Beaten in Delaware, Gingrich Likely to End Campaign

With more than half of the votes counted in Delaware’s Republican primary tonight, Newt Gingrich’s attempt at a last stand has resulted in something of a political massacre.

Returns in thus far show the former Speaker with only about 27% of vote, trailing presumptive nominee Mitt Romney by nearly 30-points.

In other states tonight, the news is just as bad for Gingrich.  He’s actually in fourth place in Pennsylvania, behind both Ron Paul and Rick Santorum — a man who suspended his campaign two weeks ago!

A source familiar with the Gingrich campaign’s plans tells Uncovered Politics that the Speaker will likely end his campaign in the next couple of days.  Despite polling well in some of the upcoming May primaries, it is unlikely Gingrich would be able to raise the funds needed to successfully contest any of those states.

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  1. And for those of us who are interested in the full results including the 15% not mentioned above…

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