Willie Nelson First Accepts, Then Declines Position as Roseanne’s Running Mate

Iconic singer-songwriter Willie Nelson made some waves on Twitter yesterday when he first accepted, then declined the opportunity to serve as Roseanne Barr’s Vice-Presidential running mate.

The former sitcom star is seeking the Green Party’s presidential nomination, though she badly trails party activist Jill Stein in the delegate count thus far.

Reaching out to Roseanne on Twitter, Nelson said he was up for the challenge…

“I would be happy to run w u After thinking about it awhile it kept sounding better Are u still interested? Love, Willie”

Within an hour, Roseanne enthusiastically announced that Nelson was going to be her running mate. But perhaps Willie was smoking something when he accepted the offer and it sounded less unappealing in an “unaltered” state. Or maybe his management reminded the musician that running for a high Federal office could bring unwanted attention to his personal finances. In the early 90’s Nelson was famously hit with a gigantic IRS bill from years of unpaid taxes.

Whatever the case, he’s backed off the idea. In a series of tweets, Nelson told Barr that he had changed his mind:

“I see u are speaking to some1 else regarding ur vp running mate I know whoever ur choice is they will be happy to serve w u.”

“Im not ready 2 get n2 politics I have stayed away this long I am content 2 sit on the sidelines & criticize every1 else.”

“Good luck with your campaign. Love, Willie”

Roseanne, clearly upset, pleaded with Nelson to please reconsider his decision and to contact her privately to discuss it further.

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