Trump to Seek Presidency as Independent?

Donald Trump, the attention-loving billionaire and (mostly) successful real estate developer, is once again flirting with a run for President.

Following the S&P downgrade of the United States’ credit rating, Trump told CNN that:  “If the economy continues to go the way it’s going, and if the republicans pick the wrong candidate, I would certainly consider it.”  

The quirky mogul decided against running for the Republican nomination in May, but he has stated a few times that the question of him running for president in 2012 is not definitively settled. 

“I made a decision for a reason and I will tell you I was happy with the decision,” Trump said.  

This time, he’s taking a different direction and signaling that any bid would be outside the major parties.

“I would seriously consider [running] as an independent,” Trump remarked.  “I think it’s maybe time for that.”



  1. He may be a zillionare, but it takes time and much attention to detail to gain ballot access. He’s running out of time already.

  2. I was never impressed with that show where people get thrown off the panel of contestants one at a time, ‘you’re fired,’ until one person gets the chance to work for The Donald. Like Idol, with that pretty rich cross-Atlantic British guy, who would say the cruellest things you could imagine to people they knew absolutely ahead of time were not talented. Simon something or other. That guy should look at some of his own tapes and talk to some everyday people — a heartfelt apology in public to the contestants he abused is certainly indicated.

    I’ve been on Mitch McConnell’s e-mail list for at least 3-4 months. It’s not that I agree with all that I read, but it’s straight shooting, always has kids from back home to visit and take pictures in DC. Wife among the single most talented and merit qualified persons and women in the country, and she don’t crow about nothing. Also a minority. Mitch isn’t running for anything though, so I just tell him what I agree with. — Uncommitted. Mark V. Basile. Free-lance writer.

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