Reason: Ruwart Says Johnson is Definitely a Libertarian

Mary Ruwart

Activist and author Mary Ruwart mounted a late challenge to Bob Barr’s nomination at the 2008 Libertarian National Convention. This time around she’s supporting her close friend and former campaign manager Lee Wrights in his extremely uphill race against former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson.

Garrett Quinn, of Reason magazine, interviewed Ruwart today outside the convention hall in Las Vegas. In the interview, much of which is included in the video below, Ruwart explains her opposition to Barr and Johnson. She claims that the party should not nominate a “famous” name, but rather someone who is a long-time member of the party. Using the term “famous” seems to be an attempt to belittle Johnson, who it could be argued is far and away more “qualified to be President” than he is famous.

Still, Ruwart is not nearly as down on Johnson as she was on Barr, noting in the off-camera portion of the interview: “My initial impressions of Gary Johnson are much more favorable than they were of Bob Barr.”

“I would definitely say he is in the libertarian quadrant,” she answered when asked if Johnson was a libertarian.

The interview is worth watching just to hear Garrett Quinn pronounce Bob Barr’s name…

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  1. Correction: Mary Ruwart entered the 2008 race BEFORE Bob Barr. Barr was the late challenger who didn’t officially announce until immediately before the start of the 2008 Convention.

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