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A Little Respect for the Deceased...

A Little Respect for the Deceased…

The tiny Prohibition Party, once a significant third party in American politics, nominated little-known Jack Fellure, a retired engineer and Baptist minister from West Virginia, for the nation’s highest office earlier today at its sparsely-attended national convention in Cullman, Alabama. A newcomer to the dry party, Fellure was nominated on the second ballot, defeating longtime […]

Gingrich: ‘Campaigns Go Up and Down’

Gingrich: ‘Campaigns Go Up and Down’

Coming on the heels of another disastrous day in what has thus far been a pretty rocky campaign, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said that he’s not interested in talking about the problems that have plagued his candidacy in recent weeks. He’s more interested in discussing the “big ideas” and “big solutions” that […]