Kansas Supreme Court Will Consider Democrat’s Request to Withdraw


According to Ballot Access News, the Kansas Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case this week on whether or not the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate can withdraw his name from the November ballot.

Democrat Chad Taylor decided to end his campaign against Republican Senator Pat Roberts when it became obvious that Independent Greg Orman had a better chance of defeating the vulnerable incumbent.  However, the Kansas Secretary of State is refusing to remove Taylor from the ballot.

Polling done before Taylor pulled out of the race showed Roberts leading his challengers by less than 10%, with Taylor and Orman locked in a tie for second place.  Since Taylor’s endorsement of Orman, a new poll gave Orman a 37% to 36%  lead over Roberts with 10% still choosing to support Taylor.

Orman raised significantly more money than Taylor and has generated excitement among some in the national media.  The Economist called him “Stormin’ Orman” in a recently published profile.

If the Kansas Supreme Court allows Taylor to drop his name from the ballot, it will be a big win for Orman and further diminish Roberts’ fading hopes to hang onto his seat.  The court will take up the case on Tuesday, September 16.


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