Obama Struggles in Arkansas and Kentucky Democratic Primaries

President Obama had a rough night this evening with Democratic primaries held in Arkansas and Kentucky.

Despite being the only candidate named on the ballot in Kentucky, the President has failed to secure a resounding victory.  With almost all votes counted, more than 42% of Kentucky Democratic voters have cast their ballots for Uncommitted.

That would mean roughly 29 delegates to the Democratic National Convention were officially awarded to the “Uncommitted” status.

With more than 70% of the vote counted in Arkansas, the President was leading little known attorney John Wolfe by a margin of 59-41%.

That contest could tighten even further as some of the state’s most rural precincts are still yet to report.

Amazingly, Wolfe is currently leading Obama in nearly 30 of the state’s 75 counties.   According to early delegate calculations, if his current vote totals hold steady, Wolfe would have been eligible for 19 delegates to the Democratic National Convention.  Unfortunately, the state Democratic party has already said that Wolfe failed to comply with all paperwork requirements and will not be awarded any representation at the convention. The challenger has told the media he plans to sue the party to secure the delegates he’s won tonight.

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  1. What has gone unreported in the press is that Wolfe has a highly intelligent and carefully thought-out set of solutions to the present collapse. So, a vote for him is not just a protest vote.

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