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Bolton, Eyeing Possible Presidential Bid, Backs Boehner’s Debt-Ceiling Plan

Former UN Ambassador and possible Republican presidential candidate John R. Bolton joined ex-Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman in endorsing Speaker of the House John Boehner’s debt-ceiling plan on Wednesday. “All conservatives, especially those concerned with American national security, should support the Boehner Plan,” said the 62-year-old former diplomat in a statement issued on Wednesday. Acknowledging that […]

Vieira: Paul Should Run as 'Fusion' Candidate

Vieira: Paul Should Run as ‘Fusion’ Candidate

In an interview with The Daily Bell, attorney and author Edwin Vieira, Jr. suggests that Congressman Ron Paul would be better off running for President as a fusion candidate of the Libertarian and Constitution Parties in 2012. The full interview can be found here, but this is the key part about Ron Paul’s presidential prospects: […]