Centrist SuperPAC Looking to Support Chad Condit, Other Congressional Candidates

icPurple logo

A new SuperPAC has been formed to support independent candidates around the country, including Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher’s for San Diego mayor and Chad Condit’s bid for Congress.  The group, named icPurple, presents itself as the first SuperPAC dedicated to the promotion of centrist and moderate candidates running with no party affiliation.

The committee was created by Gateway founder Ted Waitt, who fronted $300,000 in “seed money” to get the ad buys started.  Thus far, they’ve selected five candidates that they plan to spend money for.  In addition to Fletcher and Condit, icPurple has endorsed Angus King for U.S. Senate in Maine, Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks who is running for an open congressional seat, and Chad Walsh who is seeking in the California state house.

The group’s name is rooted in the result of what comes from combining the colors red and blue, representing Republicans and Democrats.

Their website is located at icPurple.org.