Huntsman Campaign Desperately Looking for Conservative Support

Jon Huntsman’s presidential campaign is desperately scouring the country for conservatives willing to support the former Utah governor, a man widely viewed as a moderate and clearly out-of-step with his party’s increasingly conservative base.

“Our goal is to identify 5,000 conservative leaders from across the nation who are 100% committed to supporting Governor Huntsman in his campaign to defeat President Obama,” wrote campaign manager Susie Wiles in an e-mail to potential supporters on Thursday.  “As a Conservatives for Huntsman Leader we will call on you to recruit others to our team. We need to reach this goal in 5 days.”

Good luck with that one.

The campaign even set up a special website to lure conservatives to the campaign.

With their candidate languishing at 1 percent — or less — in national polls, you can’t really blame them for trying.  What else are they going to do?

As some might say, there really isn’t room for a moderate in today’s GOP.

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