Presidential Poll Includes Honey Boo Boo, Excludes Gary Johnson

Public Policy Polling surveyed 1,084 likely North Carolina voters from October 12th to 14th for their latest Presidential election poll. The results show that Mitt Romney holds a narrow lead over President Obama by a margin of 49% to 47%. The third choice, and only other candidate on the ballot, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, was not included in the survey.

You read that right. North Carolina is a notoriously difficult state to achieve ballot access in and Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s candidate, will be the only other name printed on the ballot beyond Obama and Romney.

The last time Governor Johnson’s name was found on a PPP survey of North Carolina voters was back in May, when the Libertarian nominee was polling at 6%, a block of support three times greater than the gap between the two major party candidates.

While it’s extremely unlikely that Governor Johnson will win North Carolina, or any other state, his impact on the race could prove to be quite significant. President Obama carried the state in 2008 by a margin of only 14,177 votes, while then-Libertarian candidate Bob Barr polled 25,722 votes.

What’s even more outrageous than the fact that Public Policy Polling is blacking out Gary Johnson from their polls in North Carolina is that they’ve taken the time to include a question about reality television sensation Honey Boo Boo.

Yes, I’m serious.

Read more about this absurd poll at Liberty Daily.


  1. That’s not at all surprising, because PPP = DNC. An equally accurate headline for your article could have been:

    “Poll By Democrat Party Operatives Excludes Johnson In Order To Help Obama”.–Walter-D

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