Rocky’s Money Bomb Fizzles

Justice Party presidential candidate, and former Salt Lake City mayor, Rocky Anderson staged a “money bomb” style online fundraiser today.  Unfortunately for him, few donors actually showed up with their credit cards.

The effort was billed as “$10k for April 10th” and aimed to raised at least $10,000 to help continue to fund Anderson’s quixotic bid for the White House.

As of 6:30pm Eastern, the campaign’s website showed that only $420 had been raised towards the goal, and even using Utah’s Mountain time zone as the guide, that left them more than 95% short of their goal with just 8 hours remaining.    A check of the site later in the evening showed that the counter had been removed.

FEC reports show that Anderson’s campaign got off to a sluggish start, raising about $8,000 as of December 31st.  However, more than half of that amount came from the candidate’s own personal contributions.


  1. I would think that rather than writing such negative comments you would choose to do something productive. You are no different than other Americans that are cynical yet so apathetic that they refuse to do anything to contribute or to make a difference.

  2. Inattentive people are not convinced with money, unless it is billions, as Republicans and Democrats use. That is the problem.

    If people care, the Internet can help them learn about Rocky. When I put Rocky in the news in Salmon Idaho, nobody said anything.

    Typical of inattentive people, who crowd into the republican caucus, are people in Salmon Idaho.

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