The Facebook Primary: Palin Most Liked, Huntsman Lags

The only potential Republican candidate for President with more than 1 million “Likes” on their primary Facebook page is Sarah Palin, who is actually nearing the 3 million mark. Actual candidate Mitt Romney is a distance second with over 900,000 and is followed by Ron Paul.

Some surprises — the far lesser known Gary Johnson has over 100,000 likes while Mitch Daniels, who everyone seems to be begging to run, has only about 50,000. Also, long-shot Herman Cain is now more “liked” than Tim Pawlenty and the much-hyped Jon Huntsman barely has any presence on the social network.

Here’s the full count as of May 17…

Sarah Palin – 2,959,171
Mitt Romney – 902,459
Ron Paul – 357,841
Michele Bachmann – 263,108
Newt Gingrich – 132,304
Gary Johnson – 114,305
Herman Cain – 92,214
Tim Pawlenty – 87,051
Mitch Daniels – 50,135
Rick Santorum – 16,364
John Bolton – 6,065
Jon Huntsman – 2,345
Buddy Roemer – 1,508


  1. Sarah almost has 100% name recognition, amazing, Only a few homeless people don’t know about her.

  2. Hermain Caine will be the nominnee.

  3. Over the last couple of years, while others were planing on how to convince us that they have ample capability and fortitude, Sarah was showing us she has ample capability and fortitude.

    Among other things, she:
    Jump-started the weakening of Obamacare. (Death Panels)
    Gets Obama wee-wee’d up.
    Rallied and strengthened the TPMovement.
    Gave us quick and correct decisions on issues.
    Gave us TPM-Republicans in the House and Senate.
    Saved the GOP from nominating someone for 2012 who couldn’t even beat McCain last time.
    (This last one is ‘in progress.’)
    And most important in my and some other cases anyway – she helped us have hope.

    2012 can’t come soon enough. Game on! Fight like a girl!

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