Kansas Court Allows Democrat to Remove Name from Ballot


A major win today for independent U.S. Senate candidate Greg Orman, as Kansas’ Supreme Court has ruled that the Democratic nominee may remove his name from the November ballot.

Democrat Chad Taylor, who ended his bid for the Senate seat a few weeks ago, had been told by the state’s conservative Secretary of State that he would still have to appear on the general election ballot.  The politically-motivated decision from Secretary of State Kris Kobach was thought to be a last, desperate attempt to protect incumbent Senator Pat Roberts.

The justices unanimously sided with Taylor, agreeing that his formal letter of withdrawal to the Secretary of State’s office should be sufficient to remove his name from the ballot.  Orman will now face off against Roberts, with Libertarian Randall Batson also on the ballot.

“No matter who’s on or off the ballot, Greg Orman is running as an Independent against the broken system in Washington that has failed Kansas and failed America,” Orman’s campaign manager told reporters.  “Kansas voters from across the political spectrum are fed up with the mess in Washington, and that’s why Republicans, Democrats and Independents are supporting Independent Greg Orman for Senate.”

A recent poll showed Orman leading Roberts by 10-points, in a 46% to 36% one-on-one contest.

Humorously, the desperate Roberts campaign tried to cast their attempt at forcing Taylor’s name onto the ballot against his will as an issue of protecting Democratic primary voters, commenting: “In a bow to Senators Claire McCaskill and Harry Reid, liberal activist Supreme Court justices have decided that if you voted in the Democrat Primary on August 5th, your vote does not matter, your voice does not matter, and you have no say in who should be on the ballot on Election Day.”

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