RECENT POLLING: Gary Johnson at 13% in New Mexico, 5% Nationally

Governor Gary Johnson

Public Policy Polling reports that former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is still in double-digits in his home state.  Polling at 13%, Johnson’s support is remarkably widespread and draws almost equally from Obama and Romney in the state.  In fact, as PPP notes, among partisan voters Johnson only takes a significant share of Republicans, but he wins 24% of independents, thus eliminating the President’s lead with that group.

In perhaps less encouraging news, Johnson registered the support of only 2% of respondents in a recent Mason-Dixon poll of Florida voters.  That poll found the Libertarian nominee winning over 3% of independents and 4% of voters under the age of 35.

Also making headlines this week, in a nationwide survey of 893 voters that was conducted by JZ Analytics (pollster John Zogby’s firm), Gary Johnson registered a little more than 5% support.  No other third party candidates were included in that poll, although 13% of voters did identify themselves as still undecided.

The poll’s small sample size and reliance on automated polling techniques may call the accuracy of the survey into some question, but any national polling attention is helpful for Johnson’s increasingly unlikely campaign to earn a spot in the Fall debates.

Meanwhile, a recent Gallup poll included all three minor party candidates expected to appear on a majority of state ballots put Johnson at 3%, ahead of Green Jill Stein at 1% and the Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode who captured less than 1%.


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