Happy Birthday! Ron Paul ‘Money Bomb’ Raises $1.5 Million and Counting

Ron Paul’s latest “money bomb” — an online birthday bash launched yesterday — had raised nearly $1.5 million by midnight and was hoping to raise as much as $1.75 million by noon Pacific Time on Sunday.

Paul, who spent most of the day campaigning in delegate-rich Florida — site of the increasingly irrelevant “Presidency 5” straw poll in Orlando next month — turned 76 on Saturday.

“Wow, what a wonderful birthday gift,” an exalted Paul wrote to supporters on Facebook shortly before boarding a plane to Texas.  “Please spread the word, tell all your friends and consider chipping in right now!”

Paul, who’s increasingly convinced that he can win the Republican presidential nomination despite a phalanx of naysayers in the media and within his own party, urged his supporters to give generously so that his campaign can “go around the establishment and talk directly to the people.”

Earlier yesterday, Paul captured the Young Republicans Straw Poll in New Hampshire, defeating frontrunner Mitt Romney by 35 percentage points and finishing a staggering 37 points ahead of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the GOP’s latest flavor-of-the-month.


  1. Dr. Ron Paul is this country’s only hope for economic and liberty redemption. There are only two candidates running in either side of the aisle..Ron Paul and all the rest.

  2. Establishment Is Terrified says:

    The revolution is growing! Despite the media’s best efforts, Paul is surging. He is now in third place in iowa at 16% and 14% in new hampshire, only behind perry by four points, and beating perry in his own state of texas.

  3. “Ron Paul’s message of traditional conservatism — fiscal restraint, limited government, and strong national defense — is clearly the future of the Republican Party,” said NH Chairman and State Senator Jim Forsythe, who spoke on behalf of Congressman Paul at the Straw Poll. “The other candidates know that and sound more like him every day. But there are convenient copies, and there’s the real thing.

    “It takes more than a sound bite and a flip-flop to fool New Hampshire voters. That’s why there’s real momentum here for Ron Paul.”

    ~ Jim Forsythe, NH Ron Paul Campaign Chairman, NH State Senator, and US Air Force Vet

  4. Love the little editorial snippets you drop in here and there. Hey you should have done a little more research. You didn’t mention how it was extended to noon Sunday because someone launched a cyber attack on Ron Paul’s official campaign website in an attempt to prevent people from donating at the end of the day Saturday. That would have made your story more exciting.

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