‘Why I’m Challenging President Obama in the Democratic Primaries’

While it was my fervent hope that a candidate of national stature and credibility would challenge President Obama in the 2012 Democratic primaries, I have entered my name in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary to offer my fellow disillusioned Democrats a choice.

The growing sense of political hopelessness, frustration and alienation symbolized in the fledgling Occupy Wall Street movement represents a much larger national trend.

I hope that my candidacy, as limited as it may turn out to be, might in some small measure restore a belief in American politics and American government, reinforcing the notion that real change can be achieved at the ballot box.

In addition to New Hampshire, I intend to enter several other Democratic primaries, including my birthplace of Pennsylvania, which votes in late April.

I had originally hoped that somebody like Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labor, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs, U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio or Florida firebrand Alan Grayson would carry the progressive banner against the Obama Administration.  I have personally encouraged several of them to run, without success.

I simply didn’t anticipate the kind of paralysis that seems to have immobilized the party’s progressives when it comes to challenging a sitting President of their own party.

Sadly, there’s no Gene McCarthy on the horizon.

Yet we need, perhaps now more than ever, someone with the courage to stand up and fight for the progressive values and causes that President Obama paid so much lip service to in 2008.

While I did not see any great threat to the Democratic Party’s unity and strength in mounting such a seemingly quixotic challenge to an incumbent president, I thought a candidacy by one of those mentioned above could have served as an important and healthy counterbalance to an administration too often willing to forsake the party’s proud progressive legacy in its haste to compromise with the “Party of No.”

Government isn’t the enemy.

I think it’s fair to say, and should be said, that President Obama needlessly squandered his first two years in office, saddling the nation with health care legislation that nobody really wanted instead of fighting for a single-payer Medicare-for-All program that would insure the basic health needs of every American.

While pushing for legislation seen by many on the Left as a boon to the private insurance industry, the President virtually ignored the country’s mounting jobs crisis — until he started running for re-election, that is.

Extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy added insult to injury and, in no small measure, helped to give rise to the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Unlike the last Democratic administration, the gap between rich and poor has widened substantially during Obama’s presidency.

The recipient of a staggering $37.6 million in Wall Street money between 1998 and his election in 2008, the President has been about as effective in turning this recession-ravaged economy around as Herbert Hoover in 1932.  That was, of course, the year when the beleaguered Republican President tried to rescue the ailing U.S. economy with the passage of the relatively modest Emergency Relief and Construction Act and the creation of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, neither of which came close to ending the Great Depression.

Instead of modeling his economic policy agenda after Herbert Hoover, President Obama and his advisers should have instead studied FDR and the New Deal.

The President’s $787 billion stimulus package in 2009 — much of which was used by Republican governors and GOP-controlled legislatures to balance state budgets — did little for the private sector and was simply too meager to pull the country out of the depths of the “Great Recession,” a devastating economic downturn that millions of Americans believe never ended.

The President’s paltry and late-in-the-game $447 billion son-of-stimulus — if approved — will have the same minimal effect.  However, it’s proving to be a powerful campaign weapon for a President desperately trying to reclaim his dispirited base.  A cynic might say that’s its real purpose.

As should be clear to everybody, the President is now in full campaign mode.  Progressives shouldn’t be fooled again.

The Democratic Party needs a bold and decisive leader, somebody who will fight for poor, working and middle-class Americans — those who have been mercilessly pummeled throughout this seemingly never-ending economic crisis.

More than 25.8 million Americans are out of work or only marginally employed, and millions have tragically lost their homes.  Small businesses, the backbone of the U.S. economy, are struggling while cash-rich major corporations amass record profits and park hordes of cash overseas.

The American people are hurting, and they’re hurting badly.

Working together, let’s send our President a message he can‘t ignore.


To learn more about Darcy Richardson’s campaign for the Democratic nomination, visit www.darcy2012.com.


