethnic ‘typing.’ … – ‘following a story, like Patty told me is a practice. TRIB.’

    TBC. By Mark V. Basile, freelance essayist and playwright. 2/24/10

    Thank you to for informative tip, allowing for the bias of a friend of Barry Goldwater, to present the Presidential Candidate’s basics as seen through …

  20. LAWYERS. It absolutely never, that is never changes. Since those Dawn of the Dead 100% strong “zombies” marched into the seond year law class, I have never seen another such, except maybe mowing the lawn and palying nurff ball in the front yeard with the kids.

    OK, so we handle the debt crisis, Obama threatened vetoes intending to break the deadline and put it on the Repubs while screaming default, Repubs pull it into line only 2 days ahead of time to see the so-called Tea Party (where sites show Palin has been trying to get into basic Web and destroy ‘facts” of Paul Revere while screaming that a monster Ronald Reagan is the one and only god – just at his house, clip from the Sun Times) buckle Boehner’s sufficiecny of vote. [No comment at this point]. So Arizona among 3 is appointed to the debt commission, as Brewer fights to ‘throw them all out’ at the Supreme Court. Noam and me: “Hispanics Make us Good.” McConnell cuts off my eNewsletter as of August 5, with a “jurisdictional slip,” (ie; really, really dumb lawyer’s trick), he keeps sending Press Releases without the eNewsletter so he can say I responded unsolicited. And stopped it cold on the scheduled Friday after. His last cover up Arizona site was on unconstitutional nature of healthcare: that was NOT MY POSITION, mine was 25-20 million left out in the cold; Bill of Goods.

    I only received notice of Governor Tim going off with his daughter Anna to college tonight, I am not aware that Noam has ever taken his eye off of Black interests and Third Party from the Chicago mayoral. As I said, he overwhelming welcomes Mexicans, but was probably ‘harmed’ personally when I made it too clear that Chico with Ed Burke had to be machine, and del Valle also came in ahead of Carol, who only got 9% with a 34% base. Carol did tell me however, that in spite of Black Caucus, Dr. Danny Davis gave her every single one of his workers or field workers for elections 2011, Chicago…

    Noan had up “coalitions” under one of his leads, tonight Austin. It’s filty, filty dirty here in Chicago.

  21. Senator Mitch directly said ‘politics are not pretty.’
    I’m not sure exactly what the Senate Minority Leader is doing right now, but he’s a Republican; I’m pretty sure I told him directly that as an Independent who does NOT do this political thing as a professional endeavor, even worse potentially for ‘situations,’ I am a free-lance writer — and indeed this Default coming right before the Straws, where my candidate whom I had recommended took a Knock Out after prior pollls had put him at ##1/2 with Michele Bachman, Rick Perry on the horizon and in fact now launched (I’ll give you a tip, Ron Paul has the most conservative voting record since 1933 and he’s 76 years old, it’s not Centrist Libertarianism). At any rate with the Sun Times having no Web system and the Trib in shambles, if not totally corrupt, I’ll give your site a little collector’s piece of an academic Independent doing business with a Chief of Staff, prior to the candidate’s “swansong:” thanks, and I’m taking my daughter off to college with my wife Mary.

    mark basile to Nick
    show details Aug 14 (2 days ago)

    Rock and Roll. That’s Sarah’s Dad on stage, right. On the guitar, I caught him. AOK. Even better !

    Dear Nick, Sunday Morning

    I seem to have a been caught in a bit of loggerheads with respect to the overlap of the midterms, where I worked on and supported John McCain and Mark Kirk, a mixed-style book review from way back in January or 2010 on that thing Going Rogue in that I was breaking Independent out of Conservative Democrat and simply put, John McCain and Sarah Palin were the last out of the box (though I absolutely never endorsed Palin), with current communications as of two weeks ago with you, Mitch McConnell and some newcomer filling Mark Kirk’s Congressional seat on the Lakefront named Dold.

    I’m getting back to you as soon as I could off the boss’s (Governor Tim’s) mailing right after the straw polls came in. That is, I know that you are the Chair, and I simply wouldn’t know who the general mailing would be going to. I assume Sarah Huckabee has consulted with you concerning the significant bulk of responses I have made to her, also in that when she first introduced herself, she said that she would be hands-on for the Iowa straws.

    If you search my sites, you will see that I have made several comments concerning a confusion as to what in the world is going on in Arizona. It relates directly to the Chicago Old Guard, Daley (both of them) to Rahm to Axelrod trying to do a peek-a-boo at the Chicago Tribune, the supposed Republican-leaning paper of the two majors. You see, as people who live here, Nick, we had to sh_t or get off the pot and address this situation in the Chicago Mayorals. I have a cite on Palin and Rahm right at the end of the Mayorals, I put it in the Chicago Reader, so you can see if it’s still there. (I think I told Sarah Huckabee, that though it was not ripe, I had you on my radar since at least July 20, 2010; if you go back over my mailings, I emphasized this to you twice with the paste on from headlining your Lieutenant Governor, Carol Molnau). — So that has been a complication. But more or less Emanuel is now “an identity” with Barack Hussein, and the State machine has pushed this even further on June 3 with a redistrict/gerrymand which had 11 Republican Congressmen screaming. You know where Palin and her daughter now live, for what reason, G_d in heaven only knows. Remember how she put out that movie around the mid-terms, that bucolic Sarah Palin’s Alaska? Her 16-year old screamed out a couple of homophobic rants against classmates who criticized it on her FACEBOOK. So they just up and move within a year to the State which probably has more significant economic ties than tri-state with Chicagoland; including that WGN Superstation to the hundreds of thousands of Chicago retirees and spring baseball fans out of Mesa, with new firm contractual relations for pre-season baseball running at about 30 years. So with Jan Brewer pursuing her apparently ethnic intolerant law, which “really” is not going to help us with the Hispanic vote which could be as important as the “Independents” this cycle, and I hear she has gone from appellate to Supreme Court, Mitch McConnell has just dropped me from his eNewsletter list with the last regular mailing showing Arizona’s senior his appointee among 3 on debt committee. The thing which almost blew us through the ceiling with all the screaming about default, which may have been founded. I caught a Sun-Times article, however, that John Boehner came directly to DuPage county Illinois to confer and also address the gerrymand/redistricting. I had to go through their DC central site to get the article however. That should have helped us out a great deal, regardless of the outcome of apparent Court challenge(s).

    So I need to be put on [HOLD] at this point. “The issue is:” Mitch McConnell dropping me. I did comment, at any rate, in the cover letter to Texas A & M, Bush School of Government, that if Dr. Gates came back to A & M I would be willing to work for him in an academic sense, not government, even simple volunteerism by computer with myself also having print-out, in that I found him among the most qualified persons in government – as intended I am sure by George W. Bush having him remain to mind Affairs of State, with goof balls everywhere coming in (WIKILEAKS,et) – but that I did not like the outlook of a Palin Administration as regards the atmosphere for academia. I gave specific examples. Staff responded to me once, out of marketing I believe, and I said that’s about what I do at NLU, Creative Productions along with affiliate assistant for Masters of Written Communications. So we left it at that. Last I heard, Dr. Gates was going onto several corporate boards, not A & M, so I did not pursue the matter when he went into retirement. (A & M’s sites show that he comes back at least yearly for one of their major events, so you may have a top of the line – in this world functioning – political science ‘think tank’ over there. You know he was Provost, of course –)

    Sincerely, Mark V. Basile
    – Show quoted text –
    Got cha this morning Leader M. — have to run, you know, that Rockefeller health Agency. Jeeze Louise ” HI, as Ms. Elaine. Got Condi, Barbara Pierce, and Cara posted for 10 days under italiana and they haven’t been torn down. So I slipped up an MVB, Antonin — good for a week, with the Village Inn menu watching from the support staff lounge. Post. 8/16.

  22. Here’s a ‘tip,’ Austin.

    “Chambers of Commerce.” I got endorse and Chambers of Commerce all over my G in McCain 2010. With the clear thank you note as “volunteer” for elections 2010. You got a free-lancer to newsman local/here from September, 2006. I have an in person drop in for University Programs on Oakton Street around June fo 2011. I was a producer and employee. This afternoon, Mitch gave me a strong Chamber of Commerce out of Kentucky — if you see where I’m going. Jeb left a Republican Governor in Florida, that greatly empowers the Republican Committee for the State of Florida, which happens to include Jacksonville if I recall, and I hear the Cuban/Hispanic community has an extremely personable US Senator, who should indeed be an outstandig pride to Little Havana. (Comment otherplace on Eisenhower/Kennedy transition-practice). Multi-award winning Political Scientist and multi-term Illinois Attorney General is sitting on the site where I have my FEDERAL REGULATORY OVERHAUL (April 20/21, 2010), United States’ Chamber of Commerce reportage. (“Good thesis,” Noam.) DuPage/Benedictine Catholic.

  23. “One-Issue Republican,” 1984. The term is there, but in main part probably long, long forgotten.
    Regular Republican Party. 1986. Downtown Central Chicago Office/reached Cook ie. ‘I’m with Cotsirilos,’ rip. Regular work, couple hours a day, worked with Administration.
    1988/89. Entail, 1871; Ciao Adorables, novella. Penguin, Scott-Foresman in Glenview (publish no fiction, available).
    Job Commenserate: they spit on us, we do not spit on ourselves. 1989. etc.
    1990 Registration. Library of Congress. Career change. 1995/96: “Charter” awarded. Library of Congress Associates. (available).
    Just killing time.

  24. 8/18.
    I’m going directly under a lede under a hedder which indicates that Jacksonville and Dr. Noam are talking.
    I went to Stanford last night, for the fourth time.
    In my first introductory sentence, for a brief submitted from a studio of the #1 School of Art (I did writing, of course) in the US, I stated “all writers want markets.”
    Maybe I stumbled on a mantra, or a truism which can be rebutted only by a provider stating flat out, ‘we are not interested in what you have to offer,’ or the fact of a couple of rejection slips amounting to the same.
    So I know MIT Searches cumulative sites, and anyone in the know is aware of the fact that Dr. Chomsky is their poster child.
    I do not get any feedback from Mitch that he has anything, at least personally against the gay/lesbian crowd – they split, but mainly Democrat, but its not like the monolithic Black Caucus as it sits in the US Congress as regards to Party. (But see Mitch on greivance address even where it takes a bit out of his own kitty; maybe as regards his stated as a Moderate Republican). So they got their guy. But you see when Axelrod or whomever in the world it is that is ‘discretionarily’ junking the Trib Web site wasted the entirety of our placements in Elgin, Kane County (a little Cook), I put up an implication that we might stretch out a bit to the Bay Area and ‘the good old boys and ladies, as said’ some of whom used to be pals, as I did go to a couple of their clubs – leaving my girlfriend behind to watch TV or so. Dr. Chomsky has warm markets in San Francisco flat out, Jacksonville has new markets more or less. You should be aware that our folk are still getting ‘hit.’ Condi’s not gay, but with the new Governor coming back for second time around, in legacy, JPMorgan running finance for the entire State out of San Francisco since around 2000 — those people at Stanford are swimming in it. It’s not just that California, Illinois and New York are throw aways for the election. (We’ll revisit “coalition,” though it is my hope that that will become actionable. FEDERAL REGULATORY OVERHAUL, Dr. Chomsky — 20 days straight Google Search #1, 1/11. “Substantial?” Austin.)

  25. Dali. “Perhaps the 20th Century’s Greatest Anti-War Piece.” AD. ‘Angelou set.’ At home, will produce. From Ruth Crost studio. Michigan Avenue, trained; at Northbrook. Accepted: State of Illinois. Kevin followed with Close-Up, 1/23/98 for 1996. Great Books. (I liked L’Etranger !!) Prior: War and Today’s Rainbow. War, part II produced. (Smile Green Gargoyle, edited, ‘sent.’)

