Richardson Joins Call for Uncommitted Slate in Iowa Caucus

On Saturday, during in an appearance on WSUM 91.7, the University of Wisconsin’s student radio station located in Madison, Darcy Richardson encouraged his supporters in neighboring Iowa to come out and caucus for the Occupy Iowa and Healthcare NOT Warfare efforts to elect a slate of progressive, uncommitted delegates in this Tuesday’s caucuses. Aldous C. Tyler, who was also seeking the Democratic nomination until recently pulling out of the race and endorsing Richardson, was the host of the WSUM weekend program.

“I’ve been encouraging my supporters in Iowa to join with the Occupy Iowa and Healthcare Not Warfare organizations in sending the strongest possible message to the Obama administration,” Richardson told the listening audience. Supporting an uncommitted slate in Iowa gives progressives the best chance to make their voices heard because of the unique procedural rules employed by Iowa Democrats. Even then, he cautioned, it’s still entirely possible that the Iowa Democratic Party will refuse to report any results indicating opposition to President Obama’s renomination.

Former state legislator Ed Fallon is organizing the Occupy the Caucuses group, while University of Iowa professor Jeffrey Cox has been spearheading the Iowa Healthcare NOT Warfare group.

Darcy Richardson has qualified for the ballot in New Hampshire, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Efforts are underway to secure ballot access in another half-dozen primary and caucus states.

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