  1. Not that I believe that you could get more than a handful of votes, but I am completely convinced your zeal is totally misplaced. The thought that you would be another FDR is not debatable or imaginable. FDR by 1932 was one of the most famous men and certainly had one of the most well-known names in American history. He had been in public life for 20 years and overcame polio, and was the cousin of one of the most favorably remembered Americans. As a lifetime student of FDR, a collector of FDR memorabilia and one who lectures on FDR, you are approaching this whole issue ridiculously. No matter which Democrat was elected 3 years ago, there were political land mines. Obama made promises, was elected on them and achieved as much as he could. He faced more cloture votes in the first two years then were recorded from 1950 to 1980 when one excludes civil rights filibusters. The healthcare fight had to be taken on, and at the heart of our problem with Medicare and Medicaid, besides the demographic bubble we face, is the escalating health care costs pushed by private insurance carriers. This was a major achievement and if Obama would have had any GOP input or cooperation, it may have been a better bill. Two wars, a major housing collapse, the necessary bailing out of the banks, AIG and the auto industry had to be done. If they weren’t rescued we may have had another Depression. I am just as much of a Democrat as you, and personally I would have indicted a great many of the Goldman, Lehman, Bear Stearns, AIG and Merrill executives. I am not sure how that would have helped the recovery and boosted employment though. Any Democrat would have had his hands full with the Republican obstructionists, and getting full control of all of the Democratic Party, which is a collection of regional groups, is like herding cats. FDR with his huge majorities in Congress still had to veto over 500 bills, and the Dixiecrats, who controlled most of the Congressional committees, had their own agenda after the recovery of the first term.

    But if you wish to go forth on a fool’s journey got to it. But before you start this effort, go see “The Man of La Mancha.” I am sure that almost no one will pay any attention to your effort, but if by some miracle you do catch “lightning in a barrel,” you will just divide the Democratic Party more, and insure a victory for the right-wing extremists.

    Richard J. Garfunkel
    Host of The Advocates
    WVOX 1460 am radio
    New Rochelle, NY

  2. Jason Gatties says:

    Not sure what the process would be, but I would love to be able to cast a vote for you in the Michigan primaries. How would you go about getting on a primary ballot in Michigan?

  3. My guess is that you’ll do amazingly well. In fact, there is a distinct possibility of pulling out an unheard of upset.

    But the downside is that you’ll have tread on the corns of some extremely ruthless people.

    It will be an interesting election!

  4. Comparing Grayson to Kucinich is a joke. Dennis actually has substance and has earned his chair. Grayson on the other hand simply buys his way into Congress.

  5. “Interesting,” Mr. Robinson.
    “Facts” seem accurate as I am aware, “argument” a ‘sensible’ melding of facts with weighed opinion.
    Certainly, I don’t go Democrat on the National, but winters are cold for many weeks in Chicagoland, kinda like one prefers to get where you are going and get right indoors.
    Business. Without which, you REALLY want to talk about a “welfare state?” So on the facts, ‘small business as backbone,’ variously speaking most especially as concerns jobs, is a bulls-eye. Very good. I refer to this as “Mom and Pop.” Don’t know exactly why. Maybe I just like the visuality of the proprietary of 15 and under employees, where you do indeed know who the heck you are working for. You’ve heard the phrase “faceless bureacracies,” private/public, not my preference.
    Political hopelessness, frustration and ‘alienation’ find representation also known as symbolic in the concrete. Top of the news, top of the essay; Occupiers. I agree.
    But to “reality,” I really don’t see what entering 4-5 primaries is going to do.
    Very Funny, to note. “Son-of-Stimulus” to follow Joke of Stimulus.
    Not funny. Millions have lost homes. Perhaps forgotten, the core “dream.” Home ownership. CPA’s/MBA’s: we don’t need no econonist mumbo-jumbo, the family home for the vast majority of Americans is their dominant equity.
    Going to pass on the Hoover/FDR parallel. The question is, did the New Deal with it’s alphabet agencies or The War end The Great Depression.
    Again, I agree, in this formulation. On Healthcare: 15-20 million left out in the cold. obamacare.
    Let’s see how the winter and your thoughts and planned out platforms develop, Darcy. Try to do it in a fashion so you can leave your comments up, I’ve seen many, many good items on your partner’s Websites as regards other people, other times.

    I’ve worked and taught out of a High School, a University Major with compilative assistant administrative now. I have no more to say on the substance. “Good job,” coming out on your own. Very good !! Mark V. Basile. Chicago Metro. 11/2/11.

