Newt’s Terrible, Horrible, Kinda Good, Very Bad Week

This week Newt Gingrich finally got what he’s wanted all along, a one-on-one shot at Mitt Romney in the Republican primary race.  The only problem is, Romney has such a commanding lead in the delegate count that the media has determined the race all-but-over and barely acknowledges the former Speaker’s presence any more.    Making matters worse for Gingrich, instead of soaking up former Santorum support, he’s spent the last few days trying to deflect stories about bounced checks and bad blood with the conservative Fox News Channel.

For anyone still paying attention, here are a few items from around the web.  Call them dispatches from a dying campaign…

– >  Defiant Gingrich: ‘The Last Stand for Conservatives’  (Uncovered Politics)

– >  Gingrich Fumes About Fox News at Delaware Tea Party Meeting  (Uncovered Politics)

– >  Roger Ailes: Newt Can’t Come Back to Fox  (Politico)

– >  Newt Gingrich’s Ongoing Candidacy Draws Ire of GOP Establishment  (Daily Beast)

– >  Another Delaware State Senator Endorses Newt  (

– >  Will Paul and Gingrich’s Refusal To Quit Hurt Romney?  (Slate)

– >  Gingrich Campaign Rents Out Donor List To Continue Private Jet Tour of U.S.  (Slate)

– >  Gingrich Campaign $4.5 Million in Debt  (Outside the Beltway)

– >  Gingrich Bounced Check for Utah Filing Fee (Huffington Post)

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