Video: Andre Marrou on Larry King Live in 1992

marrouWhen you think of “Larry King Live” and the 1992 election, your mind immediately goes to Ross Perot’s many appearances.  But another third party candidate appeared on all 51 ballots and also made an extended appearance on Larry King.

That man was the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate Andre Marrou, a former Alaska State Representative and Ron Paul’s 1988 running mate.

Throughout the interview, Marrou takes calls and articulates his position on some of the key issues at that time.  He references abolishing the IRS, bringing American soliders home and slashing foreign aid. When asked about the LA riots and looting during Hurricane Andrew, Marrou’s solution would have been to use Federal troops to restore order.

Marrou references his time in the Alaska State House as an elected Libertarian and notes that his running mate, Nancy Lord, was the only female to appear on all state ballots that year.  He also had some harsh words for Perot.

Near the end of the interview, Marrou predicts that the Marrou-Lord ticket’s ultimate showing could be anywhere from 2-10%.

In reality, the pair would fall far short of that goal, winning only 290,087 votes or about 0.28%.



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