Delaware County GOP Chairman Switches from Romney to Gingrich

Engaged in a frantic battle to remain relevant and convince voters that the Republican primaries aren’t over yet, Newt Gingrich scored a minor coup today. Hans Reigle, Chairman of the Kent County Republican Party, announced that he is switching his support from Mitt Romney to Newt Gingrich. Reigle has also served as the Mayor of Wyoming, Delaware and is an Air Force veteran.

“I previously endorsed Governor Romney, but since then Newt is the only candidate who has shown a willingness to meet and talk with Delaware voters for more than hour,” said Hans Reigle. ”Over the past few weeks I’ve listened to Newt discussing his vision for achieving $2.50 gasoline, balancing the budget, and shrinking the size of government and it is exactly the kind of positive agenda we need for Delaware and America. I’m proud to switch my support to Newt Gingrich and cast my vote for him next Tuesday.”

Kent County is home to Dover, the state’s capital.

“Hans is a dedicated Republican who understands the importance of local parties. I’m honored he has decided to join our team,” said Newt Gingrich. ”I look forward to working with Hans to share our positive message of job creation and lower gasoline prices across the state of Delaware ahead of Tuesday’s primary.”

If Gingrich can score a surprise victory in Delaware next Tuesday, the campaign hopes that it can use that momentum to continue on and compete in friendlier territory in May, when Texas, West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Arkansas will all hold primaries.


  1. Newt, Newt, Newt !! When will your oversized ego shrink to normal? Can’t you read the tea leaves? Everyone else can.

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