Rocky Anderson Secures Ballot Spot in Oregon

Rocky Anderson, the former mayor of Salt Lake City, has secured the backing on Oregon’s Progressive Party according to Ballot Access News.

Added to Mississippi and Utah, two states where his nascent Justice Party has secured access, this brings Anderson’s total ballot access to a fairly unimpressive 3 states thus far.

Anderson appears to be tapping into some of Ralph Nader’s former campaign organization to help him build his new party, even appearing with Nader in Oregon.  However, Anderson has successfully turned off many initial supporters by also attempting to secure the Americans Elect nomination, via their on-going and ever-changing online caucus process.

If he fails to win the AE nod, and all indications are that he will fall far short of the requirement to even make it to the next round, it seems that Anderson will likely struggle to make it on the ballot in even 20 states as the Justice Party nominee.

To have any hope of remaining a significant character in the 2012 race, Anderson must win the Peace and Freedom Party’s ballot line in California.



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  1. Rocky will make the best president ever, even better than FDR.

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