  26. Couple of Questions:
    On the “general,” is August 8 appropriately up to date?
    You know Newsmax is a misrepresentation, did you just take them at their word; I mean I told you I was going to go over the ‘site’ from time to time.
    FEDERAL REGULATORY OVERHAUL, Chomsky. Just hanging around. #1 Google Search at 9:05pm. And I tell ya, Dr. C., haven’t even “looked” since we hung 20 on the wall.
    If you’ll let me josh you, since it’s truly has been a while, #2 as commentary under that title is your “plenty to do, with the wink on Jesus Christ, where did you get this interpretation of Georg Hegel from. That is, it was one of those dated Cold War issues in Marx’s incorporation of and misinterpretaton of the social organicism of the Kantian “idealistic” line. (I hope I’m not going to get retaliated at again for simple rewrite of 1979 classroom material comparing developments in the post-Jacobin Edmund Burke with the brilliant German, albeit with a slight misinterpretation as his fellow Beethoven with the Heroic: World Spirit/Jena.)
    As long as we’re going to wink, we got #3 also essentially, but that kalaedescope out of Kentucky is just sitting there in promenade, with a total “lock-out” — on the merits — of the New York Times.
    “We told you, don’t don’t do this thing.” Over and over. It was extremely misconstructed.
    Main Street Bails out Wall Street.
    “Codification” of conditions which led to the crash. (3-4/10)
    (So what’s so new about The Tax Man? Debt has to be paid. Someone has to pay. Far and away the biggest employer is small and middie business, want “new” employees? THEY GOT TO BE PAID — and a bit of kudos for the Speaker, he said if this thing gotta be done, borrow not additionally tax, and plan rationally to knock the thing down. I believe his figures were from $14 Trillion at present to $10, I think over 10 years. Don’t have background for conditions for larger general growth with intendent tax base increases availablities.)
    But if the basics are right here, after Fed Reg which is flat out, for my two years and an AB Alum: For “our” hometown hero, John B. of Ohio. (Elected Unanimously)

  27. Right in the middle of my screen, “Condi,” hope you enjoyed the tag Today’s Rainbow where the implication is a tad graphic, “I think therefore I am,” where I found WIKI surpisingly helpful in giving to me Plato’s use of “soul,” and I said egad !!, I only knew of “form” before, which need too much scoping out to get immediately to the audience. Tell the Noamer if he doesn’t want to read your book then don’t read it:
    a) Hungary
    b) Chech Republic then with Slovakia ( “D” emocratic Left) — Annihilating force imposed upon Prague Spring.
    c) Mr. Peanut. The general public said we’re finished with the Mideast embassy captives. Our friend in the only functioning (or not totally corrupt) think tank west of Virginia or thereabouts said that was wonderful too JC, but I’m calling it with the wipe-out of Afhghaistan in 1979.

    Nevertheless, we’re all more thinking “business.”

    I have Motorola Solutions burning a hole in my to do.

    Now I just don’t see that Sloan has any interest in anything, so be it, Dr. Rice endorsed Cara and she has a couple of things under her belt, big time, as Hewlett-Packard. Of course she has an ALUM.

    I got Sears on my e-mail, through the municipality — just talk. About ten years. I didn’t get the net until 2009 though.

    There’s a fellow named Sweet whose associate has had me examine Georgetown. He’s out of Goldman Sachs. Now I do not have the personal capability to assess a prime cut think tank, especially one that to my knowledge has not prominently become engaged in the scene after ‘the shoes and myself met’ (Spring Pictures, 1993, M. Vincente and B. Wave, NC review: “Much agree with … sceptical direction), its just that words don’t come out to anything when your in an environment where: the dealer’s a fundamental fraud and a cheat. Ann, thank you. Institute for Law, Science and Global Security, affiliate department of Peace included. Full seat. (Underlined as regards referenced Dr. C’s Zinn set: ‘The fundamental mission of the United Nations is as regards Peace and the Removal of Hatreds.’ Angelou. UN 50th, San Francisco. MVB. In Chicago SunTimes/pioneer, Evanston Review, 2002.)

    BLOG. Up to my ears. (work-product intro for ALUM, AC, say ‘first dibs’ and see what happens. It’s the Georgetown/Motorola — the tag brings you a straight challenge, won’t cite) — “markets –“

  28. Boehner in Illinois for second time in 10 days. Strongman. Michael Madigan. ‘Coffee, tea or me?’ Chicago Sun Times. 8/24/11. (In Illinois, there ain’t one single person who don’t know what you are talking about when you say Madigan.) — strangely, the name wasn’t Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff former, top eschelon — Clinton.

    |mark basile to Tim
    show details Jul 21

    A) I cannot tell you how exciting those poll results are which show you moved up to #2. Anything #3 and above can go “all the way” from the jumping off point of the actual Iowa Primaries. I think.
    B) “Hockey Rink?” Didn’t know you did that. Had some success? You know Ronald Reagan more or less played a bunch of “C” movies into the White House, with that “home base” of the executive mansion at Sacramento. In the US, I don’t think that I have to remind you, around 20-30 years ago almost all of the pro-players were from Canada. Interestingly, you can play it both ways, having the proximity. At any rate, my sister is the General Manager for the Parks District of the major area team outside of the Chicago Black Hawks — the Chicago Wolves. Katie and I loosely are also business partners with her collecting my essays and creative works, and me bringing her up the ladder in Hoffman Estates Parks and Bright Hope International as 1-1 advisor. Remember, I used to assistant teach at Cal, #1 Public with a couple major manager awards in the #2 insurance carrier to Prudential in 1984. So to continue, there are tons of potential “energized youth” and 30-some who have been through organized hockey now in the US. Get out of moth balls for example, that rah-rah but enormously well-done USA-PR piece on Team USA ca: 1980 when America beat the indominable professional Russians in hockey, at a crucial period for the American espirit de corps — a year after the Soviet onslaught at Afghanistan. Everybodys professional now, but the Soviets used to cheat the system and financially support their players or year long practice — remember those Bulgarian weight lifters and the more than questionable muscle masses of the East Germans? Well that’s another aspect, in addition to the not #1 but certainly “All-American” nature of hockey. I do not personally like the news I have read about Putin arming Venezuela, but that does not necessarily defeat the arguable thesis that “America won the Cold War” — and that was under your endorser’s father. So that endorsement by Jeb Bush is “gold,” Governor Pawlenty. And his wife is the daughter of a simple Mexican field worker with Jeb having majored in Latin American studies: so
    1) Independent, with
    2) New Latin voting bloc looking to flex their muscles politically and generally in American society since the Mexican wave of immigration ca: the 1960’s, could be
    An interesting double swing in this election cycle. As often it is said, getting the Great Center and/or the “Independents” can ‘make’ the final outcome.
    (Unfortunately, so many of the Caesar Chavez people are in California still Schwartzennegger seems to have been an ideosycracy coming off a recall for a mass deficit — with a Kennedy/Shriver for a wife – major news prior, and you can just plain totally forget about that, like New York and Illinois, of course.)

    I do respond to the Mitch McConnell eNewsletter each week, which I sincerely doubt a major Midwest Judge out of Louisville would use to bias any Presidential candidate. He is right with you on no more debt celing growth, though I do not have the specific Congressional bargainings over the last 2 days.

    As a “consumer advocate” he has given me what I need to bring back to people I function with; “preserve entitlements,” prior and on July 19 on the Floor of Congress. That is prior in his newsletter he said he would not “cut” Medicaid and Medicaire. I responded, more than sufficient on the issue: ‘I’m in.’

    And I am aware of you leading a delegation to crucial Pacific Rim Ally State Japan, with businesspersons in a properly designed manner, and I looked at your link on a remarkable Minnesota outreach to block Iran at Essar investments; subsequently facilitating construction and investments for your state. So that’s not just “executive experience,” that’s smart, security wise, and business-improvements executive actions.

    Commendations. (Again, I have no intention of initiating bargaining with any other presidential campaigns, though, I do not function in the larger scheme of things, it’s just you and Leader Mitch — whose not running for anything — and trying to keep my balance day-to-day right on the border of the City, where there is not a single person who is not a Democrat — and some border on “fanatics.”)

    Sincerely, Mark

    I assume “Mary” is your wife. 100% certain she is the greatest. Her name hasn’t started to come up until recently, so I didn’t look into it. Bob Dole and Liddy had a book called something like “Unlimited Partners.” Bob Dole articulted “Big Tent,” but Elizabeth was Head of the Red Cross. Liddy waas kind of a Great Center in and of herself, Perot kinda split us up however; seems to have been one of the major reasons we lost in ’96.

  29. Like Sacramento under Ronald Reagan, Dr. C, we just don’t have the records on the Chicago years. No question, he was a Chicago employee in Iowa when he announced for the Cubs farm team. Boss Tweed? “Plunkett of Tammany Hall:” Cal essential. I just don’t see where anything changed so truly enormously. I mean I don’t know for sure, but I think all that happened was that Rod Blagojevich said just so much that they couldn’t put a lid on it. So what do we get? You guessed: more of the same. MB. This time, “same” script.

  30. AC. I showed you what I got. Karl’s 2010, so I see no reason why not. You understand, most certainly, that Wittenberg,OH is my AB Alum. Dr. Erickson is the President. So you do what you gottta do. The leads are probably much more valuable than the writing, so I thought I’d tell you as a relaible provider.
    Rove. L.A. Independent. March 30, 2010. 3rd on New York Times hardcover bestseller list. Book signing. Some wildly insane person coming out of an organization named Code Pink tries a citizen’s arrest. Calmy, Karl: They think “first amendment rights [are] for [nobody] but themselves.”
    Otherwise, time does not allow new commitments immediately, but this I am not paying attention to: Rove giving Governor Perry grief.
    I searched Rick Perry’s sites, enormously well-organized and intelligent Governor’s presentation and official sites overall. Obviously, I had nothing to consider concerning this — which I like, as in that’s my choice if wanted — in that Governor Perry didn’t even declare until after the Iowa Straws. I had some grief and “disruption” of writing estate systems after Governor Tim quit, fortunately I was able to handle it without ‘mistatements’ being placed in the public sector. (What follows is a paste-on, which has a date, which I think should show that there are ways to express advocacy, and be a part of ‘the process,’ where you don’t say things that you do not personally support. You’ve heard of commission and ommission. Basically, where you find a candidate you would like to support, and absent one or two points you really want to be heard on, you support ‘on the issue’ where you agree. And that’s part of the enhanced participatory angle on so-called Democracy: volunteerism.)

    mark basile to Tim
    show details May 25

    I like the turn of phrase, Candidate Pawlenty, that government exists to serve its citizens and not merely to allow it’s employees to feed at the trough. I believe also that I have heard by the best voices that it is the “small” (up to 15 employees?) and middle (up to 100 employees?) “businesses” that provide jobs, cut into unemployment where things like onerous taxations are alleviated allowing for growth and pick-up of persons on the unemployment rolls. Bloated bureaucracies, as the Democrats when you get down to it offer us year in and year out, in combination with a taxation malaise — here in Chicago for example the Daley-Emmanuel apparatus has offered us no alternatives to the constant drag of “property taxation” increases which hits one’s main equity if you are bungalow or middle class, and moreover, kills our schools for the urban kids. This is as this corollary taxation is directly “regressive” with respect to the ability of the less privileged to compete with the houti toutie (sp?) — like in Kenilworth, Glencoe or Winnetka. (That’s another part I like about your biography, I may have mentioned this, that you supported you own home state higher education system with your BA and JD out of the University of Minnesota, as an aside).

    Thank you for your communication. forward/cc: “fine.” Tim Pawlenty for President in 2012. Sincerely, Mark V. Basile.
    – Show quoted text –

  31. We all knew it, especially with the major hunker down with the the McCain’s on forum, Kyl going right to the top in the post default management team, and Jan Brewer, simply entirely unable to stop making herself an eyesore (ain’t gunna get us no votes in this world in the swing).
    That is: the 800-pound gorilla is moving into position, Bristol — now over 21, so she had to move too (kids and parents, place of leal residence — ask your lawyers, Rick) — made the forays about 2 and 3 weeks ago. — This ain’t no testing the waters. (don’t worry “too” much, I have 60 mailings on my G, wasn’t my idea, midterms over, I told Gary P. Jackson, apologies to Stacie Drake, but hit the bricks).
    I like Ron Paul. Not to endorse, but I think he is a bona fide Grand Old Man. After A:68, a non-starter. I hope he lives as long as Strom Thurmond.
    I’ve talked to Mitt’s people for 5,6,7 months in my own home. They try to convert people. No problem at all, as I said, I had them by for as long as they wanted. Now I come from a religion which at this point basically is referred to a a “non-converting religion.” We are in the basic absolute alliance for 40 years with the Protestants, as an interesting aside, for 5-10 years our clerics were so mad at Liberal Abortionist Legislators, that they refused them our sacrament of communion — right the heck in front of “everybody” they were going to Church with. So all I want to say otherwise about Mitt, is he did a “great” job of putting together and running an entire Olympic Games.