  6. You have a doubly ‘bad site’ at College Station in Texas. The issue being examined was waters maintenance and public vs. private/ADA flouridation maintenance. As a Chicago local, I mentioned favorably waters commisioner candidate Mrs. Barbara Moore; Google her husband Joe,JD, also of Carl Sandburg’s Knox/Galesburg. Fitting, for the finest stand of excellence in Illinois, with Gwendolynn Brooks, Jessie Jackson, Honest Abe and Mary Todd (of the mid-South’s finest)– I forget among several others, maybe Stephen Douglass an anti-slavery Democrat of the famed “debates,” but eh, Darcy? anybody, anywhere “forget” MIKE ROYKO?

  7. Good systems reaction.
    100% of majors right up.
    Couple of secondary tags non-responsive.
    [PIC] — that’s exactly what he looks like, TX. “Good.” “We” didn’t do it. My reading, Dominant Liberalism wants to KO Mitt, especially now that they see the utter impossibility of getting at what they really want, religion ( 1st Amendment), because of the stupendous gubernatorial and Motor City business of his Dad. That is because they have totally in the set, evangelic and Christian devout as “religious right.” It ain’t ‘tea,’ in toto, but it’s running hard Texas. (Now be REAL smart, take on the “religion” of my little lady, Ms. 65% at 2004, with a sister who can run a full campaign from the number 3 position and “argue” into the ground almost all comers, even where she does not have ‘the merits,’ as I have watched almost tens of times on FOX and ABC Sunday: “Always Throwing Candy,” providers, Darcy and Austin.)
    Feedback to a consistent 6-8 month provider. Mark.

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  9. You see there’s a problem with one fellow who will take a “deference,” very strongly double it over as per the last election, all but leaving his Universities with their hands tied including his own strangely enough which asked no questions concerning ethnicity/religion hence gouging his neighbor by the tracks STUNNINGLY, as his Alum’s spiritual leader contemporaneously goes into major conference with the Governor. He just met a “jurisdictional” principal: “I have advised many, many in abortion clinics in Wisconsin.” 2009. But while partner implicitly apologizing for spitting out competing/partner University offerings, at places of quality where you can actually go, as regards price we see a continued failure to act. Just got the partner mailing again last night, I gave her a legalism to attempt to hold the situation in place. The very heavy duty abortionist is off to Big Apple law with a bald article scouting out a meeting place for a Legislator who has declared upward elections as had held his position off-jurisdiction at very least through client board postings and — unbelievably – postings with no reason on every other wall, “indeed,” as the Mayor’s listings of all relevant Legislators was simply removed in toto.

    I wouldn’t say asleep at the wheel, but surely ‘failure to police.’

    Papas Lou and Van Dusen, now we gotta take care of our Librarian, even if it weren’t top 10 in the country. (Got 3 points to steadiest hands in Healthcare, cc. – outstanding problem at case, situation contemporaneous,)

    I had said that I would wait for the period around the RNC to make my own decision – as an “Independent” – but as cyberspace in it’s simpleist form the e-mail goes, TEXAS is scouting out the area. Yeah, the big name. His boilerplate read dead square: Austin. Newsweek, of all sources, didn’t seem to have a problem with him when he entered the scene initially; The Marlborough Man. Grew up without running water. 2011 Search, totally open to the public Gubernatorial Office, flawless as any “proper” CEO. Couple problems with an overflow of Holy Roller enthusiasm, but on every occasion Rick apologizes for any improper association in the heat of campaigning, states his own direct position, such as: gay/Lesbians are ‘children of God:’ no more, no less than anyone whatsoever else. That’s just loosely following the news. It’s been a number of months since I inquired, and he said: I’m interested in you, but not at this time. As it turned out. I have 3 Lloyd Bentsens, a lost Cisneros, Decision Points followed up features in institutional form of my primary source for the Book Review – Citizen Michael Hayden. Of course I have my Gorby, 1991 now updated as my Geeks and MBA’s saved off an Elk Grove Village double postings site where Papa George (LEGACY – with his victim/bad girl Noella and her 4.00 out of Tallahasse JC, standing with her UTTERY incorrigible Dad) got the short end of what only TWO could do “Accomodation.” Thanks Nobel, you j_ckoffs, take “your” Yeltsin/Putin lineage and spew you garbage on to Chicago city streets. Spose you want to knock our 33% Afro- base which ‘showed up’ (in the final count) as 9% to who knows where. You’re smart guys, see also Laura Washington, Chicago Sun Times co-chair: The Kingdom of Rahm (my Headder). Even the gd New York Times told you, 3/08, Russia: One-Party State. Ballot: 2010-2024. “Smart.”

