Mississippi Sample Ballot Shows Full Slate for Reform Party, Anderson Misses Ballot

The Mississippi Secretary of State’s office has posted a sample ballot on their website for the November general election.

Of most interest is the full slate filed by the Reform Party of Mississippi, one of several independent fragments left-over from the Ross Perot founded Reform Party of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

The MSRP has placed Barbara Dale Washer on the ballot for President and Cathy L. Toole for Vice President, the only state where either of those candidates will appear.   In this cycle, three separate Reform Party tickets will each appear on one state ballot.  Chuck Baldwin has been placed on the Kansas ballot by that state’s party and Andre Barnett is going to appear on the Florida ballot.

Missing from the Mississippi ballot is Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson, despite the fact that his party was officially organized in that state.  No word yet on why Anderson was not included.

The Reform Party of Mississippi has also managed to field candidates for U.S. Senate and all four Congressional seats, even scoring a one-on-one race in Mississippi’s third district against incumbent  Republican Gregg Harper.

See the full sample ballot here.

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