  32. So you know, they throw you in one of those things, the system allows them to keep all but a $30/mo payout of the ‘entitlement,’ and how you going to get a place to live with the necessary security deposit, where the system goes one further, and where you get a job, everything after $50 is taken away by ‘the thing.’

    Otherwise, at August 18 saw too an early Democratic aspect, so maybe “Independent” in a sea of Democrats, like if you get a load out of the breakdown in Chicago abutting, you might be inclined toward 3 letters from triple cross Lloyd Bentsen (1989), on both personal background/resume and writing sample (I actually gave him two) reads Texas and I’ll talk to Officer (“Intellegence”/Career) Mark Kirk and Governor Tim and see if he/I stick(s) to his final statement of support.
    cnn. Nowhere is that clearer than on the issue of immigration. Perry opposes more fencing on the U.S.-Mexico border, signed a law that granted in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants, criticized Arizona’s tough immigration law as not right for Texas, and supported a path to earned legal status for the undocumented. But he also supported Arizona’s right to enforce immigration law, led the fight against so-called “sanctuary cities” to enlist local police in the enforcement of immigration laws, and just recently told supporters in New Hampshire that the U.S. government should use predator drones to aid in the drug war by providing surveillance of the border.

    A few months ago, Perry got a rude reception from a group of Latino leaders at a conference in San Antonio because he was perceived as too tough on illegal immigration.

    Ads by Google
    (That’s — in addition — to the fact that I appreciate a voice speaking out against intolerance against Hispanics while having to deal with the borders directly, as in guns, human smuggling and drugs which murder our kids.)

    Rasmussen. Straws winner even weaker than that 10%. Support.

  33. I get e-mail, g-mail (at present), spam, letters in my mailbox, and way more than I am comfortable with a little bit more than a comfortable walk down the street. I know which institution’s in charge; I used two different analytic styles to compose reviews of Decision Points and Condoleezza Rice’s autobiography within the last 6 weeks. Your Search will find them. Condi’s got her copy, was apparently happy, used a Stanford-style return receipt, so I sent her 2 more items.She didn’t publish, so I let it go. I was looking for publication, that’s what writer’s do, like the Chicago Suntimes at pioneer local/Morton Grove Champion and an Italian furnitures, specialties and antiques store in New York City which has come back a second time to cite and or review me on Garribaldi and/or the Mazzini analytic review (Risorgiamento, sp?) coming from the Italian Army noting 5-6 “units.”

    In support of: continued. Where, if you more or less copy something someone is articulating, most people think ‘why do you have this guy around? ie; he’s just repeating what you said, we heard you.

    Comment: Racist roots of Arizona law. Gay News. Rachel Maddow. Brewer, Facebook. “Such a great time with Sarah Palin last night … went to the Diamondbacks game.” Towelro/ 4/27/2010. CBS. With Jan Brewer. Palin. “Police stop … to ask of verification of legal presence.” 5/15/10. MVB. This is NOT a “border” issue. It is a search without cause, except – perhaps – on the basis Ms. Maddow suggests. Of course, MSNBC. Formerly, AfterEllen. Ellen, however, is the one who got rid of the site, not the persons who made their public presence known. Bunch of cites, “business and usual,” Brewer wants the #2 spot on the ticket. Cnn seems more than idle chatter. AD: Governor wants jump on primaries. Killough. 7/22/11. Brewer. 7/21. (Cnn “hot” on the news – again.) Who knows. Comments otherplace on mis-step in clarification to public of “correct” basis for challenge of Arizona. August, 2011. United States Supreme Court. Speak or hold one’s peace?
    a) Not pleased with this dermination to effect “racial profiling.”
    b)Wholesale evasion of need to rationalize citizenship process of 11-14 million (mainly Mexicans.)
    — no information on severed WGN superstation out of Chicago Tribune. Comments prior.

    By Mark V. Basile. Free-lance Writer.

  34. Like I remember O’Donnell. Sure likeable. Real estate agent,don’t think ever held office. Mama Bear just wasted an afternoon while reports are you ‘wowed em.’
    Cnn pop-up. Anytime computer up.
    Also happen to like Cnn and Associated Press about the best, where
    If I gave a nudge in coupling the crack at Palin in Tea Party with bigotry in Arizona, then we’ll just see if you get back when I offer for 2012. That is I saw you go right for it; they are ‘energized’ and have some votes to offer.
    Moreover, your ‘personal’ evangelic appears to be believed and arguable against the Dominant Liberal Mainstream ‘extremist’ claims. We have a social conservative base, pretty sure they will respond and get out the vote for the general. I have a readership that counts at around 1000 direct, but they are pretty good because they know that even though I may argue for a candidate, I am “Independent” and will absolutely never knowingly give them a false fact. I am not essentially a politico sort, but then, my audience has come to want the news from time to time, because more or less we re all sick to death of the same phony baloney stuff we get in general terms. MBA’s with JD buddies, willing to talk with GED’s. Know what it means to lose, prefer winning as with Officer Mark Kirk. Jim Ryan, multi-awarded Political Scientist out of Benedictine Catholic/Lisle posted me on his personal site and published me independently in his Gubernatorial last year. 8 year Attorney General. Phil Gramm I think of Texas A&M as Dr. Robert Gates former, directly contacted me in 1995/96 concerning “split-ticket” Perot candidate for Senate with his Presidential. 3 telephone numbers. Received a Houston re-publication this year of Chicago Auto Show 2009. Have a hunch.

    I need just a little more time to make sure I can hit the issues at 65%

    Elections 2012. Comment.

  35. “oops.”
    Didn’t scan the full search before I added some momentum.
    Wouldn’t have found it though without a search.
    AFA, anti-gay, maybe “hate” in discussion of rights roll backs.
    Human Rights Campaign got your back, looks like a firm commitment.
    Otherwise, who has a problem with families who want to pray, except the Totalitarian Left themselves.
    But this is a non-starter. You know I wrote a couple of things, one dropped down off the Chicago Suntimes publication of May 30 – present in favor of the Shepard Act. I actually am wary of the Southern Poverty arguments on First Amendment “Hate,” like the marches and where it ‘tends to incite.’ I don’t even bother to cite the Trib Web site anymore, but for those of you who were around, my doubly produced Chicago forum Translucent Midnights is more than well-known; I have something Copyright Registered in 1990 at the Library of Congress under pen. 4 women protagonists, 2 this kind of buds. ( The Masters student whose sister made the DVD downtown showed up on the inside of a Linked-In contraption yesterday or today — so just get that, if you want I’ll write someting more for you, that in fact is “what I do.”)
    Towelroad. 6/11/11. This is the second time I have seen a “good” report from you; remember my ‘Slippery Slopes?’ Personally, I only write for the Ladies, but you can’t be “irrational” and say they can’t have male friends who don’t happen to ‘get involved’ so to speak with women.

  36. Age 56, no chance ever of an overnight (we used to call them all-nighters) for anything.

    As regards Rick Perry, the issues are at
    “Marriage,” and
    ‘Constitutiontionality’ of such through Amendment Process.

    Associated Press. 8/26/11.
    Christian Science Monitor. (I used many times in the 1980’s, when I had more money in general for subscriptions). 8/22/11.
    Austinist. (That’s the Texas Capitol). 8/25/11.

    While visiting Rock Hill, North Carolina, Perry was asked about his views on civil rights. The governor applauded the civil rights movement, but more importantly he said:

    “And as we go forward, America needs to be about freedom. It needs to be about freedom from overtaxation, freedom from over-litigation, freedom from over-regulation. And Americans, regardless of what their cultural or ethnic background is, they need to know that they can come to America and you got a chance to have any dream come true because the economic climate is gonna be improved.”

    8/22/11. “I respect the right [of gays] to engage in the individual behavior of their choosing.
    Choice, is a “Line in the Sand.”
    On Pledge for Constitutional Amendment. No difference, Romney and Bachman. 8/26/11. AP.
    “On My Honor,” as sharply picked out by the Associated Press. Rick Perry. “I believe in valueing [gay/lesbian] like an others, as God does in heaven.”
    “Fed Up,” hot off the presses. Haven’t read, caught it this morning for audience cite.

    For a further example, and on an “issue” reflective of ‘social net.’
    Christian Science Monitor.
    social cost doctrine used by Rick Perry in 2007 for mandated health care, which Legislators wouldn’t give him. Perry responded with
    “Moral Depravity”
    Right at the Texas Congress, as he showed a picture of a cr_ppled bedridden woman
    (Cf: MVB Blog, Axelrod, Bill of Goods, 15-20 million left out in the cold. [This is “universal?” Face of Elections 2008.]

    The Marlborough Man. Newsweek. Cover article, 2010.

    “People have the right to decide for themselves what they believe in in the core of their being, and how they will live.” 8/22/11, op cit.

  37. “Labor of Love.” That was on a different site which picked up sis, Mommie Mary. And nuclear family !! I’m waiting for a second e-mail, as indicated, but if you check Thoughtcast/Harvard I’d say 50/50 we’re going back to Texas. Pops, Mr. 12% has come around on the value of family, as by nature any double grandfather as 5 with Liz ? would, so the question is: does your top of the line for the nature of the job you had with Coors qualify you for Glass Ceiling (special) status? That’s where I put it, or you can work it, let’s say. YOU’RE numbers were around 65%, translation, straight “asset.” At any rate, nobody can change the history books, not to this date at least, and Pops was a 100% vote for Secretary of Defense. I got Don Rumsfeld out of New Trier, Honors ALUM, that was after the stressors of the double war demanded a symbolic resignation. (‘Took the fall.’) They have a feeder educational institution at the bordering suburb, Northfield, where I used to teach Ladies High School, before I finished up at Cal.You have support of family, and it “better” include Liz’s husband, I suggest that it’s your turn at bat — and don’t leave the bargaining table until you a real job. (You can bring ‘the friends’ in after, Mrs. 65%).– by the way, I am not aware of anything whatsoever that took down Gerald Ford of Michigan, except ‘the pardon.’ The Betty Ford institutions are almost world reknown, if you want to take ‘status’ and translate it to a different context. “Labor of Love?” So you and sis enormously different? (I know about her U Chicago) You got right to second home there. Chicago and Motor City, that runs the whole Midwest. (“Spectacular” vacationing and Great Lakes viewing and such in Michigan, “I got” Dearborn.)

    Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 13:28:10 -0500
    From: “Steve Masello” Block Address
    To: “Student: Mark Basile (01)” “Joanne Koch”
    To: “Student: Mark Basile (01)” “Joanne Koch”
    Subject: RE: PR for Dr. Masello’s class.

    Reply Reply All Forward Print Delete

    Thanks, Mark, but I’ve decided to teach a course in Elgin and all is

    Dr. M.

    From: Mark V. Basile []
    Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 7:10 PM
    To: Joanne Koch; Steve Masello
    Subject: PR for Dr. Masello’s class.

    Hi. I’ve had a few problems with both my printer and the coomputer,
    but the computer’s up and should be able to get the compiled Master’s
    Theses to you soon. Attached and pasted on are samples for Dr. Masello
    as regards the class he had stated that he wanted promoted. All I need
    is a script.

    Sincerely, Mark

    Saturday night Live Comedy Writer Tim Kazurinsky &

    Blago Prosecutor/Novelist David Ellis Lead NLU Workshops

    Exciting workshops for writers and aspiring writers at National Louis
    University in Chicago will feature comedy writer for �Saturday Night
    Live,� performer and screenwriter Tim Kazurinsky on Saturday afternoon,
    July 9. Saturday morning, July 9 investigative reporter
    John Conroy, author of numerous …

  38. I got what I needed at this point of time from the book. Couldn’t tell the date, 2005? 2006.
    Like I said, Mr. 12%, and that’s what you were doing ‘since age 8.’ So as regards when it came out, it was “the book” that was in the middle of the partisanship. Check, my best site clearly. Whereas Publishers,et fails entirely to take into account that you were dead center in the 100% approval by the Senate for Secretary of Defense, where’s anything said about Dad as Chief of Staff aforementioned? Right. Got nothing to do with Tricky Dick. Now see how far Liz got before she dropped out of Oriental Institute, it’s one of the best in the country — you see “that’s” where you go — Dad will tell you all about the Middle East, but I have the predecessors to the Pharoahs, Gamals in line right now out of good American and English training and business, from the Ptolemeic Line with the establishment of the finest library in the world at Alexandria (had to be reconstructed) to everybody’s awareness of Cleopatra the Great and Marc Antony (ca: 30’s BC). Just get it right with respect to particulars and you have timeliness with great world culture. You want to know about the King of Jordan in any case, he’s our bud and really, really good on TV.