    Home and Garden Tips. 4-5 re-publications. Guess who didn’t even want a copy? It’s on my NLU, like a sick bird. Now Houston ain’t Austin, but all three said we want it or have published. Bunch more, but “property has the right to exclude,” I have 600 readers and let them bring in 401 friends, didn’t care who – just had to work up to a GED. Have a good evening pals and gals, you’re gunna m_rder me, but I have an outstanding promise to Crawford/Dallas to do a “regular” Barbara Pierce in the no-Blog style of a Decisions Points/Mary Cheney (at Leapfish – Skokie and affiliates a night or two ago). “My Mom, if you don’t mind, I would like you to do it, MB.) I’m not a big “lineage” person so I’ll just mention the Mayflower and Italia at the 1200’s with the Champions of the Columbian Legacy. George W. and George Herbert Walker through spousal, directly. Italiana, sic.

    For the Ladies: the Bush family tree, contains what is said to be “wonderful” Lesbian letters by Emily Dickinson. Am aware of the name strongly – no time tonight, Dad and me going to Whole Foods in Evanston for organics, and pizza for me.

    Mark V. Basile. Freelance Writer. Chicago Metro. Dr. Joanne said “superb,” ‘take off until Thankgiving. So I said thanks and kidded her about how Romulus (Rome –750BC) and Remus did not come from the Greek pantheon. Even worse, wolves. Now there’s you Galapagos Island with no mammals whatsoever more that bats and rats. The Labyrinth, MVB – Crete/Minoan. Athens returns to avenge. (Whole schebang kaput, 1350 +/-, Dr. Joanne caught it, after all, she assigned it.)

    BLOG. Above. You had technical difficulties. I tried to paste below this introduction — of course.
    Ok, you gave me what I asked for, both my Headders so my audience could continue to follow, thence regard you as a reliable provider. As BLOGs can be as silly as 4 one sentence entries entirely separated by different authors, below you will find, most hopefully, something entirely consistent -where for your own personal purposes — myself an “Independent” prior to making a choice, if getting the h_ll involved at all, you see “Federalism”/cut aspects of Great Center. And you are positioned there and I agree, that is where you run from when going against an Incumbent. I did ‘not’ agree to join Rick Perry last night. Mitch is “not” runnig for anythig whatsoever, it’s just in this polarized atmospher, I preferhis eNewsletter, cnn.com and the Associated Press. Enough chit, chat; BLOG:

  10. Now you know what it means to “really” be invested. You held your own site. MB.

  11. “Son of Stimulus,” truly funny, Darcy (as you gave my audience their headder in the lede, so I decided to give it back to you, and whether it could drive an audience nutty keeping track of all the Independent and 3rd Party attempts you attmpt to keep alive — I’ll speak for both of us on the importance of keeping ‘Independence’ alive. And heh ! Did I or did I not give you a 100% Publication for re-post in Indiana markets MotownTV on-line “satire” with a strong “Independent-streak,” as in doing it not just talking the talk. Though either is on the money, but reconsider what you got !! That was a 1993 re-posted and Published for the Chicago Mayorals, remember, my friend, Carol Moseley Braun and her ambassadororganics, so far this side of the red, the status quo had the temerity to criticize her for being “poor.”
    Point 2. Though I have gone straight “single-payer” in the past, in elections 2008 I thought Universal Health covered the issue. Later I called it a Bill of Goods sold to us by the face of elections 2008, Professor Axelrod of Northwestern University right down the hall from all-but-deaf dumb and mute Medill. Indeed, let us now praise Medill of Evanston-Chicago. (Biss, on Dempster, and 17th — 2 years, wants to be a bigger shot). So when I finished my own formulation on April 20/21, 2010, it read: “15-20 Million left out in the Cold. That was under the bailout as opposed to the stimulus as my headder and I believe I got a #1 Google Search at least once a month consistently from July-January, 2010-11. See: that one goes back-up to you, but I’m not giving it to you, but check CUNA on Belmont in Chicago published under a different Headder close to where I put up my own Chicago off-Broadway-style play in November, 2009 – Theatre Building Chicago.
    So for what you assess, polemics issues and the like, I believe what you have tonight is gravy. Fully published. A moth appalls, was that the line in parphrase? “Poops” is my partner, at 50%. 10 years my junior. Our agreement is that I “reserve” 5% to market, without impediment. (By the way, Harvard won’t get out of my face, they won’t give back my teacher who is really Ecole Superior rather than Harvard/Cal — that’s where the grad recommendation came from, Rachel came running out of the Dwinelle Hall office with it, Bless Her — so maybe we got a little idea here, like me and Witt ALUM do, ‘time to time.)

