Constitution Party Gathers in Nashville for National Convention

Delegates from around the country are arriving in Nashville today to take part in the Constitution Party’s presidential nominating convention.  In 2008 ,the Constitution Party nominated Florida pastor Chuck Baldwin for President, beating out conservative activist Alan Keyes in a hotly contested floor fight.   Baldwin captured 283 votes to 125 for Keyes.

This cycle, things look far less contentious.  Former Congressman Virgil Goode is widely considered the front-runner for the top spot on the ticket, though it’s unclear at this moment who will serve as his running mate.  Former Savannah State football coach Robby Wells is also seeking the party’s nomination.

National Committee officers for the next four years will also be selected this week.  Stay tuned for more news from the Constitution Party convention as things develop.


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  2. 800-VETO-IRS says:

    Before you comment, listen to the stammering, impassioned acceptance speech he gave. A written transcript is also available if listening isn’t.

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