Significant Number of Uncommitted Delegates in Iowa Democratic Caucuses

Occupy Iowa and Healthcare NOT Warfare had been attempting to organize a protest vote for a slate of uncommitted, progressive delegates in Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses.  With most eyes on the super-tight Republican contest, it’s hard to find any complete results for the Democratic caucuses.   In fact, we may never know what happened in some of those Iowa meetings.

However, turning to Twitter, it is possible to see some scattered reports of uncommitted delegates being elected at the county-level.

Iowa City’s precinct 15 appears to have elected 3 Obama county delegates and a single uncommitted delegate.  Iowa City’s precinct 17 elected 5 Obama delegates and 2 for uncommitted.

Another commenter to Bleeding Heartland, a progressive blog in Iowa, notes that he was the person who put uncommitted over 15% in his precinct — resulting in 6 Obama delegates and 1 for uncommitted.

Click here to keep up to date as the results are collected.

It will be interesting to see if the protest vote builds with next week’s New Hampshire primary.  Candidates cannot vote uncommitted in that race, but several progressive protest candidates are on the ballot — most notably Darcy Richardson, who is waging a multi-state effort.

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