    (Published/printed in Triblocal.com/ Skokie site, November, 2009; also in MOSAIC of MSWC honors NLU, June/July 2010.)

    FOR KATIE BASILE: ON “DESIGN” (As regards Frost of Harvard)

    If existence has meaning,
    Then so must also a car.
    How meticulous in design,
    how sleek in shape.
    Except for a V. W. Beetle.

    But what of ‘design’ and meaning,
    when a car runs into a tree?
    Where shape has been put in abeyance,
    And design in obviation.

    The driver can just sober up —
    Or go to the morgue.

    But what of meaning?

    Let’s say the moon roof has faltered;
    in the midst of a thundery night,
    interrupting most significantly,
    a fine midsummer’s drive-in movie.
    Design has faltered.
    Gone and foiled
    that first junior year kiss.
    A meaning has been lost.
    Indeed the vinyl may have been ruined.

    Yes, life travels bitterly.
    Sweet only with eyes closed.

    By Mark V. Basile, approximate Master’s Equivalent UC Berkeley, Law and NLU; academic assistant to M.S.W.C. program, 9/08-3/10.

    Katie Basile, M.S., CPT, Assistant Director at a large multifunction city-run Wellness Center, appears to be successfully recovering on 10 days bed rest from H1N1.

    11/8/09 from 11/26/93, adapted

  12. I had said my friend, that I do have essays/BLOGS in continuation of the ‘manifest’ proposition that free-lancers/essayists write. But if that author’s general readership loses their Headders on Search, they lose portions of their informations consumptions reference points. My 2 from your Web providers organization came from the Chicago Mayorals, Carol for Chicago, approximately November 17th and the 24th if I can possibly recall. We see you all over the place in this candidacy, which is fine, but the ‘exclusion’ creates a hardship for “my” readership, who know that I have never run for office nor taken a paid political position in the 20-some years I have endorsed and commented — as my little hobby. I always answer job and family mail long before I even consider any “politicos.” And I give a r_t’s ass what political positions my relatives hold. Sincerely, Mark.

  13. Be sure to put Virginia as a priority to get on the ballot, because that will be for me. I am not sure how they do it, if I will be able to vote in the Republican AND Democratic primaries, or if I have to choose. If I have to choose, it will be to vote for you. You defeating obama would be a wonderful thing. You could give honor to the Democratic party again.

    Also, I have been checking on your website for about 2 months and it always says “coming soon”. Please tell your webmaster to get on the ball and create it, because time is running out, and the sooner people find out about you, the more accumulated votes you will get.

    BTW, if you do defeat obama, please consider Dennis Kucinich as your running mate. He is the only Democrat worth considering (that I know of). Other possible running mates: Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney. They are no longer Democrats, but might be able to be persuaded by you to rejoin. I voted for Nader in 2000, and McKinney in 2008.

