Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party Wins Seats in Greek Elections

One of the more disturbing bits of news out of this weekend’s elections in Greece is the rise of the Golden Dawn party, which appears to have captured enough votes to enter parliament for the first time. Early results show Golden Dawn likely to hold about 25 of the 300 seats in Greece’s chief legislative body.

Golden Dawn describes itself as a “People’s Nationalist Movement” and notes on its websites that “only Aryans in blood and Greeks in descent can be candidate members of Golden Dawn.”

In 2010, the party created a stir when it captured a seat on the Athens City Council. This weekend’s shocking results will give the party a potentially significant seat at the table in national affairs.

“A new nationalist movement dawns,” Golden Dawn said on its website today. “Hundreds of thousands of Greeks have dynamically joined the national cause for a great, free Greece.”

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