SHOCK: Obama Struggles to Win Majority in Oklahoma Primary!

One of the more amazing results from tonight’s early Super Tuesday results comes from Oklahoma’s Democratic presidential primary where incumbent Barack Obama is struggling to capture 50% of the vote against a field of four largely unknown challengers.

Among Obama’s challengers are anti-abortion activist Randall Terry, author and historian Darcy Richardson and former U.S. Senate nominee Jim Rogers.

Amazingly, with nearly two-thirds of the votes counted, the sitting President of the United States has just 54% of the vote…

BARACK OBAMA –  49,892 votes (54%)
RANDALL TERRY – 17,263 votes (19%)
JIM ROGERS – 13,802 votes (15%)
DARCY RICHARDSON – 6,167 votes (7%)
BOB ELY – 4,564 votes (5%)

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