  14. Pull my name. All comments. As this clearly is not a comment/BLOG site but a Political site, my audience will see that “Mike” helped us scope out that Austin Cassidy the ostensible Republican out of Jacksonville, Florida is only going to allow limited commentary, even where it has been entirely supportive on this particular site so far, where directly on the headders my personal audience had been following — where there were “complications” of throwing in with a minority bloc which in a factual nexus was “Independent” and even in the final outcome though Democrat clearly “Reform” (Jessie/Carol for Mayor – ‘the cleanest cut gal this side of the Mississippi’) — the action has turned out to be ‘concerted’ as I have tried to give a little support going out the door and “continuing” to Jesse Jackson coming out as columnist for the Sun Times, obviously if you have been following having gone the distance with Martin Luther King with a National “Rainbow” now keeping his strict biblical behind the doors of his parish in Chicago though having quit the Illinois Senate. Mind you, though Black caucus, to this day I haven’t expressed difficulties with Dr. Danny Davis. I like his terrific not-for-profits experience, his MA at Chicago State, ath the statement at ethics during the Mayorals: 100% of campaign workers assigned to Carol for Chicago. (I have a Northbrook Notes or Northbrook Cogitations on my shelf right here, Dr. Danny, Ruth was aged and that was where you got the 1-1 Surrealism to Poetry, Guernica/War (part 1), followed by the Close-Up, 1/23/98 for 1996 by Ruth’s close pal Head of Division Kevin Kavanaugh (they wanted 2 copies as they like it at Chair of County Government in DuPage, back up – that’s the Plato on Aristotle who trained Alexander the Tyrant (“no good,” right, Ruth helped me catch that), and Condi caught the middle of the set with notes Today’s Rainbow and “War” were the bookends. She ain’t Chicago State, but all this creative material is through the son, Northbrook Star 1995/96 — but they seem to dig her at the Reader, whether or not she “definitely” brought something to the table. Lawyers call it a “split,” you probably know even better as you:
    AINT’T NO CRAPPY MASTERS. Condi up !! Clean as the air we can find in the USA, PhD Colorado. (With “her dad,” see theme.Search.)

  15. OK. Larry Crost’s wife was Philipino. She would come directly into the Glennert Studio and do rudimentary sorts of arts in a calm fashion mixing pleasantly with the physically disabled. Crost was a White Guy. It was a solely Mother and Son studio. Northbrook Star, no questions, MVB. Adriane, MA, PsyD in progress out of the State of Kansas got the original by me which was a Third party Print, some personal notes. With a Merry Christmas on a NLU, signed personally, off my save or the Web, as I’m trying to get the crash put back together as of yesterday. Her buddy at lunch Tanya listened in, as I tried to remember Dr. Joanne’s favorite which I used in pioneer @ Evanston Review 2002, Harlem or something on Dreams where Dreams if not allowed expression of fulfillment may explode, like a raisin in the sun? I forget. Hughes, at any rate, I got it right for sure in the Evanston Review. Soul (sp?); like a peench between the cheek and gum.

  16. Even your “archive” is down at so-called my audience headder
    and — believe this !! — your own headder at side link. I’m afraid your credibility, Mr. Darcy, is not helped by a No Content “error” in your own Link to Michigan for Darcy, which ends up, at very least at your oftentimes nutty partner’s Florida and questionable bi-partisan political activities out of Jacksonville. “Mike” caught him way the heck pants down. — If you are going to do this, recommend “straight,” because 2012 flat out is a loser. “The man” has played every card in the deck, and look at how crazy people were about him at mid-terms. Pelosi is not from California, like Reagan, but Baltimore. I predict that even going that far back local legacy will go into a tumbling. So maybe you got the right idea, second primary, birthplace and a couple — keeping up language. I’ll get back as I usually do ‘for my audience,’ but this is a crazed night. Web Trib apparently fully under hostile, Democratic nonetheless also urban Chicago Sun Times under continuing removals in to to/ie: executive censoring.
    I have a paste-on which you can take a look at, in that Web Trib is retaining only facial National Louis in their old materials, everything else removed — like Seniors material with no credit or no degree, I know Head of Programs, very nice. Tim, I just talked to across a presentation room downtown in July; Trib deep-sixed him, except for current ‘articles’ theft essentially which is the BIO in slick events form in an abutting city or so, placed by an editor or so he claims. The e-mail to me had such an abhorrent implication concerning veterans, here Vietnam, that I cannot possibly go public with it. But as regards Condoleezza Rice’s own recollections not being newsworthy, therefore get rid of everything; again my acquaintance from somewhere or other (Gator or Florida being on your rejected link), I would think your initiating impulse in the Press and wide-ranging press would extend to Universities. Like Benedictine which shares the Lisle site in DuPage with enormously world-experienced veteran and multi-awarded political scientist Jim Ryan. (Does that Cassidy do anything “straight?”) So if you Search me at the Trib Web, they grabbed me down the train to Evanston and Skokie. “Writing, Creativity and Recovery,” a bona fide [A-] university writing, doubles over at on sale everywhere Skokie Review (on-line since May 30th, I just tried this morning, they’re hung up — no possibility they won’t secondarily post that the Reverand Jesse Jackson is one of their columnists) and along Chicago through Morton Grove and Niles. And they got you doubled up with 2 internal Evanston Reviews/pioneer press @ 2001 and 2002. So now it’s politics, I gave you some language — COUNT ME OUT — let’s make a deal? By the way, tell Lily Tomlin thanks for coming into the smallest town hereabouts under these circumstances. Mark says she s_cks. Ref: 2/25. Skokie, Ill, Triblocal.com, “events.”


