Constitution Party Nominates Jim Clymer for Vice-President

Jim Clymer

Outgoing Constitution Party national chairman Jim Clymer has been tapped to serve as Virgil Goode’s vice-presidential running mate, a source attending the party’s convention in Nashville tells Uncovered Politics.  Clymer was Goode’s preferred pick and the delegates in attendance ratified their candidate’s selection this afternoon.

Clymer has a long history of activism within the CP, both as a party leader and a candidate for public office.  As the party’s candidate for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, Clymer polled 460,269 votes (13%) in 1994 and 315,761 votes (10.5%) in 1998.  In both elections he was acting as Peg Luksik’s running mate.

In 2004, Clymer captured 220,056 votes (4%) as the party’s nominee in a race for U.S. Senate.  During that campaign he was able to participate in a televised 4-way debate that included both the Republican and Democratic candidates, and Clymer captured the endorsement of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

With their presidential ticket now set, the convention will proceed to elect new party officers.

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