Karger Invited to Participate in Debate (Sort Of)

Extreme long-shot presidential candidate Fred Karger, an openly gay man seeking the Republican Party’s nomination in 2012, got some good news last week when he was invited to participate in the first GOP debate.

“We look forward to your participation in the First-In-The-South Republican Party Presidential Candidates Debate,” the invite read.  Put on by the SC GOP and Fox News, the May 5 event will be held in Greenville, South Carolina and broadcast nationally.

The catch for Karger?  He must first pay the $35,000 qualifying fee to participate in the South Carolina primary and then prove that he’s polling at an average of at least 1% in five national polls.

The little known candidate has said he will pay the fee, but getting included in polling before the debate is likely to be a lot more difficult.

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