Vieira: Paul Should Run as ‘Fusion’ Candidate

In an interview with The Daily Bell, attorney and author Edwin Vieira, Jr. suggests that Congressman Ron Paul would be better off running for President as a fusion candidate of the Libertarian and Constitution Parties in 2012.

The full interview can be found here, but this is the key part about Ron Paul’s presidential prospects:

Daily Bell: How about Ron Paul?

Edwin Vieira, Jr: The Republicans will never nominate him. He is as dangerous to them as he is to the Democrats. Perhaps more so.

I hope that, after the Republicans and their lap dogs in the big media perform their usual “hatchet job” on him, Dr. Paul will run on a “fusion ticket” of the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party, and whatever other third parties still desire their members to live in a free society. In that way, he might be able to find a place on the ballot in all or most of the States. If such a “fusion ticket” drew enough support, it would signal the impending death of the Republican Party. (And good riddance.)

Having decided not to run for re-election to Congress, Dr. Paul has nothing to lose, and can afford to go all out. And he could contribute nothing more valuable than to leave this country with a true “second” party. Then elections will become real contests between American patriots (the Whites, the traditional color of counterrevolution), and the fascist-socialist combine (the Browns and the Reds).



  1. Bob Vondruska says:

    No, not a good idea. As much as I and many others would like to see a Libertarian President, it is simply not going to happen… least this time around. Ron Paul should just keep doing exactly what he is doing right now, and change the Republican Party from the inside out.

    I almost get the feeling that these people who are pushing this “fusion candidacy” idea have other motives, and would like nothing more than to see Dr. Paul fail. Well, forget it! Ron Paul is doing great in every aspect of his campaign, and changing the plan at this point would just be stupid. I am confident that Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination and easily beat Obama next year. This is why everyone with an agenda is trying to change the plan.

    The writing is on the wall. Ron Paul’s time has come and the dream of seeing a Libertarian in the WhiteHouse is just a stone’s throw away.

    Ron Paul for President in 2012!!

  2. interesting idea, but not practical. didn’t reagan basically go thru the same type of thing in the 60’s and 70’s with the republican party? he ran twice before finally winning on his 3rd try. the mainstream republicans hated reagan for a long time and tried to marginalize him. it wasn’t until he was able to build up a big enough groundswell of support from the grassroots right before the ’80 election did they begin to embrace him. it was a long, hard road, but his perseverence eventually made him worshipped among the party (although he began to cave into a big govt guy esp. in his 2nd term).

    I strongly agree with Bob Vondruska’s comment. although it would be more difficult, i would much rather see him change the republican party. their base had shrunk considerably after the neocon’s hijacked bush’s administration and perpetuated this distorted vision of conservatism thru their media arm, fox news. and paul really is much better organized this time around, will be well funded, is receiving much more media exposure (although the pundits still try to marginalize him shamefully), and is polling very well with numbers that continue to improve.

    i can see how paul’s political philosophy could turn off many corporate donors. this is probably the biggest difficulty in his campaign. because the guy is practically incorruptible and so principled and determined to eliminate corporate cronyism thru massive scale backs in the federal government, the RNC must be frightened to death. how will they be funded by big business?? (paul gets virtually no donations from corporations). but if paul can continue his 1st class campaign, continue to raise money, come out of Ames 1st or 2nd and ride that wave, build a growing base from his already diehard fervent following,…. then the republicans are going to have a choice to make that will determine the future of their party: sell out to their establishment guy (probably romney) or build around the massive grassroots support of paul who appeals across party lines. the ironic thing about all this, is that paul would probably have a much easier time against obama (who is losing a lot of progressives and independents) than the republican establishment.

    however, paul has a huge and fervent following that could greatly expand the republican base and keep them in power. if paul could pull this off, win the primary and election, stick to his guns,… then this would be the best possible bet against finally ridding of this soft fascism that we’re moving toward.

    him winning the republican nomination would be one of the greatest political feats of our lifetime.

  3. This is about as likely to happen as Ron Paul securing the Republican nomination, too bad. It’s time to implode the Republican Party. They will NEVER allow Ron Paul to secure their nomination…

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