Greg Orman Slams Both Major Parties in New Campaign Spot

Independent U.S. Senate candidate Greg Orman released his latest television ad this week, targeting both Democrats and Republicans as the source of America’s problems and gridlock.

“If you listen to Pat Roberts and his Washington buddies, they’ll tell you that President Obama and Harry Reid are the reason Washington is such a mess,” Orman says in the new ad. “And you know what, they’re half-right, but the other half of the mess: Mitch McConnell and Pat Roberts. The truth is both parties are more interested in political games than problem solving, and both parties are failing Kansas.”

The latest polling has Orman holding a 5 percentage point lead over incumbent Republican Pat Roberts. The Kansas Democratic Party’s withdrew from the race, throwing his support behind Orman last month.

Watch the ad below…

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  1. The bad thing about Independent’s they go eatherway and they swing to much . So you are not better off with an Independent . That is what I’ve seen out of Independent’s in the past few years and that is not good for this Nation .

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