VIDEO: Cutler Press Conference on Future of His Campaign

Eliot Cutler held a press conference this week, in which the candidate explained he was not ending his campaign but recognized that he would likely not win the race. In the speech, Cutler seems beaten and somewhat bitter about the way this campaign has played out.

“Anyone who has supported me but who now worries that I cannot win and is thereby compelled by their fears or by their conscience to vote instead for Mr. LePage or Mr. Michaud should do so,” he says.

Another huge blow to Cutler’s campaign came later that day when independent Senator Angus King switched his endorsement to Mike Michaud, the Democratic nominee. It’s not clear if Cutler’s decision prompted King’s switch, or if King’s planned switch is what caused Cutler to get out in front of the announcement with this press conference. Either way, it seems clear that the wheels have come off the Cutler campaign in the final days.

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