Libertarian Had More Cash on Hand Than Incumbent in Statewide Race

David Staples, Libertarian candidate for Georgia Public Service Commission

Libertarian David Staples is running a very active campaign for a seat on the Georgia Public Service Commission.  He’s facing long-time incumbent Stancil “Stan” Wise, a Republican, in a one-on-one race for the statewide office.

Wise raised $429,000 for his re-election effort in this campaign cycle, but spent almost all of that battling off a challenge from energy consultant Pam Davidson in the GOP primary.  Wise emerged as the victor, winning 57% over Davidson.

Qualifying for a spot on the ballot only a few weeks ago, Libertarian Staples’ young campaign had raised over $7,300 by the end of September and still had $5,000 of that in the bank.

Wise’s campaign account, however, was almost empty.  His latest report showed that the incumbent was entering the final month of the campaign with only $2,800 in cash on hand.

The Republican is refusing to debate Staples, opting not to participate in a scheduled October 21st face-off organized by the Atlanta Press Club.

“While on the campaign trail I experienced a detached retina, which required surgery. Consequently, I was unable to participate in the Primary debate of the Atlanta Press Club,” the incumbent said in a statement.  He also charges that one of the journalists selected to moderate the debate was unfair to his campaign during the primary.

The Atlanta Press Club will move forward with the debate, which will feature Libertarian David Staples debating an empty podium for a half-hour on Georgia Public Broadcasting.



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