Ron Paul’s Tax Day Money Bomb Packs Limited Punch

As Ron Paul’s latest 3-day long money bomb wraps up, the defiant Republican’s campaign has now raised only about half of their stated goal.

Officially called “The Only Candidate for Real Reform Money Bomb” and the “Taxpayer Freedom Money Bomb” the fundraising effort set out to add $2.5 million to the Paul war-chest in advance of big and expensive primaries in states like New York, Texas and California. The money was also to fuel the campaign’s continued ground operations in states that have already voted but are still sorting out their delegate selection process. These efforts have born some fruit for Paul, boosting his delegate totals in states like Minnesota and Colorado.

In a note sent to supporters as the money bomb was launched, the candidate laid out his high hopes for the weekend:

This race isn’t over.

In fact, in more than 30 years, I’ve never seen so much enthusiasm for the message of liberty. But claiming victory for our campaign means mobilizing thousands to vote and become delegates during the next two months.

That’s why I’ve set a goal of raising $2.5 million during our Taxpayer Freedom Money Bomb. I know it’s a lot to aim for, but I wouldn’t even attempt it if I wasn’t sure I could count on you.

And each dollar will go toward guaranteeing we can fight for every possible delegate spot all the way to the Republican National Convention.

With only minutes remaining, this bomb has grossed around $1.3 million.

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  1. Man if i could contribute i would but, i live in the UK Sorry……..

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