Johnson Calls Out Obama on Gay Rights

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson took a shot at President Obama on Monday, charging that the Democratic incumbent is pandering to African-American voters.

The President “gives lip service to gay equality,” said Johnson, but he “will not support gay marriage before the election because of the opposition of African Americans, as reflected in his polling, and the need to assure maximum support from African American voters in November.”

Johnson charges that Obama has played games with the issue, saying that he “promised to repeal [Don’t Ask Don’t Tell] in his campaign, then dragged his feet on repealing it…even sending the Justice Department’s lawyers into court to defend it.”  After the policy’s was repealed, Obama “claimed victory and a promise fulfilled.”
The Republican-turned-Libertarian is poised to be the only candidate on all 50 state ballots who supports marriage equality, causing some to wonder if he may draw gay votes away from the Democrats.

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  1. i supported obama, but he is a disgrace to the entire dnc. the media has blocked johnson out to a larger degree than ron paul. johnson is the perfect middle ground for liberals and conservative to come to. johnson supported record line item vetoes in his home state as governor, and this was supported in large numbers by both democrats and republicans. he balanced the budget at a time when only four states in the entire country had done so and so he has fiscally sound budgetary policy. unlike other republican candidates though, he has no problem with gay people, has openly opposed the drug war for years, and could stand to pull a number of disaffected groups from obama’s base.
    gary johnson is the most rational candidate and i suppose that is why he is being ignored by media groups that indirectly profit off of government subsidized corporatocracy.

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