    Tim Kazurinsky got his show biz start at Chicago’s own Second City Theatre. Movie appearances include “Neighbors”, “Somewhere in Time”, and three “Police Academy” films. A former cast member of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”, Tim returned home to Chicago to co-write such screenplays as “My Bodyguard”, “About Last Night…” “The Cherokee Kid” and “For Keeps”. He was nominated for a Writers’ Guild Award for his screenplay for “Strange Relations”, starring Paul Reiser, Julie Walters and Olympia Dukakis. But Tim still loves performing and has recently done guest star roles on “CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM”, “STILL STANDING”, “ACCORDING TO JIM”, “ROLL BOUNCE” and Jeff Garlin’s “I WANT SOMEONE TO EAT CHEESE WITH.”. Tim lives in Chicago with his wife, Marcia, their two amusing children, and way too many pets.

  17. Well, Darcy, I’ve had a closer look at what I’ve had to say here, and facts of the darn matter are that the Barack Hussein people, through government if it is even possible to believe at this age or through ‘proxy’ were knocking out everything left and right in Chicagoland last night, including in to to “grudge” at the University where I work — I have “Library Event” and “Seniors”/Lifelong Learning as past events not removed (eerily the ‘Zinn’ syllabus appearing on my open work desk on the 5th floor laying our chaper by chapter preparation for classroom use aroung 8 months ago; definitively, there was no reason for this except wackiness, at Cal we never heard the name of the historian Zinn let alone anybody whatsoever using him) — so without extended detail, if this is your Headder Preference, and we’re talking about holding it until at least the summer as I have save (not for this, however) maybe I’ll say OK at this time with Carol for Chicago on the 2 2010 lines, being somewhat ‘old news.’ And it’s not without logic, without doing a counting on the issues, my lack of substantial disagreement is at least 65%. When you Search me as described, Today’s Rainbow comes up #1. It is Plato ‘On Aristotle’ (State of Illinois promise) in a poetic form. The seat of DuPage government appeared to like it so much the made me place it twice before they would Post it, with modifications in the footnotes of interst though with brevity. Wheaton. Of course when you click on it to read the poem, the Trib has killed it, so you get something like an “oops” without a showing. [Yeah, right — what are they doing there with top productions that click onto empty space, now all their stuff that I had had for many months, some for years]. “You gotta know when to fold ’em.”/hold ’em? If I check again, I’ll slip it to you Darce. No politics, no friggin’ nothing. 1995/96. “Stood.”

  18. As an afterthought, Darcy, a very prolific 3rd Party chronicler by the titles, may have done something which not my own audience so much as the locals generally like, he went with a general observation that my sports/play-by-play stuff when I have occasion to do it “seems” extremely well-received by the locals. So in one of the Carol for Chicago’s, “our” main Headder, I slipped in a 1991 vintage MJ/Scottie/Horace Grant — with Pax on the court yet to come up as manager or GM. I believe Darcy (and AC- Jacksonville) pulled it out of the BLOG line after an appropriate time for showing. Often, that would constitute a “publication.” If so, don’t bother me, I got virtual “Derrick Rose for life.” (Smiles)

  19. Darcy, I have found out in a December 27 online article (unless the report is wrong) that Virginia will not be holding a Democratic primary at all. This is very disgusting for me to hear. I WANT to vote for you. You are GUARANTEED my vote. Please whip your lawyers into fast action to ensure that you will be on the ballot in Virginia.

    Otherwise, I will have to vote in the Republican primary, and what is the point in that? But ANY of them are BETTER than obama. I would sooner vote for a crow on the sidewalk before I ever vote for that guy in the white house.

    I may vote for the Socialist party candidate Alexander in 2012. Please change the tide in your party. As obama is sweeping a tsunami over your right to get votes–challenge him! I want you to go down in the history books for all the votes you will get from Virginia, and I will be one of them. Please do not let me down.


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