Wisconsin State Senator Flirting with Independence

Wisconsin State Senator Tim Cullen has announced that he is breaking ties with the Democratic caucus, effectively making him an independent Democrat for the moment.

Cullen believes he was treated with disrespect by Majority Leader Mark Miller, who failed to award Cullen a significant committee chairmanship and refused to negotiate the issue with him.

The move comes less than two weeks after Democrats captured control of Wisconsin’s State Senate as a consolation prize in the round of hotly contested recall elections that failed to remove Republican Governor Scott Walker from office. With a razor thin 17-16 majority over the Republicans, Cullen’s decision could make things interesting for his party.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Cullen said “Sen. Miller’s decisions are an insult to me and the people of the 15th Senate District.”

“This entire episode makes clear to me that Sen. Miller has no time for my independent ideas and my support of bipartisan solutions to the state’s problem,” he continued.

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