Indiana Libertarians Dump Candidate for Criminal Background

The Indiana Libertarian Party has revoked their endorsement of congressional candidate Joe Bowman in the Fourth congressional district, according to WLFI.

According to a party spokesman, Bowman will be replaced because he lied during the application process and failed to disclose a past criminal history which included felony indictments in Tippecanoe County. Bowman will be replaced by another Libertarian.

The Indiana LP’s other candidates for state and federal office are…

  • Governor: Rupert Boneham
  • Lt. Governor: Brad Klopfenstein
  • U.S. Senate: Andrew Horning
  • Congressional District 5: Chard Reid
  • Congressional District 6: Rex Bell
  • Congressional District 7: Jason Sharp
  • Congressional District 8: Bart Gadau

The LPIN also nominated nine State House candidates for 2012…

  • James Rainwater, District 28
  • Jeremiah Morrell, District 54
  • Mark Brim, District 56
  • Paul Bravard, District 57
  • Al Cox, District 65
  • Alexander Avery, District 81
  • James Hanson, District 84
  • Fred Peterson, District 87
  • James Nease, District 89

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