Karger Says He’s The Real Anti-Romney

Openly gay presidential candidate Fred Karger has been seeking the Republican presidential nomination for well over a year now and has virtually nothing to show for his efforts.  Focusing on New Hampshire and Iowa from the state, Karger’s message got virtually no traction among the Republican electorate in those early and highly competitive states.   Meanwhile, the Karger campaign failed to file for a spot on the ballot in most of the primaries that followed.

When he does appear on the ballot, as he did in Michigan’s primary where the Secretary of State added his name, Karger’s vote totals are nearly microscopic.

Still, Karger has proven himself capable of getting the media to pay attention to him.  Today, the Daily Caller and Yahoo News published a story in which Karger argued that he should be the real anti-Romney candidate.

“There is still this desperation for an alternative to Romney,” Karger told The Daily Caller. “We need to do what is in the best interest of this nation, and I’m not convinced that the other Republicans running are doing that.”

Unfortunately, Karger is not on the ballot in any of the Super Tuesday states that vote next week.

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