Karger Looks to Make a Statement with Showing in Tomorrow’s Final Primary

If you thought all of the Presidential primaries were over, think again.  On Tuesday, June 26, the voters in the state of Utah will head to the polls to cast their votes in the now meaningless Republican preference primary.  At stake are 40 delegates, to be pledged to the top vote getter.

Even if all the other major candidates hadn’t suspended their campaigns, the heavily Mormon state would almost certainly be a lock for Mitt Romney.  Now, the only question is if he’ll top the 90% he polled back in 2008.  My bet is that he will.

Utah’s primary will be notable as gay activist Fred Karger’s final stand, a fitting final chapter for a campaign that’s attracted more media attention than actual votes.  A sharp critic of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Karger has delighted in mocking and harshly criticizing Mormons throughout his campaign.  The campaign is aiming to make a statement by registering at least a minimal showing tomorrow night.

Several days ago Fred Karger released this video…

Karger’s final campaign stops included a pair of small events tonight at Utah State University, followed by planned election day campaigning at several polling places on Tuesday.


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