Freedom and Liberty PAC Rolls Out a Vastly Improved TV Ad for Gary Johnson

About a week ago I wrote this item in which I was harshly critical of the Freedom and Liberty PAC’s decision to spend tens of thousands of dollars airing a bizarre television commercial.

I argued that on one hand it was great news, because Libertarian presidential candidate rarely have any meaningful television advertising behind their campaigns. Unfortunately, the ad they were running was a very strange and almost useless 30-seconds that hardly mentioned Johnson.

This is what was airing in prime time on MSNBC, CNN, etc…

So when I saw earlier tonight on Facebook that Freedom and Liberty PAC was rolling out a new 60-second spot titled “The Republocrat” I was naturally skeptical. Part of me was expecting to see another “creative” ad, the political equivalent of a Skrillex music video

To my very pleasant surprise, I found something much improved from the first “Republocrat” effort. The new ad is actually possible to understand, it features no frightening images, and it at least makes some reference to Johnson’s considerable and impressive resume.

Take a look for yourself. There appear to be two versions of the ad — one aimed at economic issues and the other at civil liberties.




  1. Bob Vondruska says:

    It’s good to see Gary Johnson getting any kind of air time. Mitt Romney is not going anywhere anyway, and will lose to Obama by double digits, so why not let Gary Johnson debate a guy that is nothing more than a lame duck. 66% of Ron Paul’s supporters will back Gary Johnson and drive the nail into Romney’s coffin. Like so many others, I would like to see Gary Johnson destroy Mitt Romney in a debate but of course the Romney campaign and the RNC know that their man is no match, even on his best day. There should be a rule that if you have to prepare for a debate (especially with a debate coach like Romney), you are NOT prepared to be President and are automatically disqualified. You won’t see “real” candidates like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson prepping for a debate. What a joke! If you can’t answer any question on the spot like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson can, you are a clown that is not ready for the big show. Both Romney and Obama are exactly this (clowns) who are doing their country a disservice by putting on a facade. Let the “real” men debate (Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode) and send the kids back to the playground until they are ready to sit at the adult table!

    Gary Johnson 2012!!

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