Colorado’s ACP Files Complaint Against Americans Elect

The American Constitution Party, the Colorado state affiliate of the Constitution Party, has filed a complaint against Americans Elect for having a name that too closely resembles their own.

Considering how many minor parties use the word American in their names, this action seems laughable.

“‘American’ is not ‘Americans,’ and there is no chance that voters in Colorado will be confused by more choices on the ballot in November,” said Americans Elect spokeswoman Ileana Wachtel.

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo ran for governor on the ACP ballot line in 2010, capturing 36% of the vote and earning the entity “major party” status in the state.

More from the Denver Post

The party filed a complaint against the secretary of state’s office, saying the name of a new political party known as Americans Elect is too similar to its own — a situation that “would create unnecessary confusion at the ballot box.”

Campbell cited a state law that prohibits a minor political party from using “in whole or in part” the name of an existing party. He asked Secretary of State Scott Gessler to rescind approval of the party’s name.

“I suppose I could create the Demo-Publican-Liber-Green Party. But I don’t think that would fly,” Campbell said Thursday. “And this doesn’t fly with us.”

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