    Hence: “not” campaign affiliate but junior advisor to full advisor. Estimate: “Qualified.” Really don’t see otherwise. At any rate. “frank”/”down-to-earth”/”her own amazing story.”

    Recommend. Take it. Mark. (I think I read that Laura, MS, National Poets Chair, was speaking out on issue, you’d have to check — you see the jerks can’t argue that she’s gay and not Democrat so there must be something the matter with her. That’s how I read it.)

  39. First. “Curl up with a good book?” (I’ve been doing this professionally since 1981 at the level of #1 in class at #1 Public – taught there too)
    But I was sitting in the park talking to an elderly lady after I had had dinner at one of my favorite places in Latin Row around 7100 Clark and she told me that it looked like rain again. I said thanks, walked 1/2 a mile to the bus and got to the corner by the public library at 6:36; it closes at 6.
    So it goes.
    I’m 56, I don’t have anywhere near the time to read books by people I don’t like.
    You heard of Log Cabin Republicans? Considering all the grief I have read about, seems like those chuckleheads Kerry and Edwards made very high profile cracks too, just settling down in a group like this, let them profile you for their own PR, but tell them you don’t want to do anything. Just be around friendly faces. Just thinking aloud.
    I’ll do the secondary research on whether there were any hassles, like public situations, after that 92-0 confirmation at Defense. I have family as of 5 years ago directly back to WWI who served, I won’t have to wing it. We have a family produced movie, Bob Sirott, local luminary.
    My text is Ambrose, Stephen E., 1938-1980 which he had updated as of the last edition I got. Definitive Eisenhower one-volume. So Gerald Ford will be a breeze.
    Springfield, Ohio. Sent me a happy birthday e-mail Mark at the beginning of last month. So if you look, you’ll see “I’m” up. In accord, we’ll examine your perspective. One reviewer said you hero-worshipped your Dad. I think that’s cute.He has nothing to do with me, however. Cf: “Labor of Love,” kinda a all-inclusive stop gap. Like where you say only the absolute major points. (Later you can open something like that up into discussion or so, and say, the author said nobody contacted him about it and he certainly wasn’t paid, he didn’t say I couldn’t do a “co-write” with him when the subject ‘directly’ came up.) They call it something like the nutcraft when you put the theme in the middle of a journalism article — theme/title?
    At any rate, it seems just plain stupid to have to talk about essentially private life more than one would directly choose. Like I said, all the “grief.” Some people are just like that by nature, like Democrats feeling that they have “ownership” of the First Amendment, they feel free to dish out anything they please, but ‘oh no, not me.’
    I mean constant sex acts reference to an bona fide MBA, and I think that’s where Condi went. Her family even moved with her therabouts. The football team liked the Rice’s so much that the father was in constant companionship of the team. They didn’t say she was “different.” It’s in Colorado, should be Denver, so why not use the question: If Condoleezza Rice could come out of Denver graduate studies and end up President of a top 10 University, are we talking about somebody being “stupid,” or indeed has there been some “bigotry” involved, as prior referred to.
    Didn’t know about the Colorado Rockies. (Heard Rocky Mountain folk just “love” them)
    Want to know more about corporate of communications “Consumer Advocacy.” You know that’s the Ralph Nader bag. He started the whole thing. As well over 50% of the domestic economy is in “consumerism,” that is regular American purchasing, improving safeties for example is of obvious importance. He is a part of the later stage of “The Age of Reform,” and I find him no fraud to any extent. The Age of Reform started approximately in 1890 with the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (with Henry Cabot Lodge, JD/PhD — close friends with writer Henry Adams), got hit by a bit of a backwards leaning us Supreme Court at that time, found expression again with “Populist” and a Democrat William Jennings Bryan in 1896, who lost, and in came our Rough Rider with Trust Busting. Well you’re smart, unfortunately Bull Moose lost and he couldn’t finish the job. I have a “New Industrial State” out by the way, or if that can’t be found, its commented on in American Writers of Realism. Our attempt is at “market share” in Anti-Trust, those specifics I didn’t know.
    BOOK REVIEW. Introductory notes various. Thanks to Jacksonville, as a provider of “Independent” and Republican-Leaning informations.
    (Hard to imagine that ‘Mom’ isn’t the best in the world.)

  40. So if you have things in motion, there’s only one thing you have to do:
    4 children, bn: 1950-57. Hire them on immediately. Pay them what ever they ask, more or less, but specifically add 40%. Tell Perry, in or out? You pay, I know how many lawyers used to work for you and the kind of pay at Latham. This is family, or is it not?
    So here are the 2 controlling points, I’m pretty sure I got this all clear. He BEAT Ronald Reagan in the primary. And that was a two term President, all you could say was that you didn’t like him. Second, the pardon appears to have crippled Gerald Ford while in office because the mid-terms left him with a kinda reverse veto-proof legislature. That is because of the flack of Watergate, the turnover from Repub to Dem was so great that he couldn’t control any legislation, ie; a veto could always be overridden. And tell your new friends, its not just Michigan, but its this family which remembers a Yalie (at football coach at least — hint, hint) but 2 big old National Championships out of Ann Arbor. His wife was a dancer. Minority Leader: at time of Crisis of the Constitution. See: Constitutional Lawyers on succcesion without having been elected to Vice-President. Kinda looks like “the law” and “the Constitution” argue hero for Dad during the ‘stabilization’ of government structures upon “Nixon’s Farewell.” See: Stephen E. Ambrose, … Recovery, Richard Milhouse.

  41. AD. USA. Sec Def Histories. March 21, 1989 – Jan 20, 1993. I do not see anything at all essentially inaccurate; also penetrating interweavings fascinate and tend to confirm.
    Blog. Reprint. (Now as can be seen, for the umpteenth time, it’s not as if there wasn’t any research on-going for Decision Points, and it MOST CERTAINLY was not as if I didn’t do it myself, it’s just that who in the world !! was thinking about a Memoir that “had not come out” with the best hands in government like David Petraes and Muller with Gates stating he was simply going to quit handling essential Affairs of State “out of office?” We had one of the best in the country at 20 years FBI, without a sane whisper and Captain in the US Army at Superimtendent/Enforcement which includes supervision over Homeland Midwest at Police Central Chicago at 911, so this power player Rahm replaces him with a chucklehead out of Newark, a “pit” almost 5 times as bad as Chicago. Jody was out of Florida, he was Quanitco-cleared. Examined everything available on the Web concerning him; hard-pressed to say why he doesn’t bat 100%. Last heard, stayed in Chicago under private sector activity, similar line of activity. Joe Moore’s been looking at the materials for 2 months, he let me know directly.)

    Mary and Heather, Didn’t Ask For Any Kind of Place in the Sun. But “respect,” as second daughter — that is The American System.

    CHENEY, Mary and Heather Poe. Stable ‘family friends.’ Second, and secondish Daughters relationships .Family of two of their own. From Gerald Ford of MICHIGAN, DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE cleared to from 92-0 Senate approval of father/father-in-law through Rumsfeld/Petraes/Gates (active, 4/11/10) – Department current language: ‘If someone came to me and said that they were gay/lesbian, they would not be removed from service.’ Public broach; Gates, Department follows. [“ … mtvU Man of the Year,”, Associated Press – Wednesday, December 22, 2010. “ – role model for public service …” college students.] Stable Party example, held through Public and First Amendment second hat, Karl Rove, bi-monthly Political Mass Media news analyst through election cycle 2008/09. Gates, Academic Administrator, in State of Texas. In quasi-conformity of Karl Rove (Texas) lead, ultimate insider, deep love for own father totally irrespective of his ‘other life’ homosexuality with direct knowledge of his father’s gay friends. Placing of sea change in Military Rights at example, language into definitive Republican initiative into body politique.

    Associated Press. 2004 Republican Convention, Charlie Niebergall direct credit. Cheney and Heather sitting as a couple in attendance. Without a trouble in the world, in support and under protection, albeit with stressor, the ‘formal doctrine’ of the sitting Vice-President. The 12% man, Dick Cheney, who absorbed all the societal grief of Pearl Harbor’s antecedent in September of 2001, so that his boss could even effectively function, perhaps. Strong minority opinion that the Twin Towers, et incident was intended to create a crippling economic side-effect upon the U.S., and that IN FACT this was a horizon phenomenon which needed to be managed. Enter Governor Ridge of Pennsylania and Appellate Judge Chertoff. But for 1989 and George Bush I, with the relatively degraded Accomodation out of office (ref: “shock therapy” and its universally accepted body politique degradation by Economists across the aisle, ie; ‘what is this thing?!? It in no way resembles any reasonable form of free markets style capitalism’), the U.S. would have had to encounter two overlapping Epochs of Foreign Affairs stress, The Cold War and the War Against Terror. (I sat as direct witness as Jan Schakowsky, very liberal Democrat, but with a Patriot Corporation Act fully presented to the public through The Nation, which I have dropped, as she responded to person after person of the ‘Peace Movement’ in Evanston, Illinois – ‘I/we had no choice – our decision was all but totally without exception – we had to give Colin Powell/George Bush II the authority to act against the ‘host state’’ (who refused to give up Al Queda).

    Macro-environment. Tipping into clear success without completion the ‘liberation’ of Iraq, Rumsfeld/Petraes/Gates, with political symbol and indeed political verification through universally accepted Free Elections pursuant to Abraham Lincoln speech, “Mission Accomplished,” as concerns the venture against Saddahm himself. Long before Petraes Civil War initiative, Saddahm dug out of a hole with an anti-Christ Moses like beard of a totally impotent hermit and man uselessly on the run with his henchmen sons having chosen effective suicide in a non-stop exchange of gunfire in a ‘holdout’ without symbol or reason. BUT of symbolic significance, the devolution into social ‘madness’ and refusal to move immediately to diplomacy in a society divided into 3 distinct ethnic factions, the Shiites themselves to split into moderate/civil society oriented and militaristic ‘factions;’ ie; the devastation of the National Archives in an act of hooliganism and social effective madness at the culturally and scientifically established basin of civilization, the Tigris and Euphrates core, which coalesced 500 some years before the Egyptians with their symbolic elevation of RA on the middle Nile, in establishment of religion and intendant culture.

    ACTORS coming through the system.(among many, of course, this is just a slice; but as per Ultimate Insider Karl Rove, Ultimate Systems-protector and Guarantor Ridge/Appellate Judge Chertoff [CEO, Republican Party System still in consultation] – Harvard Law Magna, functioning doctrinal-systemic, unlike ‘phony’ Landmarks of Ginsberg (Olmstead, 1999), effectively and directly in reversal of ACLU negotiated class action settlement (Williams)/Quinn-Axelrod 30 year friends, directly on Executive’s (claimed forum, among several):
    Frank Anselmo, MPA, Chief Executive Officer Reports:
    “4,300 Children, 72.300 Adults Thrown Out of Care.
    Deadly Cuts Tear Safety Net to Shreds.”
    Actor: The Governor.
    Governor’s Proposed Operating Budget 2011.
    See F. Anselmo:

    A) (FOUNDER:) Guilliani (1980’s, ‘Teflon Don,’ with Michael Chertoff.)
    B)Ashcroft (2001, Justice, Criminal Division, Michael Chertoff – under stress, Beloruss, ‘difficult background.’)
    C)Chertoff with wo/men of merit in support and direct Actors, example:

    Philip Perry out of Cheney Perry and Vice President level secured.
    a) “a leader in Homeland Security.” Washington Post.
    b) In conjunction with Rumsfeld/Petraes/Gates – separation and collaboration of functions.
    c) 92-0 Cheney out of Rumsfeld. ‘A Lion of Democracy.’/fall guy. Absolute necessity to accommodate to ‘the numbers.’ Political Science analogy, Sarah Palin, from media black sheep to attuned mind recognition of excellence (?): Gallup, 12/09, ‘one of 2 most admired women in the world.’ Petraes definitively proves. “Mission Accomplished,” Good Doctrine. The CRUX was the intendent CIVIL WAR. Even more unpredictable than 9/11, Clinton witnessed the ‘Cole,’et and failed to act or make structural accommodations to a New Epoch.
    d) Effectively manages staggering 1500 lawyer staff, while calmly keeping family with sisters-in-law, Mary Cheney and Heather Poe.
    e) Major guarantors, it is reasonable for the public to respond to claims of ‘nepotism:’
    1. Georgetown Law(K. Feinberg) (several Homeland coordinations at level of victims’ relief): very firm endorsement, 5 years Chief of Staff to Ted Kennedy.
    2. Euromoney Magazine, ‘a leading litigator.’ Euro: 100 specialist magazines in finance, energy, aviation, pharmaceuticals, et. Euromoney trains international bankers and securities specialists worldwide.
    3. Lockheed Martin – (with Boeing of Chicago, there simply is nothing else), affiliate and representative for through Latham and Watkins, probably among ‘The Superlawyers,” Michael Chertoff partner.
    4. Lady-like T.V./Diplomatic TIGER team: Elizabeth Cheney Perry. Top 10/5/3/ lawyer. Middle East intellect out of acclaimed Midwest Oriental Institute. Forum shared with Federal Judge John Powers Crowley, author “clerk.”
    Devastating on stump for mass media forums, personally witnessed twice
    After she came to my attention. In family affection and deep personal gratitude, production of Memoirs with father, in recollection and father-daughter training. Chief of Staff to (perhaps with some cause) maligned Midwest Giant, Gerald Ford out of Michigan/1968 – George Romney for President. Perhaps a tad of American religious bigotry undermined this untainted Governor’s national run. We still saw it all but manifest against a state first son in 2008. His crime: he was a missionary.

