Ralph Nader (Kinda) Endorses Rocky Anderson

Justice Party presidential candidate Rocky Anderson appeared with Ralph Nader today at a press conference in Portland, Oregon.

However, according to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News, Nader stopped short of an actual endorsement: “Nader said he supports the decision of the Oregon Progressive Party, and also said he supports Rocky Anderson for President. Nader does not endorse candidates, and did not use the verb ‘endorse’ at the press conference. Nader feels that when someone endorses a candidate, that means the endorser agrees with all of that candidate’s positions. Nader feels that the verb “support” does not have that characteristic.”

The Anderson campaign’s social media folks apparently didn’t get the memo about the subtle difference between a Nader endorsement and having Nader’s support.  Not long after the event, Rocky Anderson’s facebook status was updated to read: “At a press conference in Portland, Oregon today, Ralph Nader officially endorsed Rocky Anderson! It’s been a great day so far, now with everyone’s help let’s raise 10k in just 1 day! We can do it!”




  1. Thanks for taking time to explain what Mr. Nader said. You are absolutely correct although my understanding is Rocky will be the only candidate to get Ralph Nader’s support… so to most people (Mr. Nader excluded) that’s an endorsement:-)

  2. It is understandable that Anderson’s campaign might “missunderstand” the difference between “support” and “officially endorse”. There is milage to be gained by that overstatement.

    Nader made supportive statements about Jill Stein back in the fall. I expect that he will have more substantial support to offer as the campaign evolves.

  3. Ralph Nader did also say, however, that he supported Rocky Anderson FOR PRESIDENT. Is he going to support Jill Stein for President too? No so far… Nader also said he supports Rocky because he/Rocky can encourage a “progressive movement” in this country. So can others, of course, but apparently Rocky has some special values and talent in this regard!

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