Cain to Launch Presidential Exploratory Committee

Former Godfathers Pizza CEO and conservative radio talk host Herman Cain has made it clear he will be launching a Presidential Exploratory Committee in the coming weeks.

“We could be talking about an exploratory committee real soon,” Cain slyfully told host Neil Cavuto during a recent appearance on Cavuto’s Fox News program.

A former president of the National Restaurant Association and darling of Tea Party groups, Cain currently hosts The Herman Cain Show on an Atlanta talk radio station.  He also writes a nationally syndicated newspaper column.

This would be Cain’s second bid for elective office, having already lost a 2004 Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Georgia.  Dumping significant amounts of his own money into that campaign to pay for television advertising, he nearly forced a run-off that would have given him a legitimate shot at winning the seat.

Cain favors most of the usual things you’d expect from a Republican candidate for President: strong on national defense, the Fair Tax, energy independence, slashing government spending, restructuring Social Security.  He’s also a strong “social conservative” – stating during his failed 2004 run that he believes that unless a mother’s life is threatened, all abortions should be illegal, even if a woman became pregnant through rape or incest.

It’s unclear how much traction Cain would be able to get as a White House hopeful, but it seems likely that he could play a Gary Bauer or Alan Keyes style role in the nominating process, perhaps winning a few delegates and earning a seat at the table during key debates.


  1. If the public should expect Republicans to support the Fair Tax boondoggle then that is one more reason to vote Libertarian for President.

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  3. Your Comments
    Great his track record of getting things done, and his ideology is someone I’d get behind for POTUS.

  4. If Mr. Cassidy is going to write an article on a celebrity, he needs to have a little more breathing room from the editor, lest he appear to have gaps in his synapes. Three paragraphs and then, …a WHAT? It’s as if someone chopped a hunk out of the article! However, experience says that many times the “ax murderers” of a decent story do so, with political leanings regarding the FairTax; However, in this case the public still doesn’t know what elective office Cain may shoot for, or what a Presidential Exploratory Committee is apt to explore. Try, try, again.

  5. Gary,

    Are you kidding me? A Presidential Exploratory Committee is a very common and well-known term… and the article mentions the word President – the office Mr. Cain plans to seek – 3 times. Plus a fourth time in the headline.

    Perhaps you need to adjust your reading glasses.

    Best wishes.

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