    The HEARTH: Mary Cheney, no miracles, under stress gives the Vice President 2 grandchildren.

    C.E.O.: Michael Chertoff.
    “Chertoff Will Compete …” April 15, 2009, The Wall Street Journal.

    By Mark V. Basile. Essayist and Playwright.

    Competition real and Formidable:
    2. Rudolfo Guilliani, Guiliani Partners LLC, 1/02, Chairman and C.E.O.
    Ethnic pride: cross country effective legal/law clerk partners in terminating hubs of organized pride and through judicially verified rational method: REMOVING THE MOB FROM LABOR. Publicity file, Chicago, United States vs. United States Senator Cannon (of Nevada). Ie; city and private sector/Appellate double court guaranteed (Susie “Tone,” in the field, 1982, whole summer, partner clerk with her ‘girlfriend’ from Northwestern) with Fed Ap Crowley ‘hands on,’ Chicago Metro. MVB: 2 ‘letters.’ 1986 for 1982, 2010.
    Token: On “Design;” For Katie _____ , Library of Congress “assignee”/partner 1990 for 1989. TX- 424-035. Katie and Mark, business partners. Katie, “Bright Star,” 3,300 personal, 10,000 regional e-mail brochure. M.S., CPT. Outreach, South African schooling and relief, Haiti and Chile recently. MVB, 60 year business master craftsman to continuing client. In supervised conciliation, Columbus letters specialty, circulation 8000. Will not “compete” against Chertoff as individual, but will work internet or other in consultation. Examine relative affiliate, #1 Midwest at Fra Noi/Chicago. For Katie Basile, under contract for publication June/July. MOSAIC, Sue O’Brien, Honor’s Masters Magazine, last year, “The Labyrinth,” ref: 2 ½ years Chicago Musician’s Union on ‘content.’ Reggie Boyd of Fresh Air was a sideman for the Temptations. Wonderful crew. Gladly accepted their ‘token.’ Note: Basile does not as specifically identify Italo- as Guiliani. Natural Sciences: “best in 15 years,” Chicago Metro-Alexandria, Virginia/DC. 1/29/09. Letter “details the traits that you exhibited when you were in our office.” 3/25/10. Midwest variety, The Superlwyers, given to me as his gift. Friend of Stephen E. Ambrose (IKE, Mitt’s favorite, communiqué last night) and honored guest at Second City 50th.

    Appellate Judge Michael Chertoff ; [C.E.O.] 4-Star General Hayden,et. ‘alert security observation continues on “Somali Pirateering” (in the ‘guts’ of our oil lanes). Chertoff also Cabinet. Executive coordination of full Democratic extension of Bush I “accommodation” partner into indisputable index of Democracy, 3 living Presidents, Gorbachev, Putin (he spanked Georgia exactly as he said he was going to do, and then forthwith pulled out – no danger in fact whatsoever to Euro-American vital interests — may have been premature on this, 9/4/11: “Tanks on the Ground,” Venezuela), Professor Medvedev (May, 2008), “intelligentsia,” with re-affirmation of Accomodation this month with START. Maybe some loose ends needed to be picked up and addressed. BUT, McCain/Kyl, US Senate: “terrorism and nuclear proliferation … (esp) Iran and North Korea need to be addressed.” Prague, CNN, 4/8/10.

    By Mark V. Basile, essayist and playwright. 4/11/10

  42. My brother, aunt and I very much enjoyed the play festival sponsored by Dr. Joanne Koch on Sunday November 14 at the Center on Halsted. My aunt is a 50 year veteran of criminal and civil defense and my brother a double Emmy winner in addition to being a 20-year newspaperman who was Medill Adjunct former. Dr. Joanne knows my brother relatively well by now, having first had him introduced to the NLU community last summer when he was my guest along with my sister Katie for the MOSAIC ceremony. As in Flying Feathers, Dr. Joanne again gave us a wonderful rendition of “klezmer,” a ‘traditional’ form of musical and singing organization. The emcee for the entire plays festival, who happened to be African-American and Jewish, was engaging, at times uproarious, and perhaps a tad ‘politically incorrect:’ very interesting for a cultural event which revolved around relations and identities basically of Jews, Blacks and Palestinians.

    Sincerely, Mark. Dr. Joanne’s assistant and PR affiliate for cultural events including our Pulitzers and the Writers’ Workshops. 11/23/10.

    By Mark V. Basile. Essayist and Playwright.

    When I did the on-floor facilitation at the Center on Halsted, I found it to be
    A beautiful facility, with
    Many rooms for events various,
    An attached large Deli which seemed at no loss for many patrons — I didn’t see anybody showing ID’s for entrance, and
    A wall of proud donors of significance various. So I though “cool,” and did the show after making sure everyone at the Center’s desk and the show’s management had things properly in hand.
    I decided, let Aboutface and Windy City keep my play (W. City’s the biggie), they know they can’t knock off with a public playbill, they got legal departments. Aboutface is on my G, so they just decided we’ll get a show at MB’s NLU and see if he says anything. I just made a note that they came through, I got my show before 200 and my niece in 2009 at the Atrium, S. Michigan. DVD. Gotta keep on goin on. TheatreBuilding Chicago is about 2-4 blocks from CUNA, around Racine.
    (Papa George didn’t blink an eyelash, he really wanted that Accomodation, and 1/2/3, Chicago Non-Recalled, if you want the conclusion — you more or less got to be willing to show ##1 &2 if the title says FIN, and in a two character friggin Bill is a set of ideas set in dramatic form and he’s taliking to “Monster.” Tell Mueller Bill is exclusively stated to have terminology drawn from Masters of Deceit, obviously that’s dated, hence — you’re a smart gal.)

  43. Shows to go you. You simply have to finish business while you’re in office. It’s been almost a week but Mitch M. did get back to me a couple of times over the weekend. Nothing too involved, he just tells me what they are doing or gives me a Press Release, and implies ‘comments various much appreciated.’ Pursuant to “Independent,” I saw Carol Mosley Braun from 2 days before announcement (Nov 2010) to 2 requests to celebration upon defeat, told Senator McConnell the whole way and he said “got your back, what you have explained to me is well thought through,” we want you for big show however as regards 2012. I told Leader Mitch, absent “impossibility,” that’s a definite. See also, if its still up; LEGEND, Chicago, Mayor Cermak, Mike Royko, Jessie Jackson — The Age of Reform. Joliet site, Trib, or will reprint. (Check out my Chertoff and Sweet — Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, for additional input, various). 9/13/11. Mark. (Still kick off my shoes at Majority Leader Lou Lang, House, border — 49th and 50th).

  44. Typo. Lou Lang is the Assistant Majority Leader.

  45. As I have gone back to doing book reviews, a bit, as was our standard fare in graduate school, I did indeed decide to go out and get Mary Cheney’s auto- from 2006. 50-80 pages into it and I find it conforms with accuracy as a politician’s daughter might see ife and the world as time passed for her, gaining “substantive” skills in addition to the campaigning and clerical-style assistanceship before and at the stage of the RNC for Cheney-Bush, 2000. You get an interesting visual portrayal by Mary as she describes answering her hotel room door in pajamas with a Colorodo top from her University to take care of campaigning business, and then collapsing for an alloted 4 hours sleep as per the situation. Everybody in this country knows about Dick Cheney’s negativity even toward his daughter until she had the child, so with that being the only significant slip by Mary, letting that one go, maybe we can say if Cheney-Poe let it go, what business is it of ours. I have a cite that by 2009, Mary was directly asking Dick Cheney to form a venture style of partnership company with her. [Haliburton puts whole countries back together]. That will be directly in the book review. And since National Enquirer does not happen to be illegal, I have already alluded to the fact that its hard to find any comers that can flat out successfully out-challenge Mary Cheney for the cover of Cosmopolitan. [AOL, assistant Vice President, MBA]

  46. I don’t happen to see anything the matter with this. (Article clip, below).’Met while ice skating and enjoy the outdoors together.’ [Pretty cool]. Certainly there are larger issues going on, such as Legislations and counterveiling ideas and polemics on how to approach the same-sex situation.Structures of rights as per a variety of legal protections, you know like guaranteed hospital visitations for the love of chr_st as any civil person would want their closest family/friends at their side while convalesing. Moreover, the story on the War on Terror is so enormously more significant than simply at bottom line holdling the line on domestic persecutions, while doing the background search to the book review of Cheney – 2006, I came across a picture of Dick Cheney and his wife holding Mary and Heather’s first child and “absolutely beaming.” And if there isn’t anyone who doesn’t have a picture of America’s #1 Grinch, Dick Cheney, I give you my personal guarantee, he wasn’t faking that smile with his wife as they held that child.[I have found Politico useful and accurate on many occasions, though I go first to and Associated Press]

    Poe. Made personal decision to attend but not stand on stage at 2004 Convention. Bush-Cheney won.
    Cheney becomes more animated as she talks about her life with Poe, 45. The couple is renovating the Virginia house they bought about six months ago, around the time Cheney started her job at AOL’s headquarters in Dulles, Va. She is chief of staff for AOL executive Ted Leonsis.
    Poe, a former UPS manager, is devoting all her time to the renovations, Cheney says. The home is “beautiful on the outside but very confused on the inside,” she says. “We’re living in a construction zone.”
    Cheney says she and Poe met in 1988 while playing ice hockey. They had their first date in 1992 and have been together ever since.
    They like to spend time outdoors walking their dogs and mountain biking, and, when they can, they travel out West for snowboarding. This year they gave each other kayaks as birthday gifts.
    Politico 2009

  47. On behalf of, you may not actually know who — that is, let’s say, I don’t think the original re-print is uncalled for, in that the Mormons were fully anti-slavery from the 1840’s. That’s my Search. Of course Mitt and Liz know, you don’t win ’em all. Obviously, they didn’t even make it to the big show (in 2008). In this case, it isn’t even ‘silk stocking,’ it’s just father to son, in service to state with George Romney retiring, in his “faith,” — an Elder. (I think that’s what they call a Bishop or Cardinal in Mitt’s religion.)


    “Artificial deadlines” can be “unreasonable.” July 30, 2009. But he did it in his own forum. Romney, son of a 1968 Presidential candidate out of the Governor’s Office in the heartland, Michigan. ‘Negotiations’ for a major piece of legislation takes time.
    Harvard MBA
    Business CEO
    Steward to the Olympics
    Steward to the host state of Harvard, MIT and Tim Russert’s Boston College (Catholic, like Georgetown).

    And we all know how wild Tim was about B.C. and their sports; Tim seemed to like Mitt.

    Morality and Freedom go hand in hand, along with Constitutional Government, with a special citation to a man of the “original understanding” and a family Presidential lineage, John Adams. Adams, Federalist Party partner of Alexander Hamilton, who instituted the National Bank which provided last ditch economic security against the British in the American Revolution; subsequently led naval repulsion of the French-Jacobin assault [1797/98] upon the American Republic. LANDMARK: 1803, John Adams’s appointment, Supreme Court Justice John Marshall. Marbury v Madison. Marshall had to throw the case on the substance to Democrat lightweight Madison to save the sanctity of the ‘original understanding’ and the Constitution itself by establishing the Courts as the 3rd branch counterweight to two-part government, Executive and Legislature.

