Democrats Abroad Now Voting in Totally Meaningless Primary

In what could only be described as a gigantic waste of time, the Democrats Abroad Primary is going on now and will conclude on Sunday, May 6.  That means Democrats living in 33 foreign countries are now able to cast their ballots at global polling centers.  These votes will actually count towards selecting delegates to their party’s nominating convention, but unfortunately for those Democrats living overseas, their votes won’t count for much.

You see, there really isn’t any choice on the ballot.

The Democrats Abroad refused to list any of the other protest candidates seeking the Democratic nomination, giving voters a choice between President Obama and Uncommitted.  Of course, if you vote for Obama you get to then vote for one of the dozens of possible delegates pledged to support Obama. If you dare vote Uncommitted, your choices for delegate are either severely limited or nonexistent, depending on which region of the globe you’re voting from.

We know of at least one qualified candidate who attempted to secure a listing on the Democrats Abroad ballot, even filing the required paperwork.  Several others had reportedly expressed interest and inquired about being delegates for alternative candidates or even running Uncommitted.  In most cases, the group’s leadership failed or refused to return phone calls and emails to anyone who sought to offer disappointed progressives living overseas a way to express their feelings about the President’s job performance.

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