    Meet the Press, 2008. Morality can take “any” form, though Mitt himself is a man of faith, with all but NO references to Mormon ideas in the public sphere. He likes IKE; President, Cold Warrior, managed the relative domestic tranquility [and prosperity] of the 1950’s with a firm reinitiation of the social revolution set in place by Abe Lincoln but removed by the Solid South Democrats, with a civil rights initiation in Justice, supported by Martin Luther King Jr. and the NAACP, and the direct placement of 1000 paratroopers and troops in the South in 1957 to stop segregation in that setting:*

    “Our form of government has no sense unless it is founded in a deeply felt religious faith, ‘and I don’t care what it is.’” (Big Tent?/Certainly an iteration of the Liberal maligned co-foundation of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights: Religious Freedom, not just the preponderance of jabber and talk, though we certainly need a press which is transparent and trustworthy – and informs us with accuracy, with a premium on separating fact from polemic and partisanship.)

    Sponsoring site:
    Georgetown University
    Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs
    3307 M Street, Suite 200
    DC/20007 202.687.5119

    TBC, Winnetka site, Cook County.
    By Mark V. Basile essayist and playwright

    * On Central High, segregationist Governor Fabius as regards Little Rock and Eisenhower’s general fear for “devastating results for Negroes, for poor white southerners, and for the nation” [DE-Brownell telephone call, 9/20/57, EL.], see Eisenhower, Soldier and President, Touchstone-Simon and Schuster, NY, London, Toronto, et, pps. 444-448 [Author: Stephen E. Ambrose of Decatur, Illinois].

    So one thing for sure, critic or whatever, nobody nowhere is going to question Chomsky as being bona fide where coming out against racism ( he saw the explanation of Council Wars, 1983-, which he said simply that he hadn’t heard about that or even the Mayorals coming up off Generals and even off mid-terms; along with allegation of a New Nationalized Council Wars “called out” by the Speaker in Politico, at least that’s where I found it, and he leveled a blast like I haven’t heard since 1992 where he described big corporations as “private tyrannies.” [What Uncle Really Wants]).
    Interestingly, out of the Massachusetts forum, above. But the Noamer, just some kind of one-generation “freak,” spose like me, at least he has students, but he has them so mis-educated on the Vietnam Era that I personally doubt if anything can come out of that. He sent out this Biss/PhD to camp out 3 blocks from my apartment; soon as he got into office he turned on me like a “viper,” place of services out of jurisdiction, “Politcal Action Forum” of 6 years summarily thrown out, totally irrational 5-4 day “notice” on my apartment which a 3-day old could see was not on the portion of the rent which was owing from me.
    Mitch said, ‘I’ll pitch in.’ Sure thing, no votes in it for him. But I gave him a few comments on the eNewsletter and he seemed to imply: “This is a clear right and wrong.”
    Here is the run-up from Mitt, who has been ON-ISSUE, family, believers and peoples, since the 1840’s. As his father retired a Cardinal or Elder as Motor City Governor and full ex-Presidential Candidate in 1968 — implications still in historic think tanks that government instabilities around 1969 were reaching flashpoint, ie; EVERYONE knows, counter-culture tore down LBJ administration (he couldn’t run and have a chanceof winning). (Certainly Mitt has his own records, but you see, he is a “candidate,” and ‘be rational’ there’s just so much going out on a limb you can do for people who are 90% going to vote against you, some even “slur” you because you are not ‘the right kind’ of Christian. So I kept a parallel record for Mitt Romney at the time, because I’ve had his folk by my apartment 4/5 at a time for numerous occasions and months and I just told them ‘don’t ask me to read that Book of Mormon, I don’t believe in it,’ and they said but, but, but then agreed: we’ll all read the New Testament together and began and ended with a prayer out loud in my front room.)

    Tell us what you think
    Is this good news or bad news? Does it make you angry or happy? Is there something missing? Does it leave unanswered questions?

    You must be logged in to post a comment.
    Mark Basile wrote 1 year ago
    Landmarks, 1956 – 1954; DESEGREGATION: In response to the Parks conviction, Martin Luther King gathered 7,000: “There comes a time when people get tired of getting trampled over.”

    Warren responds:
    a) overturn of ruling
    b) ‘segregated seating on buses is UNCONSTITUTIONAL’
    United States Supreme Court, albeit in an enormously late fashion, effecting redress.

    Preceding Warren decision Brown: “commonly deemed to be one of the most important in the history of the United States Supreme Court.” Review by Mark Tushnet for Jstor with the University of Chicago Press. From Klarman in Virginia Law Review.

    The Constitution as the Supreme Law of the land. Est. Marbury v Madison, 1803. Chief Justice Marshall appt. John Adams.

    ad1) Nov 11, Nat King Cole Show made its debut.
    ad2) potential end to the Cold War almost ironed out with “Open Skies,” 1955, but for US retrenchment with Eisenhower heart attack
    ad3) Althea Gibson: first African-American to win a major tennis title. French Open
    ad4) 1844. Joseph Smith. Comes out as abolitionist

    Jstor, from Journal of Negro Education, Winter, 1957, v.xxvi, with the University of Chicago Press: “NAACP has been made a target of punitive legislation and court action in some seven or eight states with the objective of putting it out of business … ‘heavy judicial fines and continued harassment.’”

    Flag as inappropriate
    How is this inappropriate?

    Mark Basile wrote 1 year ago
    “Message to the President,” Langston Hughes: May I have a word with you? In your fireside chats … your speeches in general Sound mighty fine, but there’s one thing … I hear you talking about freedom For the Finn, The Jew, And the Czechoslovak – but you never seem to mention Us folks who are black! … I want the self-same rights … I don’t like this Jim Crow army Or this Jim Crow navy … We’re one-tenth of the nation .. our patriotism’s good (Tuskeegee Airman) .. The next time you make a speech, Take an all-out stand … No more segregation in the U.S.A. … so next time you sit down To that radio Just like you lambast Hitler, Give Jim Crow a blow … NO more Segregation in the U.S.A.

    The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes.
    Vintage Classics
    New York
    1994, by the Estate of Langston Hughes
    A present to me from Cotsirilos and Federal Judge John Powers Crowley with Pat, special thanks to Robert Stephenson, former Federal Prosecutor out of Champaign, who carried my ‘letter’ from 1986 to 2010.
    By Mark V. Basile, essayist and playwright, Chicago Metro.
    George Cotsirilos, a personal friend of Stephen E. Ambrose and a prized guest at Second City’s 50th Anniversity
    “Professor (Paul) Gross details the traits that you exhibited when you were in our office.” 3/15/10. George. Chicago. 60602.

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    Mark Basile wrote 1 year ago
    IKE ad: Appointee Chief Justice Earl Warren, 1953-1969: 3/17/54. OPINION:
    “The plaintiffs contend that segregated public schools are not ‘equal’ and cannot be made ‘equal,’ and hence they are deprived of the equal protection of the laws … education … is the foundation of good citizenship.”
    (Library of Congress date May 14, 1954; “With an Even Hand.” Brown v. Board at Fifty.)

    Turbulent Times.
    “[Eisenhower] the first president since Reconstruction to use federal troops to protect the rights of African-Americans.”

    Library of Congress.
    President Eisenhower responded as indicated after Governor Faubus called out the National Guard in 1956 to prevent desgregation. Little Rock, Arkansas.

    Brown. Thurgood Marshall lead lawyer to overturn Plessy. (Legal affirmation of Solid Democratic South practices, loosely as referred to).

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    How is this inappropriate?

    Mark Basile wrote 1 year ago
    NY Times, yesterday, weekend vote intended by Pelosi on bill to cover (only) 31 million currently without Healthcare insurance. It will take almost 10 years to fully kick in, kicking the can down the road for full funding, no way to get at the specifics.: ‘If [Obama’s] rhetoric is stripped away. I/we frankly don’t see much’ Mark V. Basile/Noam Chomsky, MIT. (September communications)

    Flag as inappropriate
    How is this inappropriate?

    Mark Basile wrote 1 year ago
    New York Times (3/18/10), 31 million ninsured to be covered by 2019; CNN, 30 million uninsured to be covered (3/17/10):

    Flag as inappropriate
    How is this inappropriate?

    This is a copy and paste-on DIRECTLY off the site of Mitt Romney. I take all responsibility for the exact writings, as I do with any and all writings I do, including the accuracy of quotations. Mark V. Basile. Free-lance. Perhaps of interest (Carol for Chicago, 2011).

  49. Finally. Distractions, himming and hawing ‘disposed’ of. A BOOK REVIEW.

    “Always Throwing Candy”
    Mary Cheney. At 2006, for public consumption.

    Political Family.
    “Now it’s My Turn, A Daughter’s Chronicle of Political Life.”

    Constricted, as per title. We do not get the person. We do not get a ‘resume’ of a person willing to step into the world and make a determined showing for herself. No, she does not amplify a man she in fact does not seem to understand as an all-but-doctorate out of #3 Public Wisconsin called into clerk in DC, an unblemished President’s Chief of Staff brought down by simple democratic vote because he did the unpardonable with respect to a President where indices were present that the government was on the verge of experiencing revolutionary impact from 1969 (witness the counterculture’s tearing down of the Johnson Administation). Politburo numbers on his confirmation as Secretary of Defense: 92-0. Still in the Sunami of present Political Science and Media argument and cronyism, a position which has never been omitted on ONE SINGLE OCCASION with respect to Americana the greater – that of the United States Vice-President. Twice, obviously. And I watched every second at the highest level of alertness as regards his #1’s “debate” with a driven upper class lawyer out of the Heinze Fortune stable, John Kerry, NOWAY NOHOW did George W. Bush not hold his own “on the merits” carried by a simple MBA and a slight silk stocking boondocks background from the Heartlands – proceeding to front and center stage time to time as appropriate to iterate and emphasize with intelligence and genuiness, a Texas smile comforting, at helm during double war.

    “Now it’s My Turn.” Threshold Editions, NY-Toronto,et, of Simon and Schuster, 2006 midstream. Point of time publication, inappropriate. Cheney.

    Subconsciously, of enormous interest in passing as regards the title of the book itself, Don Rumsfeld was at the center of the “first political memory.” 14. Dad was an assistant, as the “sisters raiding the stash of candy.” November, 1975. Don to Secretary of Defense, Pops to Chief of Staff. Politics. That’s all the kid knew. 15. But we knew Don Rumsfeld hereabouts also in the upper Midwest. Myself, 20 minutes away High School to High School, but at #2 we kept an eye loosely on all of our Best and the Brightest. The ‘slightly’ upper crust ALUM at New Trier/Illinois made a bit of a fuss after Don Rumsfeld was chosen among the Honors ALUM and Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel rejected with a very clear indirect insult..We let ‘em have their say, let ‘em know a rumble was coming after from Friends of Don Rumsfeld. Google “Pritzker,” who popped up in today’s Chicago Sun-Times touting her ‘life-long relationship’ with Rahm Emanuel and some board position on Goldman-Sachs. 9/16/11.)

    To Mary. ‘The pardon sunk Gerald Ford.’ Also, my reading.

    I mean, come on. Ronald Reagan was a full 2-term Republican President. Gerald Ford just plain beat him in the primaries. And Reagan directly came back and knocked out the man who defeated Michigan’s great. Dick Cheney on-board with Gerald Ford – entirely helpless. As the Nixon reaction had resulted in a veto-proof Legislature which nullified the effective executive function of Gerald Ford as regards such. Kinda left with government housekeeping with his Cabinet, maybe State – Cheney on the point.

    Mary. Gerald Ford of Michigan, “a good man.” My reading.

    Fascinating small point for those archivists, here of what is accepted as the given the Ford inevitability, ‘from about 30 points down to striking distance.’ – “Liz and [I] at home with a babysitter.” 16.

    “[Running] the free world was over.” Family hopped into a station wagon and went to McDonald’s.

    CHENEY, Inc. Solo Operation. Back home Wyoming. From Elections 1978 to standing ovation by both Houses of the Legislature, January, 2009. With a Cheney Federal Building in Caspar as apparent “thanks,” Favorite Son.

    Yom Kippur, 2010. Mr. Peanut. Wailing for atonement. My reading: “Peace not Apartheid.” George Stephanoupolus out of Clinton top apparatich; excoriates President Carter on Sunday Morning Major news. (Still ‘attractive,’ almost as at age 29 with Clinton as in the middle of Accomodation in Disrepair an apparent sun-flair misperception almost caused a Russian launch. Archivist: Stephen F. Cohen, CBS, The Nation, Princeton Chair to NYU.) George W. Bush, 2000-2009, calmly though not always without tearing his hair out a bit in frustration: “Two-State Solution.”

    Top 10 Provost, Condi – Dad in meetings variously and covering – in the Field/Warrior. Double war: war of necessity, war of discretion where US as Wisconsin School style World Police in removal of dictator holed up in ethnic enclave had practiced chemical warfare genocide (Shiite faction majorities) and placed war-style nuclear facility which had necessitated Israeli-ally state removal.

    All grown up now, Colorado Springs and MBA, clerical and other for Dad. Since elections 2000, also handling papers for the Candidate. (60-70). TBC. Mary Cheney.

    Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to Dr. Robert Gates, Sino-Soviet at delta 2011. ‘Do a little better than just getting by, suggested.’ September, 2011. “Tanks on the Ground/” bi-lateral all-military contract, 2009-2014, Caracas. Chicago Suntimes on-line, among scoops. 2012 transfer of William and Mary Chancellorship.ALUM. NBC, Washington. Office of Glorious Revolution as chartered. Valley Forge, at “safe harbor.” (inter alia, plus Hayden little down the street, Catholic flagship. Founder:Homepage.)

    (Unrelated: “We just LOVE Michael Hayden. Everywhere on the Web, so to speak. Motorola. August, 2011. “The business of America is business,” know a just plain better name? At any rate: +/- ‘Hayden’s cool.’ Georgetown, government mainstay; if it helps, that’s why we stayed away from them.).

    At elections 1978. State of Wyoming.
    “Assigned throwing candy,” as youngest. Our little princess.
    Grandpa; sparkled and joined.
    [We were] ‘two little girls doing men’s jobs.’ (This review is not about Liz; surely her strong points however merit a swing through pages of Web citations on possibilities of her as a choice as Vice-President, 2010. Google her and Candidate/Governor-First son Romney, elections 2008. aka: Mary; “A Political Family.” – here, including husband Perry of Perry and Latham also carrying Lockheed, say more? sure, if Dark Ages is your business, I have never heard a “whisper” that they in any way intruded into or made life more difficult more difficult for Mary based on ‘sexual orientation.’)

    Under wide open skies of Wyoming, no kind of Brooklyn decay, family provides ‘an exhuberance.’
    Big West, Midwest home.
    “The girls,” campaigning for parents.
    And home, Mary remembers, albeit Pops alleviating albatross for kids to virtual ‘family outing:’ Farm Implements to Ford Dealer, to Coffee Shop ‘70’s Midwest style and classic Americana, Kiwanis. On Rumsfeld, prospective constituents said: “the real thing.” As relevant, Dick Cheney’s former boss. I can share with Dick and Mary the simpler kalaescopic world of “Shriner’s.” A style of Barnum and Bailey’s. Glued to our seats, myself and our kids in the ‘60’s would watch in downtown Chicago, Dad silent more or less, but with a broad smile.

    ‘Always throwing candy.’

    State Fair, Wyomings. The Cheneys, just like any old day of the week at a country fair the Chief of Staff to the President of the United States appears, Carter wasn’t his cup of tea so he kind of ‘eased on down, eased on down the road.’

    The Meyers. Football friends from back in the day in High School. At Cheyene, Dick and the family always stayed with the Meyers. You know High School, Joe Meyer had tried his charms with Dick’s wife. “Only have eyes for Dick Cheney,” Mary and Liz’s mother.

    Heart attack. Age 37. Recovery sufficient. Cheney doesn’t have to pull out.

    On her own, but never further away that a t-shirt from Mom as requested: “Free Kuwaiit.” (p.30)
    “Desert Storm,” 1990. 2nd year college.
    Police impose a “protective custody” for Mary in Colorado.
    School had published threats as regards to her kidnapping.
    “Colorado College lean[ed] pretty hard to the Left.” MC.
    MVB: there was no ‘discretionary’ as regards this one, the UN Charter mandates a response to an “invasion” and overrunning of a country. Witness “the coalition.” The only question was, it seemed, why didn’t Herbert Walker Bush “finish” the stupid thing, I mean you see anybody ??!? wearing Saddahm Hussein shirts, let’s say in post Iraqi elections 2010? At any rate, under total dictatorship, George Herbert Walker Bush was able to provide for the conditions for the Kurds on their own initiative to create entirety in freedom democracy subsequent to their “no-fly zone.” The rest in argument of political science and the news pursuant to chaos (William Jefferson Clinton, with his shrew) and George W. Bush.

    Oh my !! Say something “critical” about Oxford dandy. “The Horror,” Joseph Conrad. (Palatine knows.)

    GLAD MOMENT. That’s my gd Dad up there, keynote for graduation.
    What can you say, this was “family,” the Grinch had sucked it up.
    “Gays in the Military:” Mary on-stump on campus. Had the ear of the government, in fact, obviously. Apparently, wrong ear.
    But however you come down on that issue, and for the record: I give a flying f-, the Gulf War had been won. (By the way, I have no interest whatsoever in the issue of gay marriage. It’s just that the issue is prominent in the public sector here and Mary underdevelops it in the Memoirs, for G sake, don’t “bother” these people, we even had to pass National Hate Crimes legislation because of the statistical violence: “Hate Crimes against Gays and Lesbians,” September 2009, National Louis University, request of Dr. Joanne Koch and John Conroy, Studs Terkel winner. The Labyrinth, 2 year mandatory reading, Dr. Noam Chomsky, “encouraging and promising,” September, 2009.)
    Dad in a nutty faculty cap.
    Really seems like Mary was happy about this.

    US Olympics. Big old notch in the belt for “personal resume.” Intern. 1991, LA.
    Pops. You see the news is so full of sh_t they don’t even care that all this Cheney-bashing never really was anywhere whatsoever until 3500 Americans were murdered in September of 2001. That’s all I have to say, man. He wasn’t in charge of nothing additionally, maybe they are a bit as Chiefs of Staff. But there was no comment after Gerald Ford, he just got voted out, and as soon as the public realized that Mr. Peanut couldn’t drive a car without crashing into a tree more or less every other time out, they elected a really stupid actors’ union president, who by the way won 49 of 50 states in 1984. (Figure it? The Tampico Kid Rides !!)

    A) Policy Chair, to
    B) Chairman of Republican Conference, to
    [Dad pushing hard to get Mandella out of prison and to make Martin Luther King National Holiday a reality; 1986]. 60-70.
    C) “Rules” (1988) for RNC ready for “set” for “Accomodation”/1989 – ‘gimme 3 months and fix this thing and just plain get it right’ – 50+ personal missions against Hirohito in the Pacific Theatre, shot down with 3-4 of his dearest friends – dead. “Letters from Home Always,” Barbara Pierce to be Bush, of President Franklin Pierce. [I want my husband to be Speaker of the House, Barbara: MVB, no comment, I already subtitled this stupid essay.] Ref: Actor, George Herbert Walker Bush, I have a date of 1987 for Dick Cheney and his ultra-loyalist, by 2000 established as “substantive” on assistant/manageing with an unchallenged MBA (“When you have the opportunity to bring someone on of Mary’s [overall capabilities], you – jump – at it.” P. Anderson, Managing Partner, grassroots, lobbying, PR and policy development. Navigator’s. 1/14/08.)
    D) November, Whip, #2. Baker at side. 29.

    Profiles in Courage. Coors; Mary Cheney, 1994-2000.
    (It’s been requested several times where I was at in this book review, so I essentially have Mary up to Bush v. Gore with the note that in 2009 she asked her Dad if she could start a company with him, AOL assistant VP under her belt. I simply don’t have any direct information on her and Heather Poe’s 2 children, but as long as I’ve looked, and you’ll see I did a check in on the progress on the Memoirs of Dick working with Liz a year ago, I have not seen any information at all indicating to the contrary that the feritilization was not performed by standard modern artificial insemination.) 9/18. National Louis/Chicago-Dupage, assistant Creative Productions and Masters Written Comunications. Partner, Essie, not in contact since 7/16 with Tim Kazurinsky Second City, SNL NYC as sabattical of Programs Head. “All is good,” Chair at English, Rhetoric, Renaissance and Classics. (September) ‘I’m off to Elgin !’ Jesus Christ, Elgin, Illinois. What’s there other than a bump in the road and one of our campuses !! Hello from Boss today (9/22) as it happens. Spoke of Jewish holidays and atonement/forgiveness, told her under these circumstances, I wouldn’t even consider nursing negativities. A job is a job, and Dr. Joanne gave me one for the full 3 years since I applied in the academy. My figure is 9.1-9.5% ain’t got nothing, and that’s a “bite.” At any rate:

    “aide de camp.”
    On the trail. Friggin’ Bart Starr!! Letting her hair down with an ultimate. State of Wisconsin, by far the smallest market in support of a major. Green Bay/Italiano “ultimate” prior: Vince Lombardi. ( you know like when you are with something from the get go in the “no guarantees” style-of venture markets).
    Mom: They just plain LOVE her, including the Best and the Brightest.
    Ken Mehlman. 43. (Turns out this guy’s gay, my friends, in addition to Karl Rove’s father in later years, which Karl never once budged in his family and personal affections for.)
    Sullivan joins up with Mom. Long time friend. Ie; no overnight hotshot resume slipped under the door by an insider. National Endowment for the Humanities.
    American Enterprise Institute, associate/friend. Stephanie Lundberg. “You bet,” to invitation to join 2nd Lady Staff. 55.
    Betty Ford. Had made her calls directly to the Chief of Staff. 58. Are the Betty Ford Institutes among the finest in the World? (Mary recounts from direct knowledge; some of the “Women of Our Time.”) TBC.

  50. My village has a nice service or convenience; E-mail notification/reminder of due date and/or need to renew. Happens this appeared on my NLU mail this morning, 9/26. I mention George Van Dusen from time to time in that he is a Public Figure, obviously he knows this having run for office, and he has the relatively spectacular ‘Searle’ Industrial Park, Old Orchard Mall — a decades’ area major mainstay, a US Top 10 Public Library (with my 11-year pal Kristen’s Mom — Kristen running over from Evanston to put in a good, solid 9-5), and a multi-campus middlin’ University where my boss who has an Emmy and is a significantly awarded playwright doubles in the academy as Head of Masters of Science in Written Communication.[Saw Tim Kazurinsky on July 16th in programs at our Creative Productions forum at 122 S. Michigan, local kind of guy, Saturday Night Live — acting and writing — among other things, we talked across the room about his enormously close friends Jim and John Belushi, with Aretha — mentioning another Second City and one of an NLU affiliate emcees, Aaron Freeman. Aaron’s African-American and Jewish out of Highland Park, and he don’t care nowhere nohow, he’ll tell riotous jokes about Blacks and or Jews.] Interestingly, my spring administrative graduates about half went on to teaching positions at College of DuPage where we have a inter-university arangement of AB to Masters. Same at College of Lake County, straight to Van Dusen, forum, at my boss — little bit of headhunter on the side. She developed these programs. Still talking to Oakton J.C. In April of 2011, Dr. John Stovall, NLU, Chaired the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Atlanta. Worldwide. Focus: “Ecocomposition and Sustainability.” Green and you like to write, here’s where John HQ’d out of: 1111 W. Kenyon Road, Urbana, IL 61801-1096. Tele: 877-369-6283. I would guess you would be able to get transcripts, though I do not know Dr. Stovall’s policy on answering e-mail from persons he does not know. Dr. Joanne and I answer everything, however. Just call the university for Dr. Koch’s e-mail address/at Old Orchard nearby — I’m in the book; tele.

    COURTESY NOTICE from Skokie Public Library ** The following item(s)
    will be due in two days. Please DO NOT REPLY to this message. Items
    MAY be renewable at

    AUTHOR: Cheney, Mary.
    Now it’s my turn : a daughter’ [s chronicle of political life, 2006]
    CALL NO: 973.931092 C
    BARCODE: 31232002233767

    SKOKIE, IL 60077

  51. ***

    Blitzer: “Here’s what the Democratic Party put out today…In 1981, Vice President Dick Cheney’s wife, Lynne, wrote a book called “Sisters”, which featured a lesbian love affair, brothels and attempted rapes.’ … Is that true?”

    Cheney: Nothing explicit. And actually, that is full of lies. It’s absolutely not true.

    Blitzer: But you did write a book entitled “Sisters.”

    Cheney: I did write a book entitled “Sisters.”

    Blitzer: And it did have lesbian characters.

    Cheney: No, not necessarily. This description is a lie. I’ll stand on that.

    Blitzer: There’s nothing in there about rape and brothels?

    Cheney: Well, Wolf, could we talk about a children’s book for a minute?…

    Blitzer: This is an opportunity for you to explain on these sensitive issues.

    Cheney: I have nothing to explain. Jim Webb has a lot to explain.
    Democratic Underground. Interview. Seems a little nutty describing rape and brothel scenes to try to give some cover to the prejudice against her Lesbian daughter who seems pretty much to take her own mother for granted in her own Memoirs, 2006. Mary. But Dick seems to be getting the works just about now, as he attempts a book tour amidst claims of torture and waterboarding, which indeed he admits to 3 times, once on the Shiek who was the architect of 9/11. As of tonight, 9/26, the status was objection to his entrance into Canada by one or a couple members of the Legislature, otherwise, the government will give him full physical protection but not prevent any level of protest.

    The man you love to hate. Seemed to all start with that company that reconstructs entire countries, Haliburton. Something about Saddahm overrunning helpless Kuwaiit with the most powerful army in the middle east, Saudi Arabia – who just declared full voting rights and other for women within the last 2-3 days – prostate, the core of free world produced oil.

    10/26/06. Lynne. Liberals ‘biasing the law.’
    Where do these people come from, to Duncan Hunter, flat out showing “terrorist tapes of terrorists shooting Americans?”
    MB. I think I mentioned once with really no comment to the contrary concerning the Christmas Eve bomber on the Chertoff Group’s full body scanner which had no physical contact, even though I directly posted the ACLU’s arguments against them, that would you personally want to fly or be waiting on the ground at destination for a simple loved one as we all have where this kind of a cultist brainwashed group killer were aboard? Same kind of logic as concerns the TV show Lynne Cheney was referring to. I do not know exactly what constitutes “enhanced interrogation,” Cheney, Sept 11, American Enterprise Institute Washington, DC, nor what constitutes torture as defined or described in the 1994 covenant we/US did in fact ratify, but friend, family or neighbor – indeed, I would not want to watch them on vacation being shot to death by “enemy combatants” on TV.
    SISTERS, 1981. Lynne Cheney

  52. Uncommitted.

    Did not like “whatsoever” some of the things the Holy Rollers were throwing at Mitt this week, obviously this Mormon thing. Met many of his “people,” no politics at all. He had Mary’s sister, to iterate what can easily be found as regards electons 2008. Not satisfied this time around with Rick Perry’s distancing. This time I do have a full BLOG on “save,” which will however show in the final instance that Governor Perry would not support major supporters who used terms such as cult or those mass suicidals who drank a poisened liquid somewhere in South America.

    The question is: Can anyone anywhere account even approximately definitively for the beginning of time? (Little tip to persons who would know they are being addressed, Andromeda and its closest parter are coming closer — you play games with galaxies which exist in Star Trek, and said technologies. Bummer, right, may have had it IN THE SCHOOL BOOKS for about a couple decades too long. [You thought me and little sis were playing games when we tried to be “reasonble men” and talk with you about Isaac Newton, of international fame as among the mentally ill — pray, that is not just British Orwell Communism-style covering:
    a) crucial theses wrong, and/or simple developmental in historic perspective
    b)”ironies” of applications toward tearing down of the state, 1789. (Cross channel, of course).]

  53. a)No change. Uncommitted. But thank your mailing with my confirmation of $10 donation for country water commissioner.If it’s county, you’re 100% wasting your time if you do anything other than Dem. So maybe that was unclear, excuse moi.
    b) Still got some smoke? 32/32 in stolen bases in a 15 game season into the night I returned from Wittenberg with the uniform in the closet. Can you pleas get me Mark, Mrs. Basile? OK. Stan. Vice-President IBM. Check with Gary Aba on the batting average, 150 points above #2. Or flat out area, throwing a one-hitted going into tha second to last inning. 1-0. Star catcher, eh Pete, Stan was in Long Grove 10 years ago, go ahead “Maine South,” comes out screaming, ‘please stop throwing that screwball, it keeps on hitting me in the ribs.’ [So put in my personal catcher and cards partner, he’s on the bench. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got the Park Ridge Herald and the report from Jozwiak Park, we know what it means when they take away your stuff off your fastball. The “toilet,” 1-2.c/o Ladies Club.
    x) Otherwise, they like it when you say “our pals WIKI.” So be it again. Only comment, I’m not clear on the new projects of Patrick, whose always seemed kinda committed. This latest Press Release doesn’t seem to take into account that the initial mental breaks occurs around 13-19/22. That is before all the money gets accounted for, if you’re going to ‘fully serve’ the R&D — you know, for example read the Sylvia Plath creative on “family dysfunctions.” Societal, you know. I just mention Plath because: we don’t want no more post-humous. Cf: “paint your palette blue and grey.” Got a bunch across from my place of work at 122 South. Check it out, bud.
    —————————Joseph Patrick “Joe” Kennedy, Sr. (September 6, 1888 – November 18, 1969) was a prominent American businessman, investor, and political figure.

    Kennedy, an Irish American, was the father of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, United States Attorney General and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, United States Senator Edward M. Kennedy, naval officer Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., Special Olympics co-founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Jean Kennedy Smith; and the grandfather of U.S. Representatives Joseph P. Kennedy II and Patrick J. Kennedy.

    He was a leading member of the Democratic Party and of the Irish Catholic community. He was the inaugural Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), and later directed the Maritime Commission. Kennedy served as the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1938 until late 1940, including the early part of World War II.

    Born to a political family in Boston, Massachusetts, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. was educated at Boston Latin School and Harvard University, and embarked on a career in finance, making a large fortune as a stock market and commodity investor and by investing in real estate and a wide range of industries.[1] At the repeal of Prohibition, Kennedy and FDR’s son James Roosevelt traveled to Scotland to buy distribution rights for Scotch whisky. In addition, Kennedy had purchased spirits-importation rights from Schenley Industries, a firm in Canada.[2]

    During World War I, he was an assistant general manager of Bethlehem Steel and developed a friendship with Franklin D. Roosevelt, then Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Kennedy made huge profits from reorganizing and refinancing several Hollywood studios, ultimately merging several acquisitions into Radio-Keith-Orpheum (RKO) studios. After Prohibition ended in 1933, Kennedy [consolidated] an even larger fortune when [his company, Somerset] Importers, became the exclusive American agent for Gordon’s Gin and Dewar’s Scotch

  54. a)February 22 was the reference to “smoke,” missed the whole point while telling the story, a day after I lecture one of the best pure writers in the US, Alexander Cockburn on a lede.
    b)Funny Darcy, through simply being open-minded, you directly put apposite a bi-partisan “status” item at high profile. Now Mary has been known for quite a while, you’re the only one that has it without anything but the writing directly from the book (Always Throwing Candy, or something), and Patrick Kennedy is regarded in many circles as an “enormous voice” for those with Mental Illness, in Recovery, or in Remission with Maintenance and Progress. (So you see, that goes too, Pat, the “rehabilitation/minimizing relapse” calculus). And what the heck, I really don’t know what State he represented, but I believe he is clear of the Hyannis Compound complications, but they just kept on electing and re-electing Patrick Kennedy to the United States House of Representatives as all along he claimed little more than I am Mentally Ill but currently fit to do the job. Like Carolyn’s Mom, nothing came to me, that “day-by-day,” Patrick didn’t give it 100%. So that’s cool, but that’s all I know. MVB.

  55. Maybe I was undeveloped in the statement, I never found Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis to be anything anything other than wonderful. Never looked into the subject, as such, and a little early to have followed her contemporaneously, as I entered High School in 1969. So not without regard for the fact matters may come to me subsequently, I have no current knowledge which would cause me to recommend that one refrain from buying the book Carolyn has written about her mother (which has only recently come to my attention through the book houses). !! Also, among other matters surely more high profile, personally as a melting pot style member of both Italian and Croatian Catholic communities, your Uncle Joseph who flew for his country, was shot down and died — will have “candles lit” for him, time to time, by myself personally. Mark. (Was it Manhattan your deceased brother and his wife lived in? They seemed like a nice couple. You might guess, “Alexander” wasn’t on my subscription list.But I never actually read it. I did an Auto Show that got re-published 4-6 times. One by Home and Garden Tips. So there’s a saying right? And that’s what I said, CK, go out and get your book. It looks neat.)

  56. Fedex/Corona. Born: France. (Signature Dreadlocks, High as #3 in the World)

    Noah was a member of the French Davis Cup team, 1980-90. He led his country to the finals (first time since 1933) in 1982 where they lost 4-1 to the U.S. Has a career record of 25-13 in singles, 12-5 in doubles (thru ’89). He is the 1977 French Junior Champion. In 1983 he became the first Frenchman to win the French Open singles title since Marcel Bernard won in 1946. Won the 1986 adidas ATP Sportsmanship award. He grew up in the Cameroons, and moved to France at age 11 for intensive tennis training. Noah ended Lendl’s 44 match win streak at the 1982 Palm Springs final.
    A member of the ATP Board of Directors, 1986. Earned a career-high $575,015 in 1986 and reached as high as No. 3 on the ATP computer (July 7). Finished an all-time best No. 4. He finished among the top 10 from 1982-87 until 1988 when he was No. 12. Came back strong in the second half of the year when he began working with Dennis Ralston in September 1989. Compiled a 22-17 match record and ranked No. 16 on the ATP computer. Began 1990 by winning at Sydney, upsetting No. 1 Ivan Lendl in the quarterfinals. Reached the semifinals at the Australian Open, his first Slam semi since 1983 when he won the French Open. Residence: Paris, France Son, Joakim Simon; Daughter, Yelenah Tara
    Doubles: Or Double-LEGACY. Yes or no, yokels, did we ever think we would see it again after MJ burped out of the Chi. Sox minors to notch 3 more on the wall? We all have opinions, right, at least in our part of the world, mine is BIG OLD HORACE GRANT. We all knew the leader of the pack, but “that” was the man I came out to see !!

    Nice season – still got the Luvabulls? Mark. 2011. (By the way, I know it ain’t Wirtz that got the two contracts, fore.)

  57. “It they just won’t f- talk in DC, we” talk square down midtown and ignore those mf’s” 2010. You don’t give nothin’ back (Mitch). [Coming round midtown central, a real specialist professional, no crappy masters nohow, let alone with the EFFRONTERY to state ‘I am qualified to teach:’ The “Junior,” with the Missus otherwise, somewhere around 102%, as stated prior. No change.]
    eNewsletter in box. Friday,usual.

  58. oops ! c/o “my buddy WIKI.”

    For the debut issue, creative director Matt Berman conceived a cover which received a great deal of attention for its image of Cindy Crawford dressed as George Washington photographed by Herb Ritts.

    George departed from the format of traditional political publications, whose audience primarily comprised people in or around the political world. The general template for George was similar to magazines such as Esquire or Vanity Fair. The consistent underlying theme was to marry the themes of celebrity and media with the subject of politics in such a way that the general public would find political news and discourse about politics more interesting to read.

    [edit] Notable contributors

  59. Austin Cassidy says:

    Who is it that you think you’re talking to, Mark?

  60. Audience. Same as above. Coming to a Negotiations at Noah, Derrick Rose, and the best man anywhere Jesse — w/ his new pals at the Sun Times as freelance-style Independent which sites owner would throw over an entirety of writings concerning to get shaving off some pie in the sky. This is a Citizen Michael Hayden, Motorola/Georgetown search. Retirement with working new jobs-description, apparently means that. “Copy” and let’s blast-off. Mark. “Mark V. Basile” “Michael Hayden”

  61. I asked for Headders, for my audience, you asked for audience at tht time (as your boss trumpets Independents and 3rd Parties, like the fine La Follette Tri-State, Wisconsin) and I gave you both ‘procedure’ and audience at ‘this’ time. We had a no go,so be it. But Darce had just about completed a deal for a vintage contemporary Michael Jordan (6 National Championships)/1991. Going, going. You tell “the boss.” By the way, the personal experience quote from Mary Cheney is at Wittenberg, they contact me about every two weeks. Regular. Happened we finished up